six books you simply must read this summer!!

Here are some of my favorite books that you should totally read (if you haven't already) this summer!

bad but nostalgic pic from a few months ago of the back of my friends heads as we stared up at stars. If that doesn't scream summer, what does?

  • The Giver quartet // Lois Lowry 

~Going against conformity. Complexity. Secrets. Rebel with a worthy cause.~

  • The Blue Castle // L.M. Montgomery 

~Imagination. Breaking free. Finding love. Adventures. Stories.~

  • To Kill a Mockingbird // Harper Lee 

~Beautiful characters. Depicts injustice and the harshness of this world through the eyes of a child. Honesty.~

  • Muscle and Shovel // Michael Shank

~Searching for truth. Obeying the bible. Seeing through lies. Searching. Studying.~

  • Last Light series // Terri Blackstock 
~No power. Blackout. Struggle for survival. Unity. Adapting to a new lifestyle.~

  • The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root // Christopher Pennell
~Anciet forest. Quirky characters. Magic. Musical rats. Dancing owls. Friendship. Moonlight.~

Have you read any of these?
Do you have any recommendations? Please share! 


Driving: Pizza Cake

I wish this wasn't a true story, but alas! Here is a horror story from one of my experiences while learning how to drive, I thought it would be fun to share.

I was fifteen and had just gotten my learner's permit. Read my tale of woe and weep for me, dear friends:

Picture this: 

Me: new to driving still not really knowing what I'm doing.
Mom: Let's go through the drive-thru and order pizza for dinner!

That couldn't possibly go wrong. I drove to the Little Ceasars in our town and pulled up and around the tiny pizza shop. However, while driving up to the window my mom pointed out that I was a bit far from the curve and the window. I tried to get closer and ended up getting too close and going uP ONTO the curve, I reversed, and re-positioned myself.

Face burning, I pulled up to the window where a young man stood, he had been watching me with a (thankfully) blank expression.

Desperate to get this over with, my hand flew to lower my window... and hit the unlock button instead. I search for the right one and finally find the window one. I clicked it, breathing a sigh of embarrassed relief.

Both back windows slide down, but not my front. I rolled them back up, slamming a finger down on another button, I hear the sound of the trunk of the car popping open.


By the time I finally lowered down my front window, my mom was dying of laughter.

I grimaced, looking up at the worker, who had the best poker face I have ever seen. He looked down at me, blinked, his mouth twitched, he coughed.

"Um, can I have a second?" He asked and before I can answer, he stepped out of sight from the window and the faint sound of laughter + coughing could be heard.

I buried my face in my hands, as my mom cackled beside me in the passenger seat.

To this day, I wish he had taken his little "second" when I first drove up and had spared me the indignity and absolute horror of that moment.

I guess one could say that my first time picking up stuff from a drive-thru was a pizza work, although then the whole story would be way too cheesy.🍕

Have you ever had an embarrassing driving experience?
 DO TELL, we can all facepalm together. 

also, the day this will be published is Ivie's birthday, so go wish her a happy one! 

PS, I'm currently practicing to take my test in order to get my license, and I think I pretty much got parallel parking down perfectly! *squeaks* so exciting!! I really need to get my license because a lot of things are counting on it right now... so hopefully, I'll take my test (and pass) next week or the week after!!