February 28, 2017

Why Do I Write?

    Why do I write? Really, why? Why do I sit in front of my laptop everyday staring at a blank page, waiting for those words to come. Why do I grasp a pen and force myself to scrawl words on a piece of paper? Is it because I love it? Is it because I need it? Or am I just a slave to my own imagination ? Is everything just a delusion?

     I write because I need writing. Because when I write I feel at peace. I write because when I look back at my writing I see fragments of me, and I learn more about who I am, and who I'm suppose to become.

     In my head there are the voices of my characters and future characters screaming, “Write! Write! WRITE!!!” How am I suppose to ignore them? I can't. And I don't want to.

     Writing is magic. Three words, simple as that. Writing is life. It is a release, it is art. It is how I connect and communicate. My words are merely truths caged in a fantasy-a dream at most.

     I write because I love telling stories. Because I love watching the faces of my readers light up and darken. I write because I want people to think and to feel. I write because I want to make something good, something with light. I write because I want to send chills down spines, to make hairs on necks rise. I write because I want to make people laugh, cry, shiver, and shake.

     So why do I write? I write for the love of it.

February 26, 2017

Describing a Scene

       My personal favorite part of writing is describing things. It's just so much fun! Some say that a picture is worth a million words, and although that might be true, I'll take the million words!        Unfortunately, I've seen a growing trend in YA books… it seems that half of the stories in the books take place in a white box! Seriously, sometimes I finish a book and I think, “I never even learned if the character's house was in the country or the city. I can't even tell you if their room had curtains, or what color their bedspread was!”
        And my response to this is: WHYYYYYYYY?!?!? Why? Just, why? Honestly, sometimes I just want to slap the writer like Dolores slapped Harry!

        Describing stuff is SO much fun, so why do so many writer's skip it?! It is also fun to read and I feel way closer to your character when I know what color they painted their room, thank you very much! It is such a disappointment when you're so hyped about reading a book, and then there's no details. When this happens to me, I think my face looks something along the lines of this:

        But maybe you're reading this and thinking, but I don't know how to describe things very well! Don't worry, my fellow writer, describing stuff is easy! Simply use the five senses:
       1. Sight. What does your character see? Is it the luscious rays of sunshine falling on the delicate petals of roses in a garden? Or is it the dank dark corners of a jail cell?

        2. Smell. What does your character smell? Is it the smell of salt and dead fish? Or is it the smell of cinnamon buns and sizzling bacon?
        4. Taste. What does your character taste? Is it the taste of earth and mold? Or is it the taste of crisp apples and honey?

        5. Touch. What is your character touching and what does it feel like? Is it rough and chipped? Or is it soft and velvety?

        Please use these five senses often in your story, and I promise you a way more vivid and enjoyable read for your readers!

February 22, 2017

Writing Tag and/or Challenge

    First of all, thank you, Lilly! This was fun!
Hello, all! I recently got tagged by Lilly in a sort of writer's tag, so here goes nothing!

-The Rules-

1. Copy these rules onto your post
2. Thank the person who tagged you
3. Tag at least a couple other bloggers
4. Have fun and be honest and answer all the questions.

Ok, here it goes!

1. What is your recent writing about? Ooh, that's a hard one for me, you see, I haven't been writing much of anything lately, I have written a couple of stories but I hate them, so.. I'm just going to say the last thing I really really worked on, which was my novella, Forest Zooks.

2. What is your favorite part in the story? Easy! When Kimberly first meets Frump, I used an undertone of a true story from when I was nine for that scene, so I find it hilarious.

3. Include a clip of your writing. Hmmm...which scene to choose, which scene to choose… *pauses, going over all of my book in my head* Ok, here:

   “How big is this forest?”
    Her dad looked surprised, “You mean the Zook Forest?”
   “Yeah, I guess.”
   Her dad stared at the forest, a look of pure adoration on his face, “It surrounds the whole town,”
   Kimberly's throat tightened.
   Her dad chuckled, shaking his head, “When I was your age all my friends and I thought it was haunted, and we would dare each other to go as near to it as we could without our courage giving out.” Kimberly's dad laughed even harder. “We were so dumb.”
   “Seems perfectly haunted to me,” muttered Kimberly.
   “Don't be silly, Kim,” scolded her mom, taking the key from Mr. Wallace, marching up to the blue door of the house, and unlocking it, “That forest is about as haunted as this house.”
    Kimberly peered into the gloomy dusty house. She could see a staircase and an empty fireplace from where she stood.
   “The house probably is haunted,” she growled, her anger towards her parents returning.

4. (I added this myself), Who is your favorite character? Hard one, I love Kimberly, don't get me wrong, but Frump was SUPER fun to write, so probably him.

So that was it! For this tag, I tag:

Ok, so I expect y'all to go over to their pages and beg them to do this!

February 19, 2017

Does Your Story Stink?


    Is your WIP (work in progress), starting to drag? Do you no longer feel that magical pull towards it? What's wrong? You wonder, it's my baby, so why do I feel like I don't want to write another word in it...ever??? And then the worst and most panic-causing thought all writers go through; Maybe I'm not a writer! You might think this is just writer's block, but it's not. This is YKIS (You Know It Sinks), syndrome. The difference between writer's block and YKIS, is that writer's block is when you think it stinks and therefore you lose your motivation, leading to feeling like you have nothing to write. In this case put your fingers on your keys or pen, and keep writing. Write till your writer's block dies a painful and satisfying death *inserts evil laugh*.
    YKIS is when you look at your WIP and have the sudden realization that it's a doggie biscuit, and not even your parents will enjoy it. Are you depressed yet? Well, don't worry! If you are suffering from YKIS syndrome here are your treatment options:

    1. Try writing your story from a different point of view. Maybe the main character isn't the one who should be telling the story, maybe it's the second character, or maybe it's the villain!

   2. Change a few things up! Perhaps your character is too perfect, creating no flaws for you to use in the plot.

  3. Shoot, stab, or stick someone with a light saber!!! Ok, ok, I'm joking, maybe. Or maybe you should kill a character… Anyways, create some action, but make sure it makes sense. It should not be like: Anna was eating a delicious breakfast of whole wheat cereal, when suddenly a killer whale fell through the roof! Yeah...we'll see what you did there...

  4. And lastly, if none of those works, maybe you should consider giving up. I know it's not something a writer is encouraged to do, but maybe it's just not the right story. You cannot find inspiration, inspiration must find you.

February 13, 2017

Get Published!!!

   It's perfect, you whisper to yourself as you finally finish editing your book for the one thousandth time. Slowly, savoring the moment you click save, staring at the first page of your master piece. Then, a wave of sadness hits you, too bad only family and friends will ever read your work of art. You're only a teen, no publisher will accept you, you won't be published for a longggggg time. Teens can't get their works out there…or can they???

     Hey, guys! It's Gray Marie, and today I have decided to tell you about how to publish your book!!! I will be telling my experience with lulu.com, so here we go!!
I never thought it was possible for me, at age thirteen to get my book on paperback, I had given up all hope of ever holding one of my darlings in binding. I had self-published Enemy of the Dawn, but that was on Amazon as an e-book. I wanted a real book, with paper, binding, and ink. I was beginning to think my dream would never come true, when my mom heard about lulu.com. To make a long story short, we checked it out, and my hope for a paperback was re-kindled. Now, I am fourteen and my novella, Forest Zooks, sits on my bookshelf and it is also for sell on paperback and e-book on Amazon and Lulu (hint, hint). My dream came true.
Lulu.com is an awesome publishing website, they are devoted to helping indie authors self publish and market their books, and the best part is...it's free! Lulu has a video tutorial in order to explain to you how the system works, here's the link if you're interested in checking it out: lulu.com. I hope this works for you, in my opinion, it's newer and more professional than CreateSpace.
    Happy writing and self-publishing,

Hi There! And Welcome To My Blog!!!

      Hi. My name is Gray Marie Cox, I am a teen writer. I have written two books so far, Enemy of the Dawn and Forest Zooks. I love books, which is why I have decided I want to spend my whole life writing them. I also love helping fellow teen writers out, and that is why I made this blog. On here you'll receive encouragement and advice about writing, from one teen to another. Hopefully, you'll learn something new or be inspired, or at least you'll find my cheesy jokes amusing! Due to a poor internet connection, I will probably only post once or twice a week. Please check out these other blogs: anythingnovelsociety.blogspot.com I am one of the authors, and we review books. ahomeschoolnerdstale.blogspot.com  is my friend, Elena. On her blog she tells about her life as a homeschooled Christian teenage girl, who is a nerd. And alillyingodsgarden.blogspot.com, my friend, Lilly blogs about writing, bible verses, and a bunch of other very interesting stuff. My friend, Anne is at bedoneinlove.weebly.com. She blogs about her cats and bible verses, so if you want to see pictures of cute cats, be sure to click on the link! So yeah, I hope you enjoy my blog!
Blessings and peace,

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