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       Most of you here know about the Rebellious Writing movement a couple of other amazing bloggers and I have started. I am here to tell you about something super exciting… we're going to have an official Rebellious Writing website!
For too long we as readers, writers, seekers, and followers of the light have been quite, passive, and submissive when it comes to books and the content in them.

      And it's time to stop that.
      It's time to stand up, and say “no”.
     We will not write their agendas.
     We will not honor their sins.
     We will not be vile.
     We will not conform.
     We. Will. Not.

     A rebellion has been simmering here for the past few weeks… Now it's time to ignite it. To stand up. To fight.

》》》  Rebellious Writing《《《
》》》  The Official Website《《《
》》》  Opening August 9th《《《

Spread the word. Join the rebellion. Let the world hear your voice. #RebelliousWriting.


Meeting My First EOTD fangirl

      I know this isn't a part of the post... but I've gotten a few questions regarding my current profile picture... And I'm here to explain it to everyone.

It's a dragon. Eating cookies. A DRAGON EATING COOKIES. So it's clearly my spirit animal, 'kay?  XD

    If you don't like it, don't worry. I am very indecisive, so I will probably change it in a couple of months, maybe even weeks. But kudos to whoever drew this (I found it via Pinterest, btw, you should totally follow me if you haven't yet... readinggirlcox). Yes, that was a bit shameless, but then, aren't all plugs?!?

      I'm typing this really fast because I'm about to leave any second, but I decided to tell y'all this funny story.

       I was helping out with a library program for tweens and teens the other day, when the kids at the table I was supervising started talking about books. Then, this girl around eleven or twelve started rambling about e-books and how she randomly buys any e-book that's cheap and looks good. And then she started complaining about reading this one book that was really good, but pretty much everyone dies in it.
      During this I was only half listening, until she said the words "Kari is the queen forever". I started a bit, but then figured that more than one character is named Kari. But then she said this, "I am so mad at Gray, I can't even." At this point I was trying my best not to burst out laughing, it's not everyday a complete stranger starts complaining about my book in front of me. I would've kept quiet, because I'm sorry, but anyone who actually likes Enemy of the Dawn, the novella I wrote when I was twelve and insane, is probably crazy. But unfortunately, one  my students from my writing workshop I'm teaching this month, was there at my table, and she was like, "Wait, are you talking about Enemy of the Dawn?"
And the girl was like, "Yes. Have you read it?"
And my student looked at me and grinned, "Not yet, but she wrote it." she pointed at me. 

       Yep. The first thing that crossed my mind when that happened was, uh, oh. And then the girl attacked, "HOW DARE YOU KILL THEM!?! YOU'RE HORRIBLE!"
        And I couldn't take it anymore, so I burst out laughing.
         "This isn't funny," she went on, "You killed almost all of them."
          I stopped laughing, and composed myself, trying to look serious. There was a moment of silence. And then the girl randomly said this, "Eadric was in love with Sage near the end."

         Me: Uh, he actually wasn't, she was more of a mother figure to hi-
         Girl: I could tell.
         Me: Okayyyy, however you want to read into that.

         Then the girl's mom came into the room, telling her they were leaving, but before she walked away she said one last thing, "Eadric is MINE."

          So that's how I met my first fangirl...from when I was twelve. It was very interesting, to say the least.

 Have any of y'all ever met a crazy fangirl for your book?
What did y'all or what would you have done?

Happy Writing,


Let's Close the Door...Please? #RebelliousWriting

     I'm doing it, I'm finally sitting down to write this post! This month has been busy, especially this week, and next week promises to be even more busy. *collapses* I would take a nap or at least try, but right now the house is filled with the sounds of kids screaming and the awful sound of pool noodles hitting bare skin, which always makes me flinch. In other words, my little brother's friend is hanging out here today, and my room has nerf bullets all over the floor because I guess they came in here earlier to play, that or the baby has been leaving me them as presents... *sighs*
      I might not even blog next week, so if I disappear, sorry! I'll try...but...

       Oh, and this one is about as Blimey Cow calls it "the do" in YA, so if that's a subject you'd rather not get into, I would recommend checking out a guest post I did over at Mary Kate's about Self-publishing, instead. It was a lot of fun. And if you plan on reading on I'd still encourage you to check it out afterwards!

       But anyway, here it is, the long awaited post about my opinion on the showing or telling of the birds and the bees in YA.

    I don't like it. Not. One. Little. Bit. There are some things I need to know, and others I don't need or even want to know.
       And I get it, sex happens, that's pretty apparent.

       But please, spare us the details. I should not turn the page in a book and suddenly be reading a full-blown sex scene. This is after all a novel not a gross lemon written by a fangirl...

       What ever happened to hinting? I read old books and when the characters have sex (I've read like only two older books where anything is actually hinted at all), it shows and tells nothing, it just hints. And I think books that do this come off as way classier than the books that are just straight out vulgar and trashy.

       I watched Wonder Woman last Friday, and my siblings won't be watching it anytime soon because it hinted at a lot, but I liked it. Diana and Steve do have sex, but it doesn't show anything, it just hints. They kiss inside Diana's hotel bedroom and then it cuts to the next scene which is the next day and the subject is not brought up again (probably just because they didn't want an R rating, but still). Why can't all books and movies do that?! It's way classier and actually kind of sweet sometimes, even though I don't agree with sex outside of marriage.

       Think of it this way, you have two friends. Friend one is very vulgar and gross, she/he is always telling you all of the  disgusting details that you don't want to know.
        Friend two is the opposite, he/she is respectful of your ears and doesn't want to cause you any discomfort.

        Which friend would you choose to hang out with more?

         Books are like those two friends. Some are very vulgar and profane and others aren't and they are quite lovely.

          Please think of that when you write your book. It's okay to close the door, in fact, please do. As my friend Catherine so wisely made into a meme:

            Also, don't be a stupid person, or as I call them, a fruitcake.
        Get it? Because very few people like fruitcakes and very few people enjoy the company of complete dimwits... perfect metaphor. Trust me, most people DON'T want to read your garbage pornographic sex scenes!!! *gasps from the audience* That's right. And those who do, let's just say they aren't the best group to attract. I actually feel sort of bad for some of those writers, if someone googles their name all sorts of weird disgusting stuff is probably going to pop up, it must be hard to get a job...

      So don't be stupid. Don't be a fruitcake. And if you must make your characters have relations that are beyond friendship or first base, please close the door.

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