My Views On Beauty and the Beast


         So I know that this is not a writing post, but I felt the need to blog on this like so many others…

        Many have asked me what my views on the movie Beauty and the Beast and if I think Christians should go see it or not, and today I am here to give my answer…. I don't care.
        Do whatever you feel is right! If you feel like there is something wrong with the movie, by all means, don't go see it. If you feel like there is nothing wrong with it, be our guest (get it??? Lol!), and go see it!
        But honestly, I couldn't care less on your decision, I'm sorry but your opinion is probably not going to change mine! So will everyone please stop arguing? You are not less Christian if you go see it, and you're not less Christian if you don't. God convicts people about different things, and just because he didn't convict someone else about something he convicted you on, does not mean they are any lesser than you! My family doesn't participate in Halloween because we feel convicted not to, but that doesn't mean we judge the people who do participate, we are just doing what we think is best for our family.
         And I'm not saying that we as Christians should not stand up for our rights! I'm saying that shaming each other over personal conviction is not helping. Whatever I choose is not between you and me, it's between me and God. I also feel like too many people have been freaking out over this, please remember that no matter what happens God is in control. He is one on the throne, not Disney, not Mr. President Trump, not the CNN, but God. It's not the end, I promise. You are not going to die because of a different view. So yes, I believe there is a time to stand, but I also believe that most of this stuff is overreacting.  
        I feel like this is such a foolish argument, I mean, I shouldn't even have to explain my views to any of you. I have friends who are seeing it or have seen it and I have friends who have sworn off it altogether! I still love both groups just the same, a simple view will not change that.
         So do whatever you feel is just and right according to God's word. Some of my friends know of my and my family's decision on this movie, but I'm not going to tell you in this post, because I don't feel like I'm in any authority to argue my case. And no, for all of you who have done posts on this matter, I think it's great! I'm not criticizing you or saying you were wrong to state your opinions, I'm just saying I don't really care in the long run. I'm going to do what I think is right, and you're going to do what you think is right. It's always been this way, and it always will be. So whether you go to the movies or don't, I'm still your friend, I still love you, and I still respect you!

      Sorry if this post was a little on the harsher side, I don't mean to be rough, I was just being perfectly blunt. I love you all despite your views, and I'm asking you to do the same for me and for everyone else. And I really hope I didn't offend any of you by this, I didn't mean to if I did.  

And if you do want to read what other people think or what they have decided to do, checkout these lovely people's posts!!!!!



  1. I agree. If you feel that God's convicting you of something, then by all means don't do it. God will always show you which way to go, or what you need to say.
    Thanks fro the post, Gray. :)

    1. You're welcome! It's become such a big deal that it's getting annoying now, I wish we could just all accept that we all have different convictions as Christians and move on.

    2. Yeah, that would be nice. If God convicts you, then don't do it. If you ignore that conviction, then you're inviting the enemy in. Kind of telling them, that you won't listen to God and that you'll do what they tell you. :)

    3. Yes. My friends were all griping about it and one of the sides were getting angry with me for my choice and I just told them that I was doing what I thought was right and what I thought God would want me to do.

    4. You made a good choice, Gray! What God thinks is more important than what others think...


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