March 30, 2017

My Views On Beauty and the Beast


         So I know that this is not a writing post, but I felt the need to blog on this like so many others…

        Many have asked me what my views on the movie Beauty and the Beast and if I think Christians should go see it or not, and today I am here to give my answer…. I don't care.
        Do whatever you feel is right! If you feel like there is something wrong with the movie, by all means, don't go see it. If you feel like there is nothing wrong with it, be our guest (get it??? Lol!), and go see it!
        But honestly, I couldn't care less on your decision, I'm sorry but your opinion is probably not going to change mine! So will everyone please stop arguing? You are not less Christian if you go see it, and you're not less Christian if you don't. God convicts people about different things, and just because he didn't convict someone else about something he convicted you on, does not mean they are any lesser than you! My family doesn't participate in Halloween because we feel convicted not to, but that doesn't mean we judge the people who do participate, we are just doing what we think is best for our family.
         And I'm not saying that we as Christians should not stand up for our rights! I'm saying that shaming each other over personal conviction is not helping. Whatever I choose is not between you and me, it's between me and God. I also feel like too many people have been freaking out over this, please remember that no matter what happens God is in control. He is one on the throne, not Disney, not Mr. President Trump, not the CNN, but God. It's not the end, I promise. You are not going to die because of a different view. So yes, I believe there is a time to stand, but I also believe that most of this stuff is overreacting.  
        I feel like this is such a foolish argument, I mean, I shouldn't even have to explain my views to any of you. I have friends who are seeing it or have seen it and I have friends who have sworn off it altogether! I still love both groups just the same, a simple view will not change that.
         So do whatever you feel is just and right according to God's word. Some of my friends know of my and my family's decision on this movie, but I'm not going to tell you in this post, because I don't feel like I'm in any authority to argue my case. And no, for all of you who have done posts on this matter, I think it's great! I'm not criticizing you or saying you were wrong to state your opinions, I'm just saying I don't really care in the long run. I'm going to do what I think is right, and you're going to do what you think is right. It's always been this way, and it always will be. So whether you go to the movies or don't, I'm still your friend, I still love you, and I still respect you!

      Sorry if this post was a little on the harsher side, I don't mean to be rough, I was just being perfectly blunt. I love you all despite your views, and I'm asking you to do the same for me and for everyone else. And I really hope I didn't offend any of you by this, I didn't mean to if I did.  

And if you do want to read what other people think or what they have decided to do, checkout these lovely people's posts!!!!!


March 28, 2017

My Book Bag Broke! And Other Bookish/Writer Tragedies...

          Hey all! Before I start this post I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful y'all are here! Seriously, when I started blogging I imagined like just two or three of my friends commenting or reading my blog, and that's not what I got! Instead, I've had the amazing opportunity to get to know a lot of amazing bloggers and blog readers! And a lot of people have emailed me telling me that they read my blog and like it, and guys, I just can't explain how much that means to me!! So if you comment on my blog, subscribe, follow, or read it, or maybe do all four! Thank you, it really means a lot to me!
       And please do check out my last post Snippets of Mage if you haven't yet, if you love books you'll most likely enjoy it!
       So here we go, onto today's post!!! It's a little long, sorry! *chuckles nervously*

Mrs. Platt,

It happened. It finally happened. YOU JINXED IT!!!!

       For all of you who don't know Mrs. Platt is a librarian at the library I go to and volunteer at, and everyday when I walked past her desk to go downstairs and checkout my many books, she'd say something along the lines of; “One day that bag is going to break, Grace.” (Yes, my real name is Grace, shocker! I mean, I'm pretty sure y'all would guess that Gray is just my pen name).
And it did. Luckily, it happened at home and not on a sidewalk or in the library. I was slipping it off of my shoulder when SNAP! It broke free and my books spilled out onto my floor. I thought about sewing my bag up fixing it, but then I realized that it's so old and worn that it would just start falling apart everywhere else as well. I picked my bag up, placed the rest of the books in it on the floor, and went to go through it away. That's when my sentimental reader/writer side kicked in. I had been using this book for as long as I could remember. It was the bag I carried Harry Potter home in when I was twelve. It was the bag that I placed the movie of Phantom of the Opera in after I finished the book, (you should totally read and watch that, BTW). It has scars from my pencils jabbing it from the inside…

         It was the bag that had carried millions and millions of books in, so that I could quench my never ending thirst for words, and now… it's gone. That's when I realized there were tons of bookish tragedies that happen everyday to all of us, so without farther ado, here they are!!!

1. When your pencil or pen pokes holes into your purse, bag, and backpack. This has happened too many times!

2. When someone comes over to your house and breaks the spine of your new book… THAT'S MY SPINE TO BREAK!!!!!!!!!

3. When people don't respect your collection of old and rare books.
Random person: Ew. These books are, like, falling apart. Like, pages are disintegrating!!
Me: That's what makes them beautiful… I scavenged a pile of books in a homeschooler conference just to find that one…

4. When you go to the library and you forgot to bring your library card. It's just straight up tragic.

5. When someone ruins a book series I'm starting.
Person: Have you gotten to the part where-
Me: NO!!! I haven't even started it, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then they tell you anyway. This happened with The Fault in Our Stars, and I just looked at that person like, I shall murder you in your sleep. But when it's on a blog or something along the lines of that and they didn't put a spoiler alert, I'm like:

6. When you're eating and reading and something wet lands on your page…

7. When power goes out and your computer shuts down in the middle of a story.

8. When your computer freezes and it doesn't auto save andddd you don't have your story backed up because you're stupid.

9. When you decide to read one of your published stories and notice typos and grammar mistakes that you somehow missed...UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you relate? What is your least favorite thing on this rant/list? I also might of uploaded this to my other blog on accident and had to delete it...oopsies!

Happy Writing,

March 25, 2017

Snippets of Mage

       Hey guys! Today I'm going to be talking about my friend Elena's book, Mage. I've actually read a draft of the book, and I can assure all of you that it is EPIC. Seriously, if it was already published I would jump out of y'all's screens and force each and every one of you to read it. That’s how good it is.
        The book is called Mage. It's about this girl named Nalletrix, who discovers that she is being hunted for reasons unknown to her, by a vile foe-the powerful Alejar Jotham. Overtime, Nalletrix comes to realize that she, and only she can defeate Alejar.
      This book is fantasy/adventure. It has everything, action, magic, sword fights, mind reading, spells, hints of romance, and much much more. And just to show y'all it's awesomeness in a nutshell, Elena has given me permission to show some snippets of her book!

         So that's it! I hoped you enjoyed reading bits and pieces from Elena's book. Please be sure to checkout her blog HERE.

          Which snippet of Mage was your favorite? Mine was the last! When Mage comes out will you be interested in reading it? What do you think of Mage from what you've seen??

      See Y'all In the Comments!!!

March 21, 2017

Writing From Experience


      How do you write about stuff you've never experienced yourself? That is the question I get asked a lot by family members and fellow writers. How does a writer write about battles, pirates, kidnappings, and so many other things when we've never experienced or done them ourselves?
But do you want to know a secret? In a way, we have. When you write you draw inspiration and understanding from your emotions, memories, and dreams whether you realize it or not.

         In Forest Zooks I wrote about a homesick twelve year old girl. I have only moved once, and I was around a year old. So I really don't know what moving feels like.
         But I know how it feels to be lonely, misunderstood, and angry at my circumstances. I remember shivering in my bed, afraid of monsters that might be lurking in the shadows. And although I never feared Zooks crawling in through my window, I remember being afraid.

          In Enemy of the Dawn I wrote about a sixteen year old boy who is torn away from his kingdom and his comfort, meanwhile he's still trying to figure out who he is and who he wants to be. But I've never been kidnapped and left for dead in a field. I've never been so betrayed by people who should love me. I've never felt such hate boiling in my chest. And I've never felt so torn by myself.
         But I've been hurt. My heart has ached over friends leaving me, which in a way feels like betrayal. I've had people bully me and take away my rights. I've lost things. And I've felt confused about who I am as well as Eadric. Because of that, I can understand him and sympathize, even though I've never gone through all that.

         I could go on and on about novellas and stories I've written, but I'll stop there. Writing is merely the drawing of emotions and memories. It is putting the pain, the joy, the loneliness, and the anger into your story. And guess what, those feelings that you let bleed out into your paper in the form of ink can help the people who read them heal. I cannot tell you how many times I've read a book and thought, this is me, and felt so free and awesome knowing that I am not the only one who struggles in those ways. So when you're writing remember to;
Be real.
Be Honest.
Be you.

       What are some emotions and memories you use for your stories? How are you using them in your current WIP? And do you like the new look? I wanted my blog to look more professional!


March 13, 2017

I'm Writing A Book! Title Reveal, My First Chapter, And Camp NaNoWriMo!!!!!!!



     Yep. You read the title right, I have started a book!!!!!!!!!!! *Squeals* Yes guys, this is happening. I finally gritted my teeth, plopped down in front of my laptop, and forced my brain to weave something-anything! And now I am on chapter 2 of my first draft! Now, of course I may give up on this story soon, but as of now it feels like a keeper. It felt so nice to just write again, I always forget how pleasant the effortless flow of first drafts feel. When I stopped writing, I just stared at my screen smiling like a madman, who just thought of an evil plot. Or Peter Parker around his crush...either way.

For all you Spider Man fans who are freaking out because this is isn't the original Spider Man, chill! This actor is cuter, okay? Like wayyyyyy cuter!!

     Yes, my story still has it's share of plot holes, and yes, I still haven't figured out how to work the science or magic of it into my story, but this is my first draft! So not understanding stuff is something I'll get back to in draft #2.

     Okay, now for the title… I am not for sure for sure on if I'm going to keep this title the same or change it, but here it is:

       The Freezing. Maybe a bit cliché sounding, but I think it works.

Gotta love collages... ;)

      I'm giving y'all the first chapter, but be warned; it hasn't really been edited so mistakes galore! And I'm also known for changing my first chapters drastically, so chances are that the final outcome will be wayyy different!! But anyways, here:

     This has been fun to write so far, and I am also testing a slightly different style of writing. Instead of writing in past tense like I did in Chloe's memory, I am writing in present tense, which is something I've never done before! Risky, I know!! But recently, I've read so many books written that way and I thought it was so cool, because it felt like I was right there in the story itself, so I've been dying to try it out.

        And now that I have a story, I have decided to enter into the Camp NaNoWriMo!

No, Camp NaNoWriMo doesn't actually take place in a camp, but I thought this was cool.

      For those of y'all that don't know, NaNoWrimo is a writing program where you have a goal set for a certain word count and you try to reach said word count. But since NaNoWrimo takes place in November and I have school I need to focus on, I've haven't been able to participate! School's just hard, especially when you're a teen in high school or in high school classes! And if you're a teen at high school level school and you did NaNoWrimo, amazing! More power to ya!! But I just know I couldn't. So when friends started telling me about Camp NaNoWrimo that took place in April, I was SO jazzed! So yep. I'm doing it! And you should totally do it too...just sayin', bruh! My word goal: 50K, andddd I'm not sure if I can make it…

1. It's one month, and that’s super short.

2. I've never written that high before, my highest was 47K, which is really close, but still.

3. I don't do well under pressure, when I feel pressured I just can't… So this is going to be a very interesting month, seeing how I do!

      That's all folks! And if you read all of that and didn't skim any of it, WHOA. Props to you, my friend! *claps*

      Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo? Have you done it before? Comment below!!

March 11, 2017

My Spring Writing Goals

     Ok, so first off, who's excited for spring break? I know I am!!! I still have math, but I'm doing pre-algebra, so pretty easy. No school besides math for a whole week sounds like heaven right now!
    My family isn't doing anything really special this spring break. But I do have a few plans, since I volunteer at a library and am a member of the Anything Novel Society, I will go to the library twice this week (every book nerd’s dream). And on Saturday I will be going on a small plane for like, thirty minutes I think… That's always a lot of fun. Yep, that's all I have so far! I'm hoping to catch up with some of my good friends who I don't get to see that much this week as well, but knowing life and my siblings (who have tons of little friends), we probably won't have time for that...
I'm probably just going to laze about.

      Writing plans/goals for this week:

        1. Start a novel. I haven't really written, written anything since December. I need to start  something because I'm getting restless.

       2. Work on fixing a failed book. This is plan B. if I can't find any inspiration for a new book. Although most of my failed manuscripts failed for a reason!

      3. Write at least a short story. This is plan C. If I can't write something new and my old works stink to high heaven, I might as well write something even if it's only two thousand words!!

    There it is! My goals!! I hope I succeed in the first!!! I honestly have no idea what to write… :(
It's an awful feeling of emptiness, but it will pass, it always does.
      What are your spring plans? Do you have any writing goals? Comment below!! And have a great spring break, be sure to sleep in as late as possible this whole week!

March 7, 2017

Find Your Voice

     Voice, is possibly the most important thing to have as a writer. If your voice is good I most likely will love your books. But what is voice? And how do you find your own? These are the two questions I will try to answer today.

     What is voice? Voice is when a writer has a distinct style of storytelling that is their own. C.S. Lewis has a very strong voice, so if someone blindfolded me and read me a passage out of one of his books I most likely would know straight away that it was one of his works.
     Voice is what makes a writer unique. One of the many mistakes I see new writers making is copying other writer's voices. L.M. Montgomery, J.R.R. Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling are just a few of the voices I see writers trying to copy. And I understand that they don't mean to, and if you do this, relax! It's perfectly normal for someone who hasn't found their voice yet to accidently copy another's voice. 

Do you know where this is from? (You should). Comment below if you do!!!

     How do you find your voice? This is a toughie, but first I think you need to stop trying to sound like your favorite author, and just start writing. In time your voice will come to you, most likely you won't even realize it! I didn't think I had my own voice until I was re-reading one of my stories and there it was. It's my own. And I love it! Here I'll give you an example of voice using a snippet from my novella Forest Zooks:

Sorry, I had promised myself I wouldn't post a collage of my book, but I couldn't resist. ;)

     Forest Zooks without my voice:

     That forest looked strange. Kimberly looked out of her car window at the forest of willow trees, they ran along the sides of the road. Kimberly raised a hand and started to bite her nails, it was a troubled habit she had. A few months ago her nails had been long and painted, but now they were chipped and bitten. Kimberly blamed her parents for this. They were the ones who had wanted to move three hours away from their old home so they could be closer to their elderly great uncle.

     Forest Zooks with my voice:

    Something was off about that forest. Kimberly stared out of her car window at the vast forest of willow trees, whose edges ran along the sides of the road. Nervously, Kimberly raised a hand and started to bite her nails, it was a troubled habit she had developed recently. A long time ago (actually a few months ago), her nails were long and painted, but now they were chipped and bitten down to the skin. Kimberly blamed her parents for this. After all, they were the ones who had insisted on moving three hours away from their old home so they could be closer to their elderly great uncle.

Is this gif necessary? Probably not. But it's cute, sooo... 

    See the difference? Okay, maybe I over exaggerated the example of “without my voice”, but I am a writer, exaggerating is what I do best! So give it time, have patience, and most importantly; DON'T STOP WRITING!!!!!!!!

People like these the most for some strange reason...