What I'm Learning About Claiming Anxiety

Kara Linaburg @ Beautifully Broken

I love watching people fail,” someone once told me.
“Why?” I asked in disbelief. 
“Because I love watching them get back up, stronger than before.”

All my life I’ve struggled with the intense anxiety of failing, of not being loved, of abandonment, of losing control, of death...I have anxiety about my anxiety. 
However, recently that line about watching people get back up after their failings stronger than before has stuck with me. And even more recently have I become proud to say, “I have anxiety.” 
I believe that what we say about ourselves and to ourselves, holds power. I have learned that how we say something matters, and this is why I’m proud to say...
I have anxiety, and while I may have anxiety, it does not have me.

Verb. 1. To possess, own, or hold

Anxiety has been a normal factor of my life for as long as I can remember. However, I refuse to be ruled by it. I will fail, but I will get back up. I will fight again and again each day. My failings do not define me but only make me stronger. I will tell my anxiety exactly how I feel. 
I have anxiety--it does not have me. I will own it, hold it captive, learn to fight and control it.
For so long my mental state held me captive, for so long I wanted to give up the fight. And sometimes my mental stage does win. I am often paralyzed by the blinding fear that those I love can let me down, abuse my love, and use it to their advantage. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how insignificant I feel, how incapable and far from the light I can seem.  But no more. 
It’s true: I have anxiety. But it will never have me. 

I can claim freedom and I will have freedom. 

This is beautiful. I really don't need to say anything else. Thank you, Kara, for this post!!



Hello all, welcome to the second to final post of The Dimension collab post. This week has been a week of secrets and obsessions being revealed (and tomorrow Faith will be roasted to a crisp), but I'm sure most of y'all won't be surprised at what this group picks on me for...

So, say hello to my sweet blogger friends who are going to be ruthless today!

HELLO DUDES. Est ist Lisa - Gray’s fellow fan of coffee, so possibly the only person who’s not about to roast  Gray haha.

I appreciate the support, Lisa. Ily. <3

What’s up friends? It’s Brooke coming at you on Gray’s blog.

Hola, amigos, I’m Lila! Your friendly neighborhood coffee-obsession-roaster!

It’s FAITH you guys and *whispers* I like coffee too ;)

What reasons do you have to think I’m obsessed? (Come on, y’all… it’s not that bad, right?) 

Lisa: REASON ONE: coffee is amazing!! It’s sour and bitter and sweet and you can have it in so many forms : different beans give different taste, different roasts give different taste, different ways of making it give it different taste, and lastly, you can put so many different things in it in different combos/ratios and just MMMM WOW. 

REASON TWO: I’m obsessed with coffee. Why wouldn’t Gray be too????


Brooke: Um, maybe just all the pictures you send us of coffee. While I do admit they are aesthetic goals and look fantastic and am no way saying stop the pictures because they are amazing, I am saying it might be a slight obsession. 

Lila: Reason #1: countless pictures of coffee constantly being shared in the chat (like Brooke said above ^^^)

Y'all are BLESSED by my coffee pictures, don't you dare deny it.

Reason #2: constant mentions of coffee, sometimes random and sometimes cleverly slipped into the context of our conversation (like Brooke’s obsession with The Blood Race except with coffee)

Faith: Because. Coffee is addictive and therefore those who drink it become obsessed. xD


Lisa: Est ist nicht schlecht. wHICH IS ALL I CAN SAY. 


Brooke: Well, coffee itself isn’t bad. All the sugar might be…

....sugar free coffee. LOOPHOLE.

Lila: We’re only considering your well-being, Gray. Coffee can have some nasty side effects, ya know. We just want to call this out, send help, make sure you survive this… XD

Faith: Because coffee is bad for you xD (at least IMO. I’m having to cut back on coffee because of my stomach issues and so I plan to take as many people down with me as I can.) 

What other things am I weird about along with coffee? (I’d argue that I’m perfectly ordinary, thank you very much).

Lisa: The only thing I can think of right now is that one time she revealed her taste for TRUE CRIME PODCASTS and I be like … really? All I need are fictional crime shows to have the bad guys chasing me in my dreams every night. Gray has strong nerves XDD

Brooke: Horrifying things, like crime podcasts and crime shows and the horror genre altogether. I wouldn’t say it’s weird, but you do have nerves of steel

Lila: Sometimes she sends close-up pictures of her face?? I mean, it’s always for make-up purposes, so it makes sense, but I’m amazed because I’m way too much of a potato to ever send pictures like that (my fellow anomalies would be so horrified they’d lock me out of the chat). Come to think of it, only unicorn potatoes can do that. I think. So Gray qualifies.

Awwww. You're a very cute potato though. 

Faith: Nerves of steel for sure. And also…the MAKEUP. I mean. It’s inhuman to be that talented.

Would you ever get coffee with me? Why or why not? 


Brooke: YES! I wouldn’t actually order coffee, but I would come and sit with you and maybe interview you and that would be a start of a podcast, interviewing other bloggers. *ideas began to form in Brooke’s brain again* Just hanging out with you would be AWESOME!

Lila: YES. YES, I WOULD. I happen to like coffee enough to drink some every now and then myself (*cough* I’m not obsessed like Gray, though *cough*), so I’d be down for it. XD

Faith: Yes, babe. Give me a time and place and we’ll go together. It better be iced.

Final thoughts or comments? 

Lisa: I TRIED MY BEST TO ROAST GRAY, OK, AND I FAILED. Hope the others forgive me *hides*

Brooke: I can’t roast Gray like she roasts coffee (hehe, that was terrible), but I think it’s normal, her obsession with coffee, even if it turns her into a slightly sugar high unicorn potato. 

Lila: Coffee is good… but is it THAT good?? (Gray would argue yes. HBU? O_O)

Faith: It is really really hard to roast Gray, wow xD We love you, girly!!!! 

Welp, there you have it! 

I love these girls so much, they're so much fun and such an encouragement. Everyone needs friends like these gals. <3 

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