Hi There! And Welcome To My Blog!!!

      Hi. My name is Gray Marie Cox, I am a teen writer. I have written two books so far, Enemy of the Dawn and Forest Zooks. I love books, which is why I have decided I want to spend my whole life writing them. I also love helping fellow teen writers out, and that is why I made this blog. On here you'll receive encouragement and advice about writing, from one teen to another. Hopefully, you'll learn something new or be inspired, or at least you'll find my cheesy jokes amusing! Due to a poor internet connection, I will probably only post once or twice a week. Please check out these other blogs: anythingnovelsociety.blogspot.com I am one of the authors, and we review books. ahomeschoolnerdstale.blogspot.com  is my friend, Elena. On her blog she tells about her life as a homeschooled Christian teenage girl, who is a nerd. And alillyingodsgarden.blogspot.com, my friend, Lilly blogs about writing, bible verses, and a bunch of other very interesting stuff. My friend, Anne is at bedoneinlove.weebly.com. She blogs about her cats and bible verses, so if you want to see pictures of cute cats, be sure to click on the link! So yeah, I hope you enjoy my blog!
Blessings and peace,