Good Books You 1000% Need on Your TBR List This Summer (I fangirl about books I love and command/beg you to read them).

     This is still a Rebellious Writing post... How? Well, I am recommending fabulous clean books, which means you'll spend more time reading these than accidently reading books full of vile smut, which means the market might just see a increase in good books being bought and or read, which means writers might get a clue and write clean books. See? I'm still fighting!!!!!! Anyways...

     The Summer TBR Lists are currently trending on blogger, and I would join in... if I actually had a list... I'm more of a happy-go-lucky reader, if the blurb is good and the book cover is eye-catching I most likely will toss it into my book bag! So I decided I would do something a little different, I will be recommending books that I love. All of these are clean and wonderful, some of them were my childhood favorites that I still adore. It doesn't really matter how old you are, I think anyone can enjoy these great books!
     Here's my list (no particular order):

The Wingfeather Saga

The first book is kind of hard to get into, but don't give up! I PROMISE that you'll be completely hooked by the next book. Too many people read a few chapters of the first book and then give up because *boo, hoo,* it's “too hard to love” have patience it's SO worth it.

The Door Within Trilogy

Good books. If you like fantasy and the idea of parallel worlds, read these, you won't be disappointed.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Do NOT be a book snob and say this book is only for twelve year old boys. This is a gripping tale of survival, anyone can enjoy this, I certainly have! I've re-read it about twenty times since I was eleven!!!

The Lord of the Rings trilogy & The Hobbit

If you're a fantasy writer/reader and you haven't read these, STOP. Really, though, if you're a human and you haven't read these also stop. These books were one of the many books that defined the fantasy genre, go read them, NOW.

The Chronicles of Narnia

If you haven't read these, go do it, I'll wait here. Really, go do it.

Tales of the Kingdom by David and Karen Mains

I don't care if these are bedtime stories for little kids, I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. READ THEM, YOU MUST THEY ARE THE PENTICAL OF LOVELY. Also, STOP comparing them to Pilgrims Progress for children guys, they are WAY BETTER. Yes, I said that. You may throw rotten fruit if you like.

The Bronze Bow by Speare

If you haven't read this, you need to. It's so beautiful and raw, and just… go… read it… please.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

There are two types of people who read this, the people who read it and love it. And the people who read it and hate it. I loved it. So good, just so, so good. This defined the dystopian genre along with The Uglies, so go read it this summer. (There's also a movie now, I would recommend watching it after you read the book).

The Warrior of the Son series

Y'all know my love for these books, read them. They're almost (LOTRs beats them), the best of fantasy.

Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodson Burnett

Again don't be a book snob because this book's about a seven year old boy and the cover is awful, it's quite beautiful, and I plan on also re-reading it this summer.

Out of Darkness Rising by Gillian Bronte Adams

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO MUCH FOR WORDS. Gillian outdid herself on this one, I think it's her best so far. READ IT.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

If you haven't read this, you might be an uncultured swine… just kidding. But if you haven't OH. MY. GOSH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?!?!?! Seriously, it's only 132 pages, read it. It's one of the most beautiful, touching, heartbreaking things…

The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White

If you haven't read this, do it. And if you haven't heard of E.B. White, you might need to re-think your label as a “reader”, just sayin'… go fix your ignorance.

Gregor the Overlander series

These are by Suzanna Collin's and although I like The Hunger Games, they are 1000% better.

      So those are just a handful of my personal favorites from my childhood and teenhood (I'm not very far in my teenhood though, lol). Go forth now, and read good books.

 Have you read any of these?
Will read any of these? (Please do, I'll give you a cookie, *holds out a plate full of cookies*).
Do you have a TBR list? If so, what's on it?!?!? (Maybe y'all can help me get one)!

Happy Writing,


  1. These are so great! I've read a lot of them... I might add some of the others though.

    1. Awesome!
      Judging from your name, you've most certainly read the WingFeather Saga. ;)

  2. Yay! I love getting suggestions! I do have a TBR list, it is on my blog as a page. Very helpful. :)
    Of these I have read: The Chronicles of Narina (:D LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!!!!! Do you have a favorite in the series?), The Trumpet of the Swan (I am actually reading essays by E. B. White right now), The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit (Okay, I'm not done, but I'm on The Return of the King), and I have seen a movie version of Little Lord Fauntleroy and have read all of Frances Hodson Burnett's other books so it is about time for that one.

    Thank you so much for the reccomendations! I will get to them one of these days!!!

    1. Oooh, I'll go check that out!!
      My favorite book in the Chronicles of Narnia is either The Voyage of the Dawn Treader or The Silver Chair.

  3. Little Lord Fauntleroy has been on my list for some time, and I have Tales of the Kingdom in one of my bookshelves.
    I've just ordered The Warden and the Wolf King from my library, and I am ecstatic!

    1. Both of those books are wonderful.
      And The Warden in the Wolf King is SO good! You're in for a treat, it also has some of the best plot twists ever!!!

  4. The Wingfeather Saga is great! The world is quite odd but it's a really fun read. XD Thanks for the recommendations! :)

    1. It is great! The world is very odd, but that's one of the reasons I love it so.
      You're most certainly welcome!

  5. Ah, Gregor the Overlander. Makes me reminisce about the good old days, curled up in the secret computer lab in my elementary library reading curled up under the chairs and eating peppermint bark.

    It sometimes freaks me out how some people haven't read The Chronicles of Narnia!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. It does that to me too! It was the first actual science fiction I ever read, and it sparked my love for that genre.

      It freaks me out, too! Like, how is that even possible?!?!

  6. Thanks for all these recs! I'll have to check some of these out :-)

    1. You're welcome! I really liked them, I hope you will as well!!

  7. Hi Gray, you commented on my blog, so I came to check you out. I must say I'm relieved that I have read many of these books and that most of the others are already on my general tbr because my list is full! Some are even on my summer tbr. Great recommendations. I love these kinds of posts!


    1. Hola! Yes, I did comment on your blog!! :)
      I'm glad you've read most of these, it always astounds me when people haven't at least read half of them! I love these posts too, so I did one myself!

  8. *flails because LotR and Narnia and Wingfeather Saga* YASS THESE ARE SO GOOD.

    Although I will just mention - I've read the first two books of the 'Gregor the Overlander' series and they /do/ have some evolution stuff in them. So in some ways they are 'clean' but they've also got that aspect to them, which I always keep in mind when recommending them to others - even though I loved them anyway. *nods*

    1. They are!

      And oh. I forgot that about them, probably because my parents always tried to teach me to debunk any eviloution (my special name for it)facts in my head, so I guess I don't even notice anymore! XD
      They are still good though. Always brings back a sense of nostalgia.

  9. All these books look awesome!:)


  10. I read The Giver series and Trumpet of the Swan. I don't really read much, but my sister who LOVES to read read the Giver series, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Bronze Bow, and I think Number the Stars 😊

    1. Those are good books! You and your sister have good taste. :)

  11. Have you read P.S. I Like You by Kasie West? It is so cute and awesome and it had no teen drinking, no teen sex, no swearing.

    And it is giving me serious book hangover.


    1. I've seen it on the shelf at my library, but I haven't picked it up yet, but I will now!

  12. I've read Hatchet, The Hobbit, and about half of the Narnia books. I got through half of LoTR over the course of several years (reading from combined editions with tiny font that really wore me out to read). Now I'm listening to it on audiobook. Hopefully I'll get it done by the end of the summer (while I simultaneously work through other books). I should've purchased each volume separately in paperback or ebook years ago, but alas, the present is all I have.

    1. Ooh, I get where you're coming from, that tiny font can try ones eyes. And combined editions, even thought they're cool, can be also annoying.

      Audio works just as well though. What book are you on now?

    2. To be technical, I'm a couple hours into Book 2, Volume 1. It's the Council of Elrond. In other reading, I'm working on Frankenstein, Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, and Clariel.

    3. The Two Towers is a good book!
      And so is Frankenstein. I haven't read the other two books though.

  13. Sooo true!! Very well said!!!


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