Describing a Scene

       My personal favorite part of writing is describing things. It's just so much fun! Some say that a picture is worth a million words, and although that might be true, I'll take the million words!        Unfortunately, I've seen a growing trend in YA books… it seems that half of the stories in the books take place in a white box! Seriously, sometimes I finish a book and I think, “I never even learned if the character's house was in the country or the city. I can't even tell you if their room had curtains, or what color their bedspread was!”
        And my response to this is: WHYYYYYYYY?!?!? Why? Just, why? Honestly, sometimes I just want to slap the writer like Dolores slapped Harry!

        Describing stuff is SO much fun, so why do so many writer's skip it?! It is also fun to read and I feel way closer to your character when I know what color they painted their room, thank you very much! It is such a disappointment when you're so hyped about reading a book, and then there's no details. When this happens to me, I think my face looks something along the lines of this:

        But maybe you're reading this and thinking, but I don't know how to describe things very well! Don't worry, my fellow writer, describing stuff is easy! Simply use the five senses:
       1. Sight. What does your character see? Is it the luscious rays of sunshine falling on the delicate petals of roses in a garden? Or is it the dank dark corners of a jail cell?

        2. Smell. What does your character smell? Is it the smell of salt and dead fish? Or is it the smell of cinnamon buns and sizzling bacon?
        4. Taste. What does your character taste? Is it the taste of earth and mold? Or is it the taste of crisp apples and honey?

        5. Touch. What is your character touching and what does it feel like? Is it rough and chipped? Or is it soft and velvety?

        Please use these five senses often in your story, and I promise you a way more vivid and enjoyable read for your readers!


  1. Yes! I've only recently begun adding more descriptions to my writing, and I'm falling in love with it! My favorite scenes that I've written are those that are full of description. It's so much easier to connect with a character when you can picture them, their surroundings, and their situations. I love using all five of the senses when the times are right. Of them all, I probably neglect taste the most because I don't have that many eating scenes! lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Gray!

    1. Describing sight is a blast!! I use taste the least too, but I still enjoy writing it!

  2. It's funny because I've read about using the five senses in writing description before, but I keep forgetting! So thanks for the reminder. I shall endeavour to remember this time! :)

    1. I always forget too! My first drafts usually take place in a white box, but I always try to go back and add description!!!

  3. Thanks, Gray! This will help a lot.

  4. ugh lol okay yes this post is great - I'm hoorribbllee at description. I enjoy more in the moment things so I guess that's my style? anyways, people so far who have read my book haven't complained lol - I should try and work on it a bit more tho xD

    I followed btw! lovely blog you have here <33

    sarah margaret
    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. Thanks! And I'm not saying that having more action than description is bad, I actually wish I could do that!! But a little bit of description here and there always polish things a bit more!!


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