Creating Characters

    Creating characters is probably one of the funnest (yes, I know that's not a word, but I honestly don't care because it feels appropriate.) parts of writing. You get to figure out their names, their back stories, their styles, and even their future! In short, writing characters is a blast. But what do you need to write an authentic character? A character that your readers will love and relate to? Here are the five things you need to have an awesome character:

     1. A back story. Your character might be made up, but in order for the reader to feel like they are a real person, you will need a bit of a back story. I suggest writing their back story on a piece of paper, that way you won't have to tell it all in your story but you'll still have info about their past if you need it.

     2. Flaws. No one is perfect. So if you want your character to seem realistic, they need to have flaws. I cannot stand it when a main character is flawless in every way, it makes me feel awful because I will never measure up to such standards!

     3. Goals. What does your character want to accomplish in life? Everyone has goals they want to reach, and so should your character. In Enemy of the Dawn, my character Eadric's goal is to find out who's out to kill him. And in my other book, Forest Zooks, Kimberly's goal is to find out what's going on in her new town and to convince her parents to move them back home.

     4. Pet Peeves. Do you dislike something? If yes, then congrats, you're normal! If no, then, wow… I envy you! Just like you have dislikes and likes, your character should have them too. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a character doesn't seem to have any! Oh, and also when people try to talk to me when I'm in the middle of reading a book…

     5. Hobbies. Everyone has hobbies, and if you're reading this right now most likely one of your hobbies is writing. Your characters need hobbies, not only does this make them more real but it also gives you more stuff to write about! Even Golem from The Lord of the Rings had a hobby… which was staring at his precious. *Intimidates creepy golem voice and clutches books to chest* My precious ones…

      So those were my five things your character needs to have! Please leave a comment below telling me what out of the five things you have for your character and if you feel like you need to add more! I will reply back, so be sure to check back, and also please keep your comments PG or else I might have to delete them! :( 
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  1. Thank you for those ways to create a character!! They are really helpful!

    1. Aww! Thank you, Anne!! I am super glad that they are actually helpful! I'm so sad I won't be seeing you on Friday (those basketball players...am I right? Lol), but I look forward to seeing you next Friday!

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  2. DUDE. I think I found your blog finally! At first I forgots to type in blogspot.com and that was confusing. But I found it, so there. Is that girl in the pic you? Oh, wait never mind she's too short! Lol, sorry to burn you, bruh!

    1. Haha... wait...who are you?

    2. I am... Batman.

    3. *Gasps, eyes widening* I knew it! The cape sort of gave you away, my friend!

  3. Great tips, thanks! I must admit, a flawed character is my favourite to write - and I always end up writing them with more flaws than redeemable qualities, lol. It's so fun to make them completely dark and then slowly let the light drizzle in :)


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