Creating Authentic Children

              Aha! At last I am doing another writing tip post, because I haven't done one in a while!! (Does that count as an intro? I'm going to say yes).

        So children, they're like grownups only they're smaller and they only want to have fun and eat sweets, but hey, who doesn't?
        Lately I've read a lot of books where the authors write the most fake kids I've ever read! They always fall into one of three categories:

1. The über sweet darling. This kid is an angel from heaven, they cannot sin.

3. The über evil brat. This kid is a demon or possessed by demons. Basically this child is only there to give the main protagonist grief.

4. The ghost. This is the kid that is only mentioned twice and you haven't seen him since the first chapter and you're on chapter twenty…

         I have four siblings and one foster brother. I have babysat. I am a homeschooler, every homeschool event I go to is swarming with children. So I believe I have every right to say that those three kid stereotypes are a wilting pile of cow pies in the sweltering Texas sun!
        That being said, here's how to create a realist and authentic child…

1. Hobbies. Even young children have hobbies. Brad Wallace loves comic books, and his favorite one is his old and tattered Iron Man comic book, later when he's twelve I build on the knowledge of his love for comic books, and now Brad is also obsessed with drawing comics.

2. Faults. Since Brad is the first actual child I've created (and my favorite, ssh! Don't tell him!!) I'm going to use him for my examples. Brad is a relatively normal child. He also had faults. He loves throwing stuff (comic books), at his older sister, Kimberly. He's reckless, and he's also an impulsive liar. All in all, I'd say he's human.

3. Involvement in the older sibling's life. My siblings are very involved in my life, sometimes I wish they weren't. Sometimes I wish I could tell them to get a life and get out of mine, and sometimes I do tell them that, *grimaces* but no matter what I do or say, I know that my siblings aren't going anywhere anytime soon! Brad is very involved in Kimberly's life, he's even read her diary!
         My siblings know almost everything about me, it's bad. One time they found out who I had a crush on… oh, dear Lord, WHY??? And of course my parents had just invited this young man and his family over for dinner… UGH, WHY ARE MY SIBLINGS SO INVOLVED IN MY LIFE?!?!? Luckily, I think the fellow was oblivious of the fact that my siblings were all grinning at him like maniacs the whole time...but that's a different story… ;) 

         So those were my three tips for creating an authentic child! I hope it helped.

Can you relate to my dislike of poorly drawn children in fiction?
Why or why not?
Oh, and I also finished all of my school this week, I thought I wasn't going to, but I did! *Squeals, throwing papers into the air*
       I'm so done with school. I no longer care if I bombed the last science test I turned in on Friday (I doubt I did, I think I knew all of the answers), or if I get a poor grade on my ten paragraph thesis paper, the point is; IT'S OVER.
Are you guys done with your school?
When did you finish or when will you finish??

Happy Writing,


  1. "a wilting pile of cow pies in the sweltering Texas sun!"
    OMGOSH! lolzy! xD
    It's TERRIBLE how stereotypical younger siblings are in some books. (I don't have a younger sibling, but I've been around PLENTY of little children.)
    And.... Well, I can't say I HAVEN'T come in contact with these children, because there are plenty little demons out there [cringes], and I've met ONE angel.
    BUT there are children out there that have LIVES. Though some are bent on mischief or are just plain SWEET, they have personalities. Like, maybe that little angel has a terrible secret, or that little demon child has a "reason."
    lol. Thanx for the post! xD

  2. LOL!!!!!! Wow, this made me laugh so much.
    "Luckily, I think the fellow was oblivious of the fact that my siblings were all grinning at him like maniacs the whole time...but that's a different story… "----You poor dear. Haha. I can't say that I have never done this....because, well, I have. (I'm not telling!)
    You know...never mind. Okay, so this is really my favorite part of this:
    "This kid is a demon or possessed by demons."---Oh my goodness gracious. Lord help me. Okaaay....I've never babysat, well not really, but this stereotype would be very unfortunate. Oh, my. They have enough energy as it is.
    YOU'RE DONE?!?!?! Girl.....I'm.....you're...*faints*
    I'm not done, and...yeah. Hehe...not. You're so lucky. I wish summer would just come and take me away. I just didi a science test and I don't know a couple answers..and, and....*SOBBB*
    I need your awesome brain. *steals it*
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your summer, friend. Think of me while you sun bathe in the bright, warm air, and sleep in 'til the Lord comes back. Think of the poor souls who are doing math and all that....neh.
    Annnnnyway, have fun!!! <3
    *chokes back sobs*
    It drives me crazy when the character is on the cover, and they are NEVER how I imagined them to be.

  3. I'm glad it made you laugh! xD

  4. Kids are almost always so badly written in YA books. Seriously, they're people too, guys! And often they have more personality than older people, at least IMHO! Great post :)


    1. Yeah, older people are poorly written too.

  5. Wow, this was great! :D Oh my word, this bothers me soo much. It's like, "Were you ever a child?" And obviously they were, but you'd think that they would know how to write children. I mean, it's not going to be super easy, but you should still strive to make ALL of you characters believable.

    Thank you for this! :)

    1. You're welcome! It really does make me sad and frustrated when kids are butchered by authors, who have bad memories and no kids or siblings of their own! I only know one purely evil kid, but that fellow is a special case, I think he has anger issues.

  6. Yes, this is so true! I hate when you read a book and they CLEARLY only have the child/children there for a plot point or for emotional manipulation, and then forget about them the rest of the time. Children have a way of making themselves seen and heard (if they're quiet - be afraid, be very afraid. They're probably plotting world domination). I also hate when they don't have authentic sibling interaction. Siblings tease each other, tell stupid jokes, and make horrible puns. They can have really bad arguments with you and then silently do something nice for you (but silently, because they've still not forgiven you yet...) I think a lot of people forget what they were like as kids, or what it felt like to be young. E. Nesbit wrote a whole book basically lamenting this very fact: "...and therefore those who have never forgotten do not, as a rule, say anything about it. They just mingle with the other people, looking as grown-up as any one—but in their hearts they are only pretending to be grown-up."

    1. Oh, my goodness! I love that, "if they're quiet - be afraid, be very afraid. They're probably plotting world domination." line so much! Sheesh, y'all are all so much better at proving my points in the comment section than I am in the post! :P

  7. *digs through brain for CS Lewis quote* *gives up and googles* Nope, I was thinking of the quote about children as /readers/. >.<

    This is a really good post, Gray! I hope I'm still close enough to childhood (with my siblings, I should be...) to realise how fictional children should be, but adult authors (let me just clump them together in a huge generalization there!) seem to have forgotten. Realistic child characters are great to read about! I particularly love the classics with that innocent humour in their narrative voice (I'm thinking E Nesbit, Paddington [even though he's a bear...], those funny, classic books).

    Probably didn't make much sense here... *cuts off ramble abruptly* ;)

    Jem Jones

    1. It made perfect sense, thank you! I love it when there's innocent humor in books, too!!

  8. Great tips! I struggle sometimes with writing children or characters younger than me, since I'm the youngest in my family. XD So these will really help me out; thank you! *bookmarks for future reference*


    1. That is hard when you're the youngest! I'm glad it helps some!!

  9. Goodness yes to this whole post. And honestly, kids can be so much fun to write as characters if they're done realistically.

  10. You are done with school???? I am SO jealous. And I agree about how fake kids are in books now. Even in devotionals or stuff like that, they make the kid mess up and then act like they are 30 yrs older!
    Good post, thanks for the ideas! :)

    1. YES. I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL. It feel Amazing with a capital A!
      And I forgot about devotionals, but ugh, that's true...


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