Dear Writers, (Warning: This is a rant).

     Before we start, I want to say that this started out as a light-hearted rant, and it turned into a full-blown rant, and then it turned very serious. This is something that has been on my heart all week...


       Have you ever read a book that was good?

       No, I mean really, really, REALLY good! And while you're reading it, you're think something along the lines of this: This book is SO good, I'm going to recommended it to EVERYONE!
     And then you turn the page and the writer starts dropping f-bombs. And you're just sitting there like,
     Well, thank you, dear writer, now I won't recommended this book to half of the people I was thinking of!
        We all have that one book. *Cough, cough* The Fault in Our Stars...

         And look, I'm not going to tell any of you what's too much and too far in, err, swear words usage. Because we all have different views and lines to cross, but here's a clue, if it would embarrass you if your dad read it aloud to your whole family, maybe you should re-think...

         Okay, I know several of y'all right now are thinking, Gray! I write YA, it's not meant for my five year old sister!!!  Okay, fine. If you don't want your parents or grandma to read it, because of a some *cough* scenes, and some *cough, cough* words..

          Dear writers, (because this rant is directed towards you lovely folks!)

It does not make your book look cool if you drop the f-bomb or any other bombs for that matter! If your character flips off another character in your book, I'm not going to track you down to tell you how cool you are!

          And look, I'm glad you know how re-production works, I really am. But PLEASE, could you not, oh, I don't know, PUT A THOUSAND OVERLY GRAPHIC SEX SCENES IN YOUR BOOKS. Darlings, come here, come closer, let me tell you something very important... NO ONE WANTS TO READ YOUR PORN-TURNED-INTO-WORDS GARBAGE! *Gasps* I know, it's surprising!

          Seriously. Stop it. Get some help.

            And am I the only one who pictures John Green sitting at his computer like,

            "Finally I moved out! Now, I am no longer under their rules. I shall fill my books with profanities and swearing, and Momma can go bleep, bleep, bleep, herself!"?

           And then there's the glorifying things like alcohol and drugs, which, if you do this, I'm sorry, you're just stupid. THIS STUFF KILLS PEOPLE, IT SHATTERS PEOPLE'S LIVES, AND HERE YOU ARE GLORIFYING IT LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT. Like, do you not realize how harmful this stuff is? Why are you calling it good or fun? Yeah, drugs look fun sometimes, but then when you open your eyes, you see it all. People passed out on sidewalks. People selling their bodies for crack. People with tracks on their arms-slaves to drugs. Children being taken away by CPS, because their parents loved a substance more than them. Don't you understand? This is reality. This is the harshest reality, and here you are, calling it good, like the blind child you are.

           So asides from the rant, let's address the true issue, us. I've noticed something, more and more teen writers are joining the dark side and writing sex scenes, swearing, and glorifying things like alcohol and drug abuse. And I just don't understand it at first, but then when I think about it, it hits me...

         They are trying to be relevant, to be cool, to be the hot stuff on the block. But close your eyes, and imagine a world where books are good and wholesome again. Where if books have to have swearing it is used correctly and the sex scenes are only subtle hints that honor the holiness of marriage, not the stupidness of adolescence. Where drugs and alcohol are called out for what they are, a demon in the form of glory. But most importantly, where the innocence and love of friendships flourish in the books.

         Doesn't that sound awesome? Guess what, we can make that dream a reality. We are the next generation. We are the next storytellers. We are the next bestselling authors. We don't have to follow their rules. Let's break them, and make new ones-better ones. Let's break the mold and the stereotype of teens being irresponsible people who can't do anything to change the world, because we can. And we will, whether it's for bad or good. I am tired of being silent. I am tired of letting stuff like this go. I am tired of being passive. It's time to make a change, but I can't do this alone, this is a call to arms.

      What if we started saying "no"?

      No, I will not push your agenda.
      No, I will not be cool by writing cuss words.
      No, I will not write your sex scenes.
      No, I will not write in a way that makes it normal and socially acceptable for teens to hate their family. 

No, I. Will. Not. 

       Dear world, dear writers, dear everyone,

I am a teenager. And I am doing what teens do best, I am rebelling.

Who's with me?

EDIT: 10/4/17

Due to the fact that this post is still getting over ten pageviews a day, I thought it would be important to announce to the newcomers that this rant up here ^ started a whole website. Check it out here, or go to www.rebelliouswriting.com

Thank you,for all your support!