Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Summer Writing Goals, 2017


            I haven't posted in FOREVER. And I'm sorry about that. But school. School. SCHOOL. I don't think my teachers at co-op realize that I have other subjects than their class! And even this week I have a ton of schoolwork to do, so I might not post again this week either... :'(
After this week it should get easier, though...hopefully...And I can get back to my regular posting routine!

          BUT school, It's ALMOST over!!! Almost. Soooo close. I hate school.

Literally how I feel when I'm in class...


Which means summer is almost here.

Like, summer? Um, yes, please!


         Which means I'll start junior guard and become a lobster because I'm part ginger. *sighs* But after that I'll get a killer tan, so, yay! And summer also means no more school, which means more time, which means I can finally spend a whole day in my room just writing! My parents always complain about me spending too much time in my room, but if they really wanted me out of it, they would get me a smaller laptop that can actually fit nicely in my lap, right? Mom, if you're reading this, consider it a hint!! (Jk. Jk)!

         Okay, that was off subject...where was I? Oh, yeah! Summer is almost here (it's so close I can almost taste the strawberry Popsicles mixed with chlorine and sweat)! And that means I'll actually have time to write!!! Which means I should have some writing goals, so here they are:

1. Write a book.

2. Publish said book.

3. Begin brainstorming for my next book.

          Yeah, I don't have very many goals, at least not very detailed goals. But I'm young! And I write for fun and my love of it, so who cares if I'm not ├╝ber prepared for summer?!
         After school ends I plan on burning my notebooks for school! Whoo-hoo!!! And for all you people who love notebooks like me, please note that my school notebooks only have like three pages left and they are falling apart from being carelessly stuffed into my backpack as I ran down the hallway to my next class, since ALL of my teachers this year let their classes run late!

Are you excited about summer?! (I mean, who isn't)?!?! What are your writing goals?

Happy Writing,


It has come to my attention that I have 23 followers! I know for some of you that's not a big deal, but when I started blogging (February 13, 2017), I only knew Lilly, Elena, and Anne! I never even thought I'd reach double digits on this tiny blog, but look at that >>
Like, how is that even possible?! xD
So THANK YOU, to ALL of my followers, new and old!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In Order to Write Better...

          Hey, guys! If you write or if you are a writer, this situation has most likely happened to you:

         Person: So you write?
         You: Yep.
         Person: Awesome! I write, too!!
         You: Oh, cool. Who are your favorite authors?!
         Person: I don't really read...that much...
         You: ....

        If I have that conversation one more time I might go insane (I mean, I'm already sorta insane, but that's besides the point). I don't think people that say that understand that reading is the second most important thing to writing better besides, well, writing!

       If anyone is reading this and is a writer and doesn't really read, I have one question for you: WHY?

       How do you even become a writer if you don't really like books?! The love of books and stories is what drives most of us teens to become authors. When writers walk into bookstores or libraries you can tell them apart because they look so joyful as they browse the shelves.

         I get it if you're too busy to read, read, read 24/7. I haven't been reading as much as I use to because of life (well, I mean, I use to read around thirty books a week but now I read around ten. So by most standards I still read a lot).


        How else are you suppose to find new ways to create characters, build worlds, and make relationships? The books that you read will influence your writing the most, not your emotions, not your experiences (even though I wrote about that, too), but the books.
         The genres.
           The characters.
              The plot twists.

         You learn so much by reading. So I am going to state something that I know a few will think harsh, but trust me I found this to be true:


 Are you one of those writers? Or do you know people like this? How much do you think people should read if they want to write well???

Happy Writing,

Oh, and also: I might not post for a while after this.
1. I am going camping on Friday.
2. I have a ten paragraph thesis paper I really feel like I need to focus primarily on.

       So if y'all comment on here late, like on the weekend, I most likely won't answer you right away because I will be sitting on a folding chair in front of a smoky fire while being eaten alive by varmints. Oh, the joys of camping trips! (SAVE ME. SOMEONE SAVE ME.) I actually kinda sorta like camping though, it's just the first hour of being there that I hate... I'm going with friends though, so I will have stuff to do!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter: A Day of Hope

         HAPPY EASTER, HOMIES!!!!!
         I just thought I should post something about Easter! Hey, wanna hear (or read, as it is), a joke? What do kids get on Easter? Answer: Diabetes. 
           Lol! Sorry that was awful!! I have friends who are diabetic, and it doesn't look fun, so I really shouldn't joke about it…I shall do a redo!
           What do kids get on Easter? Answer: Fat.
            Okay, that was bad, too. Sorry!
            So onto the more serious part of this post, if you're a Christian (like me), Easter is about hope and love. This is the day Jesus conquered Satan and death. Two days earlier he gave his very life up by dying one of the most humiliating and gruesome deaths imaginable, so that his innocent blood would give all of us sinners a chance to be saved-to be freed from ours sins and live eternally in Heaven and not perish in the pits of Hell. Back then, as the sinners watched Jesus breathe his last on the cross, they lost hope, and forgot his promise to them that he would rise again in three days.
Today, for us Christians, is a day of hope.

          But if you're not a Christian today is a day of candy, bunnies, and the celebration of life. (Correct me if I missed something, please).
          We as Non-Christians and Christians both have very different views. But today we are brought a little closer in my opinion. Today is the day we celebrate life, hope, and the beauty of the world. Today we all can agree that we are sinners and that we are not whole. Do you feel it? Even amidst the joy of today, the happy cries of children as they scramble for plastic eggs, and the greenness of the grass. There is something that aches deep inside us all, perhaps today is the first time some of you notice it, but it is always there. Some would argue that it is the need for human love and acceptance, but others like myself would argue that it is the need for Jesus. But which ever side of this argument you choose, I hope you find the true happiness you seek.
          Here is a poem I wrote that I think describes my beliefs on this matter best:

The Gift

There must be more to life than this
More than earth's temporary bliss
Isn't there something better?
My heart yearns for something more
It's not at the mall
I can't buy it at the store
It's priceless
But for you and me, it's free
Just give your heart to Jesus
And gain life eternally
You cannot buy it
The price has been fully paid
Jesus got this gift for you
When he rose up from the grave


Happy Easter, guys! May you find peace, joy, and love today.

          What are you doing for Easter today? What is your favorite part of today (or tomorrow since I am posting this a wee bit early)?

Happy Easter and Happy Writing,

As you go about your day today, please remember...

Idk, I thought this was cute...

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