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Today is a very exciting day.... Elissa is kicking off her new blog Dancing in the Rain!

Her blog is so lovely and I'm excited to see the direction she'll take it in, and I hope to see y'all there!

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I went somewhere // Galveston Texas // Here's an unneeded photo dump

So yeah, I went somewhere, surprising I know! Our trip lasted for two days and one night, which might not seem like long, but trust me, when you are in a family of ten it's almost too long. It's a miracle we didn't lose anyone.

A neighborhood we drove through, is it weird to take pictures of peoples houses? I'M SORRY BUT THEY WERE TOO LOVELY.

I could just show y'all a bunch of pictures and let y'all think that everything was perfect, but hahaha, that would be a tiny lie.

So, of course, I had to start my period right before the day of the trip (I would say sorry to any of the guys reading this, but you know what? No, it's a part of life, stop acting like it's disgusting, THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT).

And then, I got stung by something three times, I would say a jellyfish but my siblings got stung by them and my wounds look different, almost like really bad carpet burns.

Also, I got a really bad sunburn because I'm part ginger and I didn't re-apply sunscreen enough... it hurts to move, y'all.

Anyways, besides that most of it was fun!

Awww, look at those cute little seagulls- NO. Those creatures are demons, one of my sisters accidentally dropped a chip and it was the beginning of the end.

Oh, look, it's me before I became red enough to pass as a lobster! I really wish we had clumps of flowers like this around where I live because I would totally put on makeup, nice clothes, and make one of my siblings take pictures of me. :P

One of my gorgeous sisters who agreed to a mini photo shoot.

Another beautiful sister of mine!

Four of my siblings.

Five of them running down the shore.

The trip was going well until, CRAMPSSSSSSSSS. Because my body hates me. -_-
Anyways, I was okay after the painkillers kicked in, and we were going home that day, so I was happy about that.

It's the name of one of my side characters in Of  Broken Things and Paint Splatterings!! I thought it was cool when I looked down and saw that. 

We visited the Elissa.

I probably looked weird angling the camera at my chest, but ehhhh. Whatever.


Have you ever been to Galveston?
Also, I know this post was random and off of my usual theme for this blog, but it's my blog I can post what I want to! ;D

Happy Writing,

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