A Tag // I Reveal My Latest Plot and WIP!

    I was planning to do a tag before school started, unfortunately I lost my (very long)  list of tags, yes, I actually had a handwritten list. It was around two pages, because I am a horrible person who takes forever to do tags. XD

        But luckily, Ry tagged me! AND I'M GOING TO DO THIS ONE.

I guess I should give y'all a brief update abut my writing life...

           Remember the story that I told y'all about, the one with a dragon trying to raise a human baby? Well, that's not on the back burner or anything, I just decided to put it down for a while, because I don't think the story is complicated enough for a whole book or even a novella, so I'm thinking about re-writing it into a children's book someday! (Like when I learn how to format that...)
            Now, I have another story brewing, and it's kind of complicated, and I haven't thought up the WHOLE plot yet, but y'all have read of few of the snippets in my posts about snippets...
             Here we go!

Who is the most favorite out of alllllllll the characters you've  ever come up with?

Piper Anson! Even though she is still just an idea followed by a few snippets of writing.


Because she's going to be my MC, so I naturally get attached to my MCs. Although I might get attached to Josh (Yes, the guy who paid for her to go to the art show in one snippet) more, because he already has a good backstory and I love it when my characters have automatic backstories!

What are some positive and negative factors about them?

Piper is very selfless, she loves others and would do anything for her loved ones, which also makes her very loyal. Unfortunately, she is a bit naïve, and at times she struggles with herself, because she wants to be selfish, despite her selfless heart.

Josh is a rougher type of person (No, I promise I will never describe him a "brooding", heavens forbid!) I have decided not to reveal his whole backstory with y'all on here yet, due to some more PG13 level to it. But soon. Anyways, back to his character, Josh is a very tenderhearted person, although he hides it well most of the time. He's a big dreamer, even though he let's reality crush his dreams too often. His biggest weakness is his love for money.

Do they compare to you or someone you know in anyway?

Nope! I try not to do that with characters, although sometimes I see my characters having similar traits as my siblings... oops. I doubt Piper and Josh will though, due to the fact that they are teens, except I might make Josh a little older, around twenty.

What's  their favorite color and why?

I've never thought of this before... umm....

Piper's is probably yellow, because she's a generally happy and cheerful morning person.

Josh likes red, because he can be impulsive at times and he feels like red reflects that.

Do they have siblings? Elaborate

      Piper has a fifteen year old brother, named Alex. And she also has a twenty-four year old brother named Ian.

Josh has three younger sisters he hasn't seen in years.

Do they struggle with anything?

Piper struggles with the fact that her mom is in the hospital with the need for surgery (I haven't done a lot of research yet, sorry for being vague) and the fact that they don't have any money.

Josh struggles with his past.

Are they popular, outcast or just "ordinary"?

Piper is just ordinary in the eyes of most teens her age. Her family is lower-class, but she carries herself in a way that people immediately like her.

Josh is a complete outcast, considering his line of work...

What is their motto, goal or drive?

Piper wants to travel from Seattle all the way to New York in order to showcase her artwork at a national show, in order to make money to pay for her mom's medical needs.

Josh wasn't a good guy when he met Piper, but for some reason he feels compelled to help her reach New York.  

So what did you think?

Happy Writing,


  1. You are writing it!!! Ahh I'm so excited! :) That snippet caught my attention so bad, can't wait to see more on this :)

    Anna | www.worldthroughherheart.blogspot.com

  2. YAY!!! Finally, we get to see more behind the art musuem piece! *squeals in excitement*


  3. Aaaannnd, I'm fangirling again. I need this novel in my life, honestly. You're doing an awesome job at developing the characters. I'm so excited to see more. Keep up the great work.
    <3 <3

    (If you ever need a beta reader, I'd be happy to help.)


    1. Thanks, Ivie! XD

      I plan on recruiting beta readers someday in the near future, after I at least write the first draft!

    2. Okay.
      I love writing first drafts. I just feel there's so much potential. I'm hoping to do better with future projects and develop the characters more. I mean, the characters in my WIP are well developed, but I wish I would have taken more time to really dig deep into them.

      I love that you left some of the backstory of Josh hidden. I can't wait to see how God uses your writing. God bless you!


    3. I love writing first drafts too!

      Thanks. His backstory is rather long and complicated, so I didn't want to just bluntly state it in this post.
      Thank you! :)

    4. I get that. Plus, keeping some things a surprise adds to suspense.

    5. Is the picture you used for this post something you found online, or is that actually a picture you took? Its very pretty. :)

  4. Your story sounds awesome!:) And I enjoyed reading your post.


    1. I ❤ coming up my characters' backstories!! You're really good at that!! Who have you tagged to this? (I want to answer these questions. 😆)

    2. BTW, I did not mean to reply to those comments...sorry. it meant to be just a comment. :p

    3. Same here! And thank you.

      I didn't tag anyone since so many tags are going around, but if you want to do this, consider yourself tagged! :D

  5. Okay, I'm feeling very curious about Josh right now.I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HIS DARK PAST IS. And why his line of work makes him an outcast. WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME LIKE THIS. Lol I can't wait for you to reveal more! And I'd love to read the story once it's finished! :)

    1. I'm sorry!!! It's kinda blunt, so I want to reveal it softly, I might just tell people they have to read the book to find out, to be honest, since it's one of the major plot points! XD

      Thanks, Indigo!

    2. I'd love to read the book! I'm sure it'll be great XD

  6. I'm so glad you're writing this story! I was hoping you would. :) Both characters sound great, and I'm super intrigued as to what Josh's past is!

  7. I WANT MORE!!!!
    I agree with Indigo. I want to read the book and I want to know more about Josh. Poor guy. *sobs*
    I'm glad you're making that snippet into a story. :)
    God Bless!

    1. Hopefully I'll do a more detailed post soon!

      You might not say that about him afterwards... its a very harsh and evil past to be honest, he's very jaded, I guess that's the right word. But I ADORE complicated characters.

      I'm glad too!

    2. Sounds good! ;)

      Oh, was he evil? I love complicated characters as well because that's how most people are. Something about each of us is different and at times very complicated.

      I wish you the best of luck!

    3. Not evil persay, since this is general fiction, he's not straight out evil like a villain, but he has a bad past and he was living in it when he met Piper.

      Yes, that is so true, and it's so fun to write about that.

    4. Ah, I get it. Does Piper slowly change his heart?
      It is fun to write about it. ;)

    5. Well, more like God slowly changes his heart. ;)

      It is fun to write about.

    6. I'm glad you're writing that God changes his heart! I want to read it so bad. I know you'll do great. You're wonderful at actually finishing novels or novellas *I can't remember which one*, so I'm sure this will go great for you! ;)

  8. I love reading about Piper and Josh! If I remember correctly, Japan actually holds yellow in a high regard, because they see the color as the sign of courage. I'm not sure if it'll apply here, but it's something you ought to know.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I'm glad!

      Really? I did not know that about yellow... interesting. :D

  9. Sounds like a good enough set-up. Now you just have to write the story. ;)

  10. I am loving this, Gray!! Please write more and share more snippits!!!!

  11. Your story sounds so interesting!!! XD I really enjoyed reading your answers. :-D

  12. I love when you do taggs!! Your story sounds so good!!

  13. What a cool tag Gray! I can't wait to see where this new idea takes you!

  14. EEEEEP I LOVED READING ABOUT YOUR WIP <33333 Josh sounds like exactly the kind of fictional boy who will doubtless DESTROY MY FEELS :'') I can't wait to read this someday!! eeep!

    rock on,


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