In Order to Write Better...

          Hey, guys! If you write or if you are a writer, this situation has most likely happened to you:

         Person: So you write?
         You: Yep.
         Person: Awesome! I write, too!!
         You: Oh, cool. Who are your favorite authors?!
         Person: I don't really read...that much...
         You: ....

        If I have that conversation one more time I might go insane (I mean, I'm already sorta insane, but that's besides the point). I don't think people that say that understand that reading is the second most important thing to writing better besides, well, writing!

       If anyone is reading this and is a writer and doesn't really read, I have one question for you: WHY?

       How do you even become a writer if you don't really like books?! The love of books and stories is what drives most of us teens to become authors. When writers walk into bookstores or libraries you can tell them apart because they look so joyful as they browse the shelves.

         I get it if you're too busy to read, read, read 24/7. I haven't been reading as much as I use to because of life (well, I mean, I use to read around thirty books a week but now I read around ten. So by most standards I still read a lot).


        How else are you suppose to find new ways to create characters, build worlds, and make relationships? The books that you read will influence your writing the most, not your emotions, not your experiences (even though I wrote about that, too), but the books.
         The genres.
           The characters.
              The plot twists.

         You learn so much by reading. So I am going to state something that I know a few will think harsh, but trust me I found this to be true:


 Are you one of those writers? Or do you know people like this? How much do you think people should read if they want to write well???

Happy Writing,

Oh, and also: I might not post for a while after this.
1. I am going camping on Friday.
2. I have a ten paragraph thesis paper I really feel like I need to focus primarily on.

       So if y'all comment on here late, like on the weekend, I most likely won't answer you right away because I will be sitting on a folding chair in front of a smoky fire while being eaten alive by varmints. Oh, the joys of camping trips! (SAVE ME. SOMEONE SAVE ME.) I actually kinda sorta like camping though, it's just the first hour of being there that I hate... I'm going with friends though, so I will have stuff to do!


I LOVE Grammar, Okay?

        Last Sunday I was at youth group and we were playing Hang Man, and it wasn't just the one word Hang Man, it was the full sentence version. Anyways, this kid got up there and he wrote this one the board: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

        In the end it translated to this (we didn't die, btw,):  
Andrew said it is raining and there is a hole in my umbrella.

       When the fellow was writing that on the board, I said that since the sentence was longer there should be at least one comma, that got me a bunch of eye rolls and sighs. Then, when we realized that the first two words were “Andrew said” I informed the guy that there should be quotations marks. This got me even more eye rolls, a girl jokingly told me to “shut up”, and a guy muttered under his breath “Grammar Nazi”.
       This got me thinking… Okay, maybe I was being a bit annoying, maybe. But punctuation is important, all of the kids there were above six grade, so you'd think they would at least use quotation marks occasionally.

       I also don't like the term “Grammar Nazi”. Nazis were these horrible people who imprisoned, tortured, and murdered so many innocent Jews. Why do we use that title so lightly? Since when do people get compared to a Nazi for loving grammar? How does this make any sense?! Why can't people just call me a “crazy grammar lovin' writer” and move on? Why is it always “Grammar Nazi”?!?!? I don't hail Hitler or anything, so labeling me anything with “Nazi” in front of it is incorrect.
          I remember when I was in six grade in T&T, this kid in class would always get there early and write Tom (fake name), was here. But instead of writing: Tom was here.
         Like an intelligent well-learned six grader, he would always write: Tom wuz har.
        And it wasn't like he was stupid or anything, he's actually very smart, but he just didn't want to write correctly, because he thought that was cool or something… And I don't mind abbreviations, I mean, I use them all the time. But writing incorrectly when it's the same amount of letters, it doesn't make sense… Anyways, I remember sneaking into the classroom early, getting a red marker, and correcting his grammar. We were sort of friends at the time, so I'm pretty sure he knew it was me, which just made him do it more.

           I can't stand when people put “kool” instead of “cool”, or “K” instead of “Okay”. When they put “K” it makes me confused, I thought we were talking about something else...not Potassium! If you want to annoy me, that's how you do it...
         I actually don't mind lingo like: “A lila fasta when runnin'” instead of: “A little faster when running”. I think it can be fun or cute, but if that's how that person always writes 24/7, yeah… it won't take long before my eye starts twitching, my fists start curling, and my eyes start watering. Just please, no.
         Well, guys this has turned out to be more of a rant than a discussion...sorry! Wait, who am I kidding? I'm not sorry!

                 Are you what they call a "Grammar Nazi"? Why or why not?

Happy Writing,


Changes Made

       Ayo, ladies and gentlemen! As y'all may have noticed I changed my blog...AGAIN. Sorry if this is getting annoying, but I felt like I needed a more simplistic looking blog, so here we are! I hope all of you will be able to find your way around now!!
       And just because I feel weird posting this itsy bitsy post about barely anything, I'm leaving y'all with a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, I would encourage you to check them out! Since I really am hoping to go to the movies soon, I thought this was relevant!!