Snippets from Books I'll Most Likely Never Write


           I have this horrible habit…

           I get these tiny inspiration moments and I think up little scenes and snippets that are so beautiful and perfect (in my mind, anyway), the problem with this? Well, I haven't thought up a book to go with these snippets, I haven't even thought of a plot.
          Honestly, I probably could fill a whole book with random snippets from my head and notebooks! But here are just a few of them, because, why not? Maybe it will inspire one of y’all!

         “But why? Why does she do so much for me, even though we've never met?” she asked, staring at the elderly gentleman.
        “Someone once told me that the saddest people are the kindest most helpful people you'll ever meet.” he answered softly.
        She felt a rush of confusion, his answer didn't solve any of the mystery of the old beggar woman. “Why?” she squeaked.
        The gentleman smiled, leaning forward slightly, “because sad people know how it feels to feel worthless.”

           He sighed, leaning against the graffiti covered wall. The streets were silent past midnight, all he could hear was the thud of his own heartbeat and the deafening sound of nothing. Before today he had felt all kinds of emotions, sadness, anger, hate, remorse. But now he felt simply numb, and he knew deep down that this was way more dangerous.

         “You're strong, you can do this.” her father had told her, right before he stepped into his car and drove out of her life.
           Now, at age seventeen, Kendall sat staring out of the cracked window, remembering her father's last words. “Yeah, sure, dad.” she whispered bitterly, watching the snow fall onto the dirty sidewalk. “If I'm so strong, why do I always end up crying? Even back then there was something wrong, and even back then, I was good at lying.”
       He stood a few feet away, staring at the gravestone, of the woman who should have been his mother.
      “I wonder what it would sound like for you to say that you love me,” he murmured, letting the single rose he was holding slip from his grasp, it landed softly on the weed covered ground. “But of course, I'll never know.”

       “This life is full of broken things,” he said, smiling.
         She laughed, dipping her paint brush into the black paint, and throwing the brush at her painting of the old man. “Broken things, and paint splatterings.”
         “Sounds almost poetic.”

          *Looks up and realizes how depressing half of the snippets were* I guess ever book needs a breaking point for their characters, right?
          Anyways, I had a blast writing this post, so if y'all want a part two, maybe I can do happy snippets or something? Just a thought.

EDIT: Part two of this post is now up! Read it HERE.

 So, were they any good? I can't tell anymore...
Did you have a favorite?
And should I do a part two??

Happy Writing,


I Lied-a poem from the heart of 12 year old me

           Last week I was going through a flash drive of mine and reading old files, when I found a number of poems I had written when I was twelve. Half of them were poorly composed fluff, but one of them stuck out to me… After some thought I decided I was going to publish that poem on here, I cut it up and rearranged it a bit, because it was very long and a bit repetitive, but other than that I changed nothing. Here is a poem from the heart of twelve year old Gray:

I Lied

Fears, they come in the form of tears.
Salt water leaking out of my heart, and into your hands.
Why was I ever so stupid enough to let you in?
To let you see so deep within my heart?
Why did I ever trust you when I was so blue?
I just can't touch the way I feel about you inside.
I've always been one to hide.

So I lied.

I told you I felt nothing.
But all I ever really do is hide behind that mask I always wear,
I have chosen to live in fear.

You asked me to take my mask down, but I was scared that you might frown.
Would you turn your back, If you saw that my heart was truly black?
You said no, so I let you in.
You screamed when you saw within.

I've always thought of myself as an apple, shiny red.
Perfect from the outside until you see inside my head.
I'm full of maggots-of sins.
Sometimes I wish I could just rip off my skin.

You say you love me despite my flaws.
But I see it.
I see the fear in your eyes, your love for me will soon wither and die.
You ask me if I'm okay,
I say I'm fine, that you are right,
my hurt didn't doesn't define me.
But guess what?


          That poem really made me think, true, I am more of a drama queen and this poem was probably just one of my hysterics, but the thought that I at some point felt like this kind of hurts.

         Who did I write this poem about? I don't know. I think I wrote it about how I couldn't keep most friendships together when I was twelve. I remember being really depressed about that, most girls my age didn't seem to like me, I grew up an outcast.

         Why did I decided to publish my poem on here? Because I know I wasn't the only one who felt this way, and I know others still do feel this way. I still feel this way sometimes. The “Sometimes I wish I could just rip off my skin.” part really hits close to home about how I feel when I sin or mess up.

           I'm not perfect, and I'll never be perfect. I feel like social media often makes people look perfect, even blogging. After all, how often do you see a blogger saying that they broke a promise or stole? How often do you see a post on instagram or facebook saying that someone failed their math test? Not often. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be if you let yourself believe that everyone else is always happy and their life is always sunshine and roses, because it's really not. Do you wanna know a secret? Those who look the most put together on the outside, are usually the ones shattering on the inside.

           Everyone is hurting in some way or another. But it always gets better, I promise. In fact, sometimes sadness or pain can turn out to be a blessing. It helped me discover my passion for writing, because I started writing as an escape from my loneliness in public settings, and then I ended up connecting with people through my stories and enjoying myself (more of that story in a future post)!

            My message for this post: don't give up. Everyone's been there, you're not alone. In fact, you were never alone.

            Happy Writing,


Rebellious Writing Blog Tour

       I've never done a blog tour of any kind on here before.... this should be interesting.

        If you haven't heard of Rebellious Writing yet, then you must be new to this blog! And if so, welcome!
        I would explain Rebellious Writing to you, but that's the purpose of this tour, so let's get into it!

We believe
In light 
In truth
In goodness
We believe in tomorrow's generation
In creating a better world
Through words
Through books
We believe in fighting for what we believe
We believe in high expectations
That we are capable of anything we set our minds to
We the youth...
Believe in Rebellion
Rebellion for Righteousness
For light
For verity in a world of lies
For beauty in a world of darkness

   *sighs* So beautiful.

     I'm also suppose to credit the founder of this... so... hi *waves*. But don't be fooled, I didn't do half of this, I couldn't have done it without the Rebellious Writing  team members!!

       GIVE THESE PEEPS A ROUND OF APPLAUSE, Y'ALL! Seriously, none of this could of happened without them!!!! They're more than amazing, I'm pretty sure they're all superheroes or something, because they are LIFESAVERS!

       Also, the website might not be open and running yet, but we're still on the internet!

       Follow our....




Join us at our headquarters www.rebelliouswriting.com on August 9th.

Anyone who wants to do a blog tour is certainly welcome, and please spread the word.

Happy Writing!


The Rebellious Writing Youtube Channel // RW review

     It's here. Thanks to the amazing Catherine who worked on this all night and into the morning (a round of applause for her, please. She's awesome).
     Here's the first video on our Rebellious Writing YouTube channel...

      Please go like and subscribe to us, it would mean a lot, and also help this video get out there! If you can't access the channel using the video up there, click on the link HERE.

      After watching this video, I realized that I will no longer be posting any Rebellious Writing discussion posts on here once the actual website opens, instead I'll be working on that over there. Which made me think, wait, how many discussion posts have I posted?? So here's a quick review:

     The post that started it all:  Dear Writers, (Warning: this is a rant).

      The post that officially kicked it off: #RebelliousWriting
       A post talking about why everyone likes good books: Good Books: It's a Win-Win

       A post addressing swearing in YA: Swearing? In YA?!?

     A post discussing substance abuse in YA: Drugs in YA

     A post about sex scenes in YA: Let's Close the Door...Please?

    A post announcing our website: Exciting News

    And a post about objectification: Objectification in YA

     I'm not even going to try to link every other blogger's posts on this. Literally, look up #RebelliousWriting, it's amazing how many other bloggers have written about this!

      That's all I have for today, an actual post should be coming tomorrow!

      Happy Writing,


Top Six of L.M. Montgomery's Lesser Known Works That You Need to Read



       Hey, guys! As y'all can tell, my hiatus was short lived, but at the time internet was acting up a lot, and I didn't want to disappear with no warning. And luckily it's back, and hopefully there'll be no more problems... hopefully. Anyways, I'd thought it would be cool to do some sort of "top ten" thing today, since I've never done one before... so yeah! Here we go!!!!  

    Lucy Maud Montgomery, better know as L.M. Montgomery, was a Canadian author best know for her book series Anne of Green Gables that she published in 1908.
       Anne of Green Gables was a huge success, gaining Lucy an international fame.
        Many claim to be fans of L.M. Montgomery to this day, but very few have read all of her not as well known works, because after Anne of Green Gables, she went on to publish twenty novels, 530 novellas, 500 poems, and thirty essays!

       Here are my top six of L.M. Montgomery's works that if you haven't read as an L.M. Montgomery fan, you should read…

6. A Tangled Web, 1926

A book about the diversity between two families, the Dark family and the Penhallow family, and how they are all brought together by an old heirloom.
       This is a funny and heart wrenching book, that I'd personally recommend to anyone who likes thick and splendidly tangled plots.

5. Kilmeny of the Orchard, published in 1910
This book is a novella about a boy who falls deeply in love with a mute girl, who plays a violin in an orchard.
        The story is a beautiful one, with quite a scare towards the end followed by a sweet resolution, making it one of my personal favorites.

4. Pat of Silver Bush, published in 1933
Mistress Pat, 1935

A touching story of a young girl on her way to becoming a young woman. The two books are through the eyes of Pat, a girl who hates change and is trying to figure out her place in the world.
       This book is another of my favorites, but let's be real, I love most of Lucy's works!

3. The Emily trilogy

Emily of the New Moon, published in 1923
Emily Climbs, 1925
Emily's Quest, 1927

Often considered to have a similar plot to Anne of Green Gables, the Emily trilogy is based on a young orphan girl named Emily Starr, who is raised by her relatives after her father dies. It is said that L.M. Montgomery, considered Emily a character that was way closer to her own personality even more than Anne, it is also rumored that some of the events that Emily goes through in this trilogy, Lucy Montgomery experienced herself. Either way, Emily is an enchanting trilogy and worth the read.

2. Magic for Marigold, published in 1929

A story about a child who didn't have a name until she was four months old, because her family couldn't agree on one, even though her mother secretly wanted to name her daughter Marigold, but was ashamed of the insensibility of the name. When the child falls ill, a kind doctor saves her life, and the family decides to name her after the doctor, despite their daughter's protests. The poor girl's name was Woodruff, until to the mother's amazement and joy, the doctor admits that his actual name happens to be Marigold! A child with such an odd name is destined for adventures, and adventures is Marigold's specialty..

And number one is….

1. The Blue Castle, published in 1926

Often said to be L.M. Montgomery's edgiest works, The Blue Castle is a novel about 29 year old Valancy, who has been over protected, controlled, and humiliated by her family her whole life. 
      But Valancy's miserable life takes a drastic turn, when she finds out she is dying and only has a year to live at most. Valancy decides that she is no longer going to let her family push her around or insult her, and that she is going to do what she wants to for the first time in her life.
       This book is the best! L.M. Montgomery reached new heights with this piece of literature. I would warn younger readers that it does have some mild language, but I love it so much, and it gets better every time I read it!

Have you read any of the books? What did you think? Comment down below!

Happy Writing!


A Brief Hiatus...

Ugh. I hate that last word up there! ^
But I don't really have a choice, internet isn't really working here right now, it took me about fifteen to get onto blogger… *glares at the internet server*

Also, I'm kind of busy this summer, so it's probably just wise to take off completely. I plan on coming back next month, hopefully internet will be working again by then!

BUT don't worry, I have a lot of good posts in mind, that hopefully I'll be working on during this unfortunate break!

So, I'm sorry if I don't comment on y'all's blogs or answer anyone who comments on mine, I'll try, but it's iffy.

Until next month! :(

-Gray Marie


Thank You!


      *Looks up and realizes that on the thirteenth of this month I will have been blogging for seven months* That's right, y'all! SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!!! (Which, I think is pretty amazing…) Some of you have been with me since my first few posts, some of you stumbled upon me a bit more recently. But either way, we're here! Just five more months until it's been a year!!!

          Today I went alllllllllllll the way back to my very first post. And I cringed, and laughed at my awkward entrance. I will not link it here, it's far to awful, if you want to see it, you're going to have to go back, and then you can laugh at me. But to give y'all a clue on how cringe-worthy it is, I started the post with this: Hi. My name is Gray Marie Cox.

         *cringes* I know, I know. One can literally imagine me swaying on the balls of my feet, with my arms clasped uncomfortably in the front!

            Its been so much fun blogging. Way more fun than I ever expected. And I've come so far. I started out with only knowing three other bloggers, and look where I am now.. it's shocking to be perfectly honest. Why anyone would ever bother to read any of my ramblings is far beyond me, but there you are. Just… wow. Thank you!

            Amazingly, Writing is Life has been doing pretty well! I've gotten over 11,000 page views, it just takes my breath away even writing that fact.

           My biggest audience is the United States, then Australia (go figure! There are a lot of aussies on blogger!!! :P), then Canada, then the United Kingdom, and then South Africa.
Like, how?!?! I remember writing my first post and thinking only three of my friends in real life would ever read my blog! 

       Oh, and I also sort of started a movement?!?! The official Rebellious Writing website will be opening August 9th, so that's exciting! :D

        I suppose I should tell y'all what I've learned about blogging so far!

  • Be yourself. Blogging is a hobby that relies on how interesting you are, so letting your personality shine through is essential!

  • Be passionate. If you like something, there's a chance others like it too! So don't hesitate to let your passion take over your blog!!!

  • Be confident. Remember that this is your blog, and you can do whatever you want on it! Don't let haters hold you down, there will always be haters, but there will also always be people who love you and your content.

         I don't really know what else to say… just, thank you! Thank you, for sticking around. Thanks for being a part of this blog, it means a lot to me.

        And if you're new here, I hope you stick around too!! We have fun here… sometimes! Other times we have discussions and friendly debates in the comment sections, and we also talk about everything under the moon here!

         Oooh, and also, if any of y'all have post requests, feel free to contact me using the contact form to the right of this blog >>>
        Or just leave a comment down below if you don't mind other peeps reading your suggestion!

        I'm so excited about what the future holds for this tiny corner of the internet, and I am glad y'all are here to experience it all with me!!!!!


The Return of My Muse

        Happy fourth of July! I hope y'all have celebrating freedom and honor those who sacrificed so much to bring us this freedom today with your family and friends. America is a land where we are truly free, and it wouldn't be that way without our brave troops then and now.
I decided I needed to put that here, it is a very important holiday after all. It's pouring buckets here right now, but there's always hope it will stop in time... but by the looks of it, no. I texted one of my friends who lives in town to see if it was raining as much as it is here, and here's our down heartening conversation:

           But as Ivie so very wisely pointed out, today is a day celebrating independence, so that's all that really matters, not fireworks or grilled meat!

      Recently, I have been very busy, and in fact, I still am. But my muse has finally returned from its long vacation!
Annnnddddddd I have a story idea. Finally.

      Will it work out?

       Maybe. I don't know. It's currently called and filed under: Yet Another First Draft I Probably Won't Ever Finish
       And I'm not even joking.


        But if I do finish it, it's birth will have a funny story on its own. Last night, I was texting my friend, Elena (who also blogs, go check out her blog), when a random question popped into my head, so I decided to ask her it. This is why it's a bit scary when two writers have each other's numbers…

          Right now I hate my beginning, it's a little cliché in some parts, so I'm planning on fixing it if I ever do finish this first draft. But I have a lot of cute “dragon attempting to raise a human child” scenes floating around in my head that I reallllllllyyyyyyyy want to write, so I NEED TO DO THIS.
         Also, this dragon needs to drink tea.
         A tea drinking dragon is a must. Because, well, just because. XD
         I also need to figure out a name for this dragon that isn't too complicated, because I'd like to pronounce it too!

        I have sooooo many ideas! My mind won't stop racing. My muse has been absent for months and now it's back and won't shut up!!!

        Like, what if the dragon nicknamed the child “Bug” because she's small and a pest at times?

        What if one day the dragon freaked out because he thought he had accidentally stepped on her, but then it turned out he only crushed her toy rubber ball?!?

        What if one day the child picks a dandelion for the dragon and tells him to make a wish, and the dragon unintentionally turns the flower into a crisp, to the child's horror and amazement???

         What if the dragon had to put ladders up so the child could sit on the couch, the chairs, get on the bed, etc? (Because I will not have any dragon of mine living in a cave like a savage, dragons live in huge houses with ten foot tall furniture, duh)!

          I just have a lot of ideas...and I have no idea if this will work out, or if it does, where this story is headed, but I am very excited to have my muse back!!!!

         And I do have a pinterest board dedicated to it now, because I am a stereotypical teen writer, so if you want to stalk this draft, you can do so HERE. I found some really cute drawings of what I think the characters and scenes would look like. My favorite one is the one I think describes the dragon and the child's relationship best:

It's adorable, I know. ^^

         I will hopefully be telling y'all more details as my muse comes up with them!!!

         How is your fourth going? It actually just stopped raining all together here and now the sun is shining.... I think the weather in Texas is indecisive.
Do you have any dragon name suggestions?!?!
Oh, and also I will be very, very, very busy after today, so I apologize if I don't reply to some of y'all until next week!

Happy Writing,