My Book Bag Broke! And Other Bookish/Writer Tragedies...

          Hey all! Before I start this post I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful y'all are here! Seriously, when I started blogging I imagined like just two or three of my friends commenting or reading my blog, and that's not what I got! Instead, I've had the amazing opportunity to get to know a lot of amazing bloggers and blog readers! And a lot of people have emailed me telling me that they read my blog and like it, and guys, I just can't explain how much that means to me!! So if you comment on my blog, subscribe, follow, or read it, or maybe do all four! Thank you, it really means a lot to me!
       And please do check out my last post Snippets of Mage if you haven't yet, if you love books you'll most likely enjoy it!
       So here we go, onto today's post!!! It's a little long, sorry! *chuckles nervously*

Mrs. Platt,

It happened. It finally happened. YOU JINXED IT!!!!

       For all of you who don't know Mrs. Platt is a librarian at the library I go to and volunteer at, and everyday when I walked past her desk to go downstairs and checkout my many books, she'd say something along the lines of; “One day that bag is going to break, Grace.” (Yes, my real name is Grace, shocker! I mean, I'm pretty sure y'all would guess that Gray is just my pen name).
And it did. Luckily, it happened at home and not on a sidewalk or in the library. I was slipping it off of my shoulder when SNAP! It broke free and my books spilled out onto my floor. I thought about sewing my bag up fixing it, but then I realized that it's so old and worn that it would just start falling apart everywhere else as well. I picked my bag up, placed the rest of the books in it on the floor, and went to go through it away. That's when my sentimental reader/writer side kicked in. I had been using this book for as long as I could remember. It was the bag I carried Harry Potter home in when I was twelve. It was the bag that I placed the movie of Phantom of the Opera in after I finished the book, (you should totally read and watch that, BTW). It has scars from my pencils jabbing it from the inside…

         It was the bag that had carried millions and millions of books in, so that I could quench my never ending thirst for words, and now… it's gone. That's when I realized there were tons of bookish tragedies that happen everyday to all of us, so without farther ado, here they are!!!

1. When your pencil or pen pokes holes into your purse, bag, and backpack. This has happened too many times!

2. When someone comes over to your house and breaks the spine of your new book… THAT'S MY SPINE TO BREAK!!!!!!!!!

3. When people don't respect your collection of old and rare books.
Random person: Ew. These books are, like, falling apart. Like, pages are disintegrating!!
Me: That's what makes them beautiful… I scavenged a pile of books in a homeschooler conference just to find that one…

4. When you go to the library and you forgot to bring your library card. It's just straight up tragic.

5. When someone ruins a book series I'm starting.
Person: Have you gotten to the part where-
Me: NO!!! I haven't even started it, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then they tell you anyway. This happened with The Fault in Our Stars, and I just looked at that person like, I shall murder you in your sleep. But when it's on a blog or something along the lines of that and they didn't put a spoiler alert, I'm like:

6. When you're eating and reading and something wet lands on your page…

7. When power goes out and your computer shuts down in the middle of a story.

8. When your computer freezes and it doesn't auto save andddd you don't have your story backed up because you're stupid.

9. When you decide to read one of your published stories and notice typos and grammar mistakes that you somehow missed...UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you relate? What is your least favorite thing on this rant/list? I also might of uploaded this to my other blog on accident and had to delete it...oopsies!

Happy Writing,