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      Guess what, guys! I'm NOT dead!!!! *cheers*

       Seriously, though. I know it hasn't been long, but it feels long, or maybe this week just feels long to me. So much is going on this week, my days basically are going in the same order though, so I've established a routine, BUT tomorrow is my last Writing is Life creative writing workshop class (I plan on doing a whole post about that soon), and that is going to mess me all up. *dies* I'm so tired y'all, I'm having a lot of fun, but it's exhausting. 

       Anyways, I've been tagged once again! This time by the lovely Jane Maree, (check her out, she's awesome, and her stories are HILARIOUS).

        Okay, so here we go!

     1. What draws you to YA?

         Honestly, I like writing juvenile better than YA, but that's just because I can be silly without worrying about some snobby teen calling my books stupid, but I do love YA, too. But as for reading I like YA better, probably because of  the fact that I'm a teen so it's easier to relate to teenage characters. Also YA usually has pretty good plots, and there's not many juvenile books with complex plots out there (but I'll write some one of these days).

    2. Describe your writing process. Do you like outlines and structure, or seeing where the story takes you?

       I don't plan, I don't outline, I usually don't even think. How I usually write is that a few random words or sometimes a sentence pops into my head, I put my fingers on my keyboard, and I turn those words into a story. For Enemy of the Dawn it was the sentence: "Prince running in forest" that started it along with the name "Eadric" that popped into my head as I was trying to do my science homework. And for Forest Zooks it was the sentence: "Something was off about that forest."

      3. How long have you been writing? Where are you in your journey?

       Since I learned how, but it was only when I was eleven that I realized I wanted to be a writer.

       And where am I on my journey?

       Not even halfway, to be honest. But I think I'm on the right path...hopefully.

       4. What do you need to write?

         And coffee (well, not always when I'm writing, but it's nice).

        5. If you could offer one piece of advice to another writer, (OTHER THAN "don't give up"), what would it be?

          Don't give up. Jk.jk! Here's what I'd tell anyone if they asked me;
          Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read. oh, and, of course, write. If you don't read your writing is suffering. Reading is food for your brain and muse. I did a whole post on why you need to read in order to write better, you can read it HERE.

        6. What book still has you reeling from its plot twist?

            I've read a lot of books, so I'm pretty good at spying plot twists chapters away. But one of the books that surprised me most was The Warden and the Wolf King, the last book in the WingFeather saga. I never saw that coming... Like, WHOA.

       7.What books are you most anticipating for this year?

          Now that the last WingFeather Saga is here (I waited four years for that), I am currently not waiting for any book.

       8. In your opinion, which YA book/series has the most unique premise?

       The Attack of the Killer Pizza. I can't remember who wrote it, I just picked it off the shelf because of the interesting title... it was about a group of teenagers who worked in a pizza shop and hunted monsters...yeah...not much to say about that.
        Oh, and the book How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend.
        I wouldn't recommend it, because it was very lewd. But the plot was the dumbest and most pointless thing ever and certainly unique!

        9. What is your all-time favorite quote from YA?

              WHATTTTTTTTTT?!?! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO ANSWER THAT?!?!?! Probably this though;
       "It's not natural for women to fight."
        She rolled her eyes, "It's not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, yet here you stand." -Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
     ....That was one of the most savage comebacks ever!

        10. What book do you most hope will have a movie adaptation? 

         Either the WingFeather Saga or Warrior of the Son, probably both. But the WingFeather Saga is becoming a cartoon adaption soon! *Squeals* It isn't as awesome as a movie, but it will do until then...

           And now for tagging! I never know who to tag... ugh. And I always feel bad when I realize I should've tagged someone but I forgot...double ugh. SO I'm just going to tag three people and then if you want to do it and you weren't tagged you can still go right ahead and do it, you can even say that Gray tagged you! Because I did, *reaches out and tags you* there.

I tag:

Have fun, y'all!


My next post is going to be about the objectification in YA, do y'all have any questions, comments, or points you'd like me to address in that?

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Exciting News...


       Most of you here know about the Rebellious Writing movement a couple of other amazing bloggers and I have started. I am here to tell you about something super exciting… we're going to have an official Rebellious Writing website!
For too long we as readers, writers, seekers, and followers of the light have been quite, passive, and submissive when it comes to books and the content in them.

      And it's time to stop that.
      It's time to stand up, and say “no”.
     We will not write their agendas.
     We will not honor their sins.
     We will not be vile.
     We will not conform.
     We. Will. Not.

     A rebellion has been simmering here for the past few weeks… Now it's time to ignite it. To stand up. To fight.

》》》  Rebellious Writing《《《
》》》  The Official Website《《《
》》》  Opening August 9th《《《

Spread the word. Join the rebellion. Let the world hear your voice. #RebelliousWriting.


Let's Close the Door...Please? #RebelliousWriting

     I'm doing it, I'm finally sitting down to write this post! This month has been busy, especially this week, and next week promises to be even more busy. *collapses* I would take a nap or at least try, but right now the house is filled with the sounds of kids screaming and the awful sound of pool noodles hitting bare skin, which always makes me flinch. In other words, my little brother's friend is hanging out here today, and my room has nerf bullets all over the floor because I guess they came in here earlier to play, that or the baby has been leaving me them as presents... *sighs*
      I might not even blog next week, so if I disappear, sorry! I'll try...but...

       Oh, and this one is about as Blimey Cow calls it "the do" in YA, so if that's a subject you'd rather not get into, I would recommend checking out a guest post I did over at Mary Kate's about Self-publishing, instead. It was a lot of fun. And if you plan on reading on I'd still encourage you to check it out afterwards!

       But anyway, here it is, the long awaited post about my opinion on the showing or telling of the birds and the bees in YA.


    I don't like it. Not. One. Little. Bit. There are some things I need to know, and others I don't need or even want to know.
       And I get it, sex happens, that's pretty apparent.

       But please, spare us the details. I should not turn the page in a book and suddenly be reading a full-blown sex scene. This is after all a novel not a gross lemon written by a fangirl...

       What ever happened to hinting? I read old books and when the characters have sex (I've read like only two older books where anything is actually hinted at all), it shows and tells nothing, it just hints. And I think books that do this come off as way classier than the books that are just straight out vulgar and trashy.

       I watched Wonder Woman last Friday, and my siblings won't be watching it anytime soon because it hinted at a lot, but I liked it. Diana and Steve do have sex, but it doesn't show anything, it just hints. They kiss inside Diana's hotel bedroom and then it cuts to the next scene which is the next day and the subject is not brought up again (probably just because they didn't want an R rating, but still). Why can't all books and movies do that?! It's way classier and actually kind of sweet sometimes, even though I don't agree with sex outside of marriage.

       Think of it this way, you have two friends. Friend one is very vulgar and gross, she/he is always telling you all of the  disgusting details that you don't want to know.
        Friend two is the opposite, he/she is respectful of your ears and doesn't want to cause you any discomfort.

        Which friend would you choose to hang out with more?

         Books are like those two friends. Some are very vulgar and profane and others aren't and they are quite lovely.

          Please think of that when you write your book. It's okay to close the door, in fact, please do. As my friend Catherine so wisely made into a meme:

            Also, don't be a stupid person, or as I call them, a fruitcake.
        Get it? Because very few people like fruitcakes and very few people enjoy the company of complete dimwits... perfect metaphor. Trust me, most people DON'T want to read your garbage pornographic sex scenes!!! *gasps from the audience* That's right. And those who do, let's just say they aren't the best group to attract. I actually feel sort of bad for some of those writers, if someone googles their name all sorts of weird disgusting stuff is probably going to pop up, it must be hard to get a job...

      So don't be stupid. Don't be a fruitcake. And if you must make your characters have relations that are beyond friendship or first base, please close the door.


Good Books You 1000% Need on Your TBR List This Summer (I fangirl about books I love and command/beg you to read them).

     This is still a Rebellious Writing post... How? Well, I am recommending fabulous clean books, which means you'll spend more time reading these than accidently reading books full of vile smut, which means the market might just see a increase in good books being bought and or read, which means writers might get a clue and write clean books. See? I'm still fighting!!!!!! Anyways...

     The Summer TBR Lists are currently trending on blogger, and I would join in... if I actually had a list... I'm more of a happy-go-lucky reader, if the blurb is good and the book cover is eye-catching I most likely will toss it into my book bag! So I decided I would do something a little different, I will be recommending books that I love. All of these are clean and wonderful, some of them were my childhood favorites that I still adore. It doesn't really matter how old you are, I think anyone can enjoy these great books!
     Here's my list (no particular order):

The Wingfeather Saga

The first book is kind of hard to get into, but don't give up! I PROMISE that you'll be completely hooked by the next book. Too many people read a few chapters of the first book and then give up because *boo, hoo,* it's “too hard to love” have patience it's SO worth it.

The Door Within Trilogy

Good books. If you like fantasy and the idea of parallel worlds, read these, you won't be disappointed.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Do NOT be a book snob and say this book is only for twelve year old boys. This is a gripping tale of survival, anyone can enjoy this, I certainly have! I've re-read it about twenty times since I was eleven!!!

The Lord of the Rings trilogy & The Hobbit

If you're a fantasy writer/reader and you haven't read these, STOP. Really, though, if you're a human and you haven't read these also stop. These books were one of the many books that defined the fantasy genre, go read them, NOW.

The Chronicles of Narnia

If you haven't read these, go do it, I'll wait here. Really, go do it.

Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains

I don't care if these are bedtime stories for little kids, I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. READ THEM, YOU MUST THEY ARE THE PENTICAL OF LOVELY. Also, STOP comparing them to Pilgrims Progress for children guys, they are WAY BETTER. Yes, I said that. You may throw rotten fruit if you like.

The Bronze Bow by Speare

If you haven't read this, you need to. It's so beautiful and raw, and just… go… read it… please.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

There are two types of people who read this, the people who read it and love it. And the people who read it and hate it. I loved it. So good, just so, so good. This defined the dystopian genre along with The Uglies, so go read it this summer. (There's also a movie now, I would recommend watching it after you read the book).

The Warrior of the Son series

Y'all know my love for these books, read them. They're almost (LOTRs beats them), the best of fantasy.

Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodson Burnett

Again don't be a book snob because this book's about a seven year old boy and the cover is awful, it's quite beautiful, and I plan on also re-reading it this summer.

Out of Darkness Rising by Gillian Bronte Adams

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO MUCH FOR WORDS. Gillian outdid herself on this one, I think it's her best so far. READ IT.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

If you haven't read this, you might be an uncultured swine… just kidding. But if you haven't OH. MY. GOSH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?!?! Seriously, it's only 132 pages, read it. It's one of the most beautiful, touching, heartbreaking things…

The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White

If you haven't read this, do it. And if you haven't heard of E.B. White, you might need to re-think your label as a “reader”, just sayin'… go fix your ignorance.

Gregor the Overlander series

These are by Suzanna Collin's and although I like The Hunger Games, they are 1000% better.

      So those are just a handful of my personal favorites from my childhood and teenhood (I'm not very far in my teenhood though, lol). Go forth now, and read good books.

 Have you read any of these?
Will read any of these? (Please do, I'll give you a cookie, *holds out a plate full of cookies*).
Do you have a TBR list? If so, what's on it?!?!? (Maybe y'all can help me get one)!

Happy Writing,


Drugs in YA

      I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday like I had said. The internet service decided to take the day off.

      Welp, anyway, y'all have voted, and drugs it is. But don't worry everyone else, I will cover the other issues in the near future.

      Drugs. It's such a touchy topic in YA, unfortunately, many authors don't seem to realize that. Maybe it's just me, but I get really mad when I read a book that glorifies or doesn't call drugs out for what they are. But I've seen lives torn apart by this, and I hate it when I read a book where the author praises this lifestyle.

     Teens just a few years older than me go to juvie, their futures ruined.
     CPS takes children away from parents, because the parents loved drugs more than their flesh and blood.
     Girls go into prostitution because they got hooked.
     People literally can die from this.
     Lives are ruined by this.
     And then I'm reading some books and the writer is just like, “Drugs are fun!” and I'm always here like, okay, near the end of this book she'll show the results of this lifestyle, and the writer doesn't. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY. LIKE HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED A FAMILY MEMEBER, A FRIEND, OR MAYBE YOURSELF GO DOWN THIS PATH? No? THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T CALL IT “FUN”. Just a thought. Go to a juvenile prison, a actual prison, become a foster parent, and then you can come back and call it “fun” if you want. But I doubt you will, because then your ignorant self will realize, hey, this isn't fun for anyone.
      It's like if I never had any family members who died from smoking (my grandmother and my step great grandmother both passed from lung cancer, at least we think so, they were smokers). But let's just pretend that no one I knew was a smoker, that I'd never even really met a smoker or done any research on smoking and I wrote a book with the message, “Smoking is fun! Smoking is cool! There's nothing wrong with smoking!!!”
    Do you see how stupid that is? I know absolutely nothing about smoking, I can't say that it's fun and there's nothing wrong with it. Let's go ask someone who's trying to get rid of their smoking addiction if smoking is fun. Or someone dying from lung cancer because they were smokers. Or someone who watched family members die because they were smokers. Or people only in their thirties looking like their in their sixties because they are or were smokers.

     Now, why don't you writers who blatantly call drugs “fun” in your books go ask some of the sixteen year olds sitting in juvie if drugs are “fun”, or foster children who were torn away from their parents because they couldn't get over their addictions if drugs is “fun”, go ask a hooker if drugs are “fun”. Go ask an eight year old who is being neglected and who is watching their mom throw away both of their lives because she loves drugs more, if drugs are “fun”.

    I don't think these authors realize how stupid and inconsiderate their books are, and someone needs to stop them. This needs to stop. Luckily, no one is immortal (thank goodness, right? Not that they're going to die, but that we have a chance to fix the past mistakes with the present). And we are the next bestsellers, so I'm asking you, don't mis-represent drugs. It's not fun. It's not funny. It's horrid.

Books that I think represent drug abuse the right way:

  • Ellen Hopkin's book, Crank. It shows a young woman’s slow descent into a life of drugs and prostitution. It is very heartbreaking, and I would warn people that it has a lot of very explicit scenes, that I decided to skip (I do get it, she's a prostitute, I just don't want or need to read that). And it has a lot of language. Honestly, I wouldn't recommended this book to most people, just because of it's nature and bluntness. But if you want a read that tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the drugs, look no farther.

  • Terri Blackstock's Intervention series. Unlike Crank, these books are Christian. There is no language and no scenes. And while still being blunt, it's way more PG.
In this book series it shows a mother trying to save her daughter from slowly killing herself with drugs. Finally at her last resort, Barbra Covington decides to have an intervention, and she hires an interventionist to take her daughter Emily to a drug treatment resort. Emily finally agrees and she and her interventionist leave to go to another state to the resort, but it goes all wrong when Emily's interventionist is found murdered and Emily is nowhere to be found. Barbara and her fourteen year old son set out with a detective in hope's of finding Emily. Barbara is certain that Emily would never kill someone even for drugs, and she fears that something awful happened to Emily…
      Obviously, I liked this book series way more than Crank. I first read it when I was twelve and a lot of it flew right over my head, but I re-read it last week and it was SO GOOD. I LOVED IT SO SO MUCH. Seriously, y'all need to read this, not only is it warning about drug abuse, but it's a Christian mystery/thriller. A must read for any Christian, or just anyone in general, you don't need to be a Christian to fall in love with this story. 

       We have one more rebellious post this week! But let me know if you did one and I somehow missed it!!!

What do you think about drugs in YA?

What are you doing this weekend?? (I'm going to see Wonder Woman, today).
Will you read Intervention? You should! ;)

Happy Writing,


Swearing? In YA?!?

      Tiny warning before we start; this is a blog meant primarily for teens and up (not saying you have to be a teen to read this, all ages are most certainly welcome, but sometimes I will address more PG13 issues). This post is addressing a more teenage issue, and although I tried to keep it perfectly clean, I would not recommend reading it if you are younger than twelve without first checking with a parent, since I don't want anyone mad at me and I don't want to put any of y'all sweet people at risk. Thank you!

      I had already written today's post, but I changed my mind. I was going to write about how swearing was bad, and that it can be avoided completely, when I realized something, not everyone is like me, and I'm not like everyone. I mean, I knew that, but today I was just re-reminded, call it a God thing if you wish.
        What made me realize this was something one of my good friends said today. You see, she said the word “crap”, and then she said, “oops, I just said a bad word.” and looked rather embarrassed.
And to me that was funny. Crap? A bad word? Most people I know use that word all the time, I had and still have a few Sunday school, Awana, and Youth leaders say it. But then I realized a number of things; one, my friend isn't like me.

       She doesn't go to my church.
       She doesn't know all of my friends.
       She doesn't live in my home.
       She hasn't experienced some of the things I have.
        In other words, she doesn't walk in my shoes and I don't walk in hers.
       So it very well could be a bad word for her. I mean, I know people who think “stupid” and “hate” are bad words, and growing up, my siblings and I were told that they were bad words in order to keep us from calling people stupid or telling people that we hated them. Which makes a lot of sense, and I'm glad my parents taught me that, and showed me that we should always endeavor to watch what we call people and what we say, because once words are out we can't take them back.
     That being said I know people my age who consider stupid the equivalent to dropping the f-bomb.
      In truth, everyone is different in ways they are convicted. I'm sure actually I'm more than sure that I have been talking to people and accidentally said a word they consider bad. Like maybe one time I was talking to someone about something and I said something along the lines of, “Man, I really hate when that happens!” or, “I was being stupid.” or “I feel crud.” And that person I was talking to inwardly gasped.

         And is that my fault? No.
       And is that their fault? No.

        It's not anyone's fault, it's simple because we are two different people living two different lives with two different convictions.

     I don't use the word “suck” or “sucked” all that much. Actually, I really try not to, even though it's hard because everyone else says it all the time. Why do I try not to? Well, because when I was growing up it was bad, and considered vulgar, and when you look at the phrase that word came from, it is rather vulgar. But then suddenly everyone and their grandma is saying it like it's a normal word, inculding a bunch of Christian people I really look up too, and I'm just here like, “Wait...what? Since when was this word no longer offensive or gross?!?!” Honestly, I still don't get why people say it, I mean, it doesn't offend me or anything, but y'all do know that “suck” or “sucked” came from the phrase (I'm making this more PG, just so y'all know, it's actually more vulgar than this): “Suck me” or “Suck my penis”, right? Okay, good. Just checking.
      I don't know, I can't really say it without cringing…maybe I'm just more sheltered than those people…

         Anyways, what I am saying is that I don't think I'm in any position to tell what words are okay to use and what words are too far. After all, we all have different views on that, as some of you have discussed with me. And I am so glad you do tell me what you think, because I think what you believe matters, and it's really interesting and enlightening to read what some of y'all think, so don't ever be hesitant to disagree with me or ask me questions about what I believe! 

     I do want clean books. I do think it would be really nice to not worry about recommending a book to a family member, a friend, or even one of my siblings without worrying about bad words. And yes, I do want that.
        As a Christian writer, I feel called to write clean books, with clean words, and clean scenes. But my books and stories do have the words “stupid” and “hate” in them, and I know tons of people who probably wouldn't read them if I told them that, and that's okay. We are all different. And it's a good thing.
      But one thing I do, and I would advise you to do when you're writing a book, think of a little kid you know. Maybe one of your siblings, a child who looks up to you, a cousin, anyone little who you care about. Now think of them your age, picking up your book, would you be ashamed if they read it? If so, maybe you should re-consider.
        Please understand that I am not, in anyway saying I'm better than you or that I know more, most likely I don't. You are probably smarter and more wise than me (it's not that hard to be smarter or wiser than me though, lol), but that's just my personal view. It's just some food for the thought.

         My next post shall be either about drugs in books or sex in books, so please use the poll over to the right to vote on that!

 The Rebellion has Started

Here are my previous posts if you haven't read them yet, they'll explain what's going on:

And this continued it: #RebelliousWriting

And here is my last Rebellion: Good Books: A Win-Win

The amazing, super awesome, and bravely rebellious Rebel Army is still on the move, I'm sorry if you did a post and I forgot to link it, if so contact me or comment down below and I will fix that!

Other news:

    Guys, Anna has recently contacted me about Rebellious Writing, and she has a brilliant idea. I can't tell you much because we don't want you to be disappointed if it doesn't work, but I can tell you that it will be big. So do keep your eyes pealed, because I will keep y'all updated on this surprise!!!

What do you think about swearing in YA?
Isn't this rebellion exciting?!
And isn't it nice to have the "let's talk!" again?!?! I think so anyway.... :)

Happy Writing,
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