Stories are Powerful: changing the way we perceive life... one story at a time

     Stories. They spark imagination.
     Some stories aren't so good, sometimes they're just rip offs of actual talent.
     But others are AMAZING. They are made of tears, fluff, light, love, action, and beauty all bound together by a paper spine.

       No doubt you're here because at one point in your life, you've been inspired to write one of those absolutely amazing stories.

      What was it that enthralled you? What is it that captures the muses and creativity of so many everyday?

       There are so many different stories everywhere…
Different genres.
Different morals.
Different themes.
On, and on, and on.

       With each story, we as readers get a glimpse into a fictional world that seems so real we can almost feel the character's heartache as we read. They shape the way we perceive the world, whether we realise it or not.

       Why do we, as humans love stories? Well, I can't tell you why you love them (I'm actually not a mind reader, surprise!), but I know why I love them: Stories are beautiful things, they express emotion, and through them you can show readers the way you see the world, or how it should be seen. Stories can be an escape for the reader and the writer.

        Stories are powerful. Some may say that they aren't, that they're only paper and ink, but they are so much more. Stories tell of experiences, emotions, and circumstances.

         They let people know they aren't alone.

        Stories are so powerful, don't forget that as a writer.

        Your story is powerful. Your story is important. Your story is needed.
        One day, your story is going to make someone smile, laugh, cry, and feel like they have a friend. Your story is going to take someone on an adventure. Your story might just change the way someone sees the world.

Sorry this post is so short, I just thought that was something I needed to say/write.
Why do you write or read stories?

Happy Writing,


Chasing plot bunnies... my new one

***Disclaimer: all words in this post that are italic are some of the lyrics from Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots, that I have remixed for this post, they don't belong to me. Enjoy***

nobody thinks what I think
nobody dreams when they blink

think things are after me
my catastrophe

Are you searching for purpose?

pointless curses
nonsense verses

you'll see purpose start to surface

no else is dealing with your demons
meaning maybe defeating them
could be the beginning of your meaning, friend

nobody thinks what you think
no one
empathy might be on the brink of extinction

they will play a game and say they know what you're going through

they don't know you

go away
go away
go away
go away
go away
go away
go away
go away

leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone
leave me alone


don't leave me alone


Perfectly Imperfect: loving your imperfect writing

     As a writer there is one major thing I need to stop doing: comparing myself.

    If you're a writer, I'm sure you've struggled with this too. But today I am not going to tell you how to stop comparing, if you want to read an awesome blog post about comparison, check out Melissa's amazing post that she did a while back, The Comparison Trap

      Writers compared themselves way to much. We also tear ourselves down a lot.

I'm a bad writer.
I'll never write like them.
The haters are right.
I'm just not good enough.

          STOP. Listen, life isn't easy. No exceptions. Which means even the things you love in life with a fervent passion won't be easy.

        If you think writing is going to be perfectly easy always, well, you can forget it. Nothing, nothing, nothing, is ever effortless.

        Please get that fantasy out of your head now, we'll all be better off.

       Also, there will ALWAYS be someone better than you.

       Stop tearing yourself down over that. It doesn't matter if your writer friend can reach 50k with no sweat, while you can barely finish a novella. It doesn't matter if your writer friends can write “better” than you. There are always different levels of experience. Example of this: There are two writer friends, one is better at writing plot twists and dialogue, and the other is better at writing characters and settings.

       Does this make either of them bad writers? No. Does this make either of them better than the other? No. It just means that they have different things to work on, and different areas to grow in.

       Stop tearing yourself down, and stop letting others tear you down.

       Last week I got a couple of hate comments on my post on RW, they both targeted my writing. I had two choices that morning when I read those comments,

1. Believe them and feel bad.

2. Use them to fuel my writing and grow stronger because of them.

        I am glad to say that I chose number two. There will always be haters, guys. People who want to tear you down, because they're jealous, or they don't like your ideas. Sometimes people are just plain mean, for no reason at all. You can't let that get to you.

       There will always be haters, but there will also always be people who love you and support you.

        As for the voices of doubt in your head, don't listen. Just don't.

       My writing will never be perfect.
       Your writing will never be perfect.

       But you know what they will be?

        Perfectly imperfect, and that is a beautiful thing.

Happy Writing,


Too Young? On Age and Writing


   Am I too young? That thought hasn't haunted me in a long time. In recent years, I have become less self-conscious about a lot of things, my age was one of them. I realized that age was just a number, and that it didn't define me.

   Sure, I know there are some things that rely on my age.

I can't drive until I'm sixteen.
It will always be hard to find work until I'm sixteen or seventeen.
I can't marry until eighteen, unless my parents sign papers or something, (not that I plan on being a teen bride or anything, goodness, no!)
I can't legally move out until I'm eighteen.
I can't drink until I'm twenty-one.

The list obviously goes on.

   But I don't let my age define me as a person in general. I do what I like, and I like what I do.

   However, even though I haven't let my age determine the stuff I am passionate about in a long time, this week a doubt crept into my mind; what if I'm not old enough?

    The book I'm currently working on has some darker themes, I won't lie. It deals with many topics and issues. It's been pretty amazing to write and plot, because I am really stepping out of my comfort zone, and I feel like this book is going to be a big step towards my hopefully future career as a full-time authoress.

     The problem is that my topics are what some people would consider more “grownup”. Stuff that a fourteen year old girl shouldn't worry about, fight against, or even know about in some cases.

     My mom is 100% behind me, I haven't talked about my book that much with my dad, but I know that they'll stand by me.

     Now, I'm not the girl who's afraid of being judged.
     But every once in a while, the fear comes creeping in when I write, and I know I'm not the only young writer that worries about it.

What if people don't listen to the message in my book because of my age?
What if people don't respect my story because of my age?
What if people judge me for writing more heavily themed stuff?

And even more anxious thoughts…

What if I shouldn't write this because of my age?
What if this holds me back from respect in the future?
What if I offend someone for writing this at my age?

What if? What if? What if?

     I really hate to quote one of the past Gray's works right now, buuuuttttttt… “We could play the 'what if' game all day.” -Enemy of the Dawn
     Hey! Twelve year old Gray, your novella had at least one good part!! The whole rest of that scene was horribly mushy though… lol. DON'T WRITE ROMANCE, WHEN YOUR ONLY LOVE STORY IS THE FEELING YOU GET WHEN YOU SEE PIZZA OR A BOWL OF ICECREAM OR A BOOK, BUT EITHER WAY! XD

*Ahem* Back to the actual topic of this post…

    I have decided to ignore those voices and questions in my head. It isn't going to hold me down, and it isn't going to keep me from having a voice or a passion.

    Listen, if you're a young writer, don't let a simple number hold you back. You have so much fire in you-it's the beauty of being young. I look around and see teens with fire in their hearts and souls, but so few use it.

    But you. YOU have the incredible gift of words. Words are powerful. Way more powerful than we can ever comprehend.

    Don't hide your gift. It doesn't matter if they say you're “too young” to worry and fight against things. The voices of doubt inside your head only spew lies.

    And if someone has ever dashed your hopes or dreams by saying your age matters, they're probably just jealous, because you are getting a head start.

    Don't let a number keep you from using your gift. You have the amazing ability to create and destroy with the simple movement of a pen or the pressing of a key.

     We are so much more than our ages. Don't let fear hold you back from writing that story.


A Quick Question


     As you may have noticed from the title, this isn't a monthly wrap-up post. I've never done a monthly wrap-up post, because the sad fact is that I have little to no life, and the stuff I would write about is sad and painful and I don't want to write a “leave me sympathy comments” post, and liquid nitrogen really hurts, *cough* because I am a rebel, deal with it. XD

     In fact, I don't even have a post for today! *ducks to avoid the rotten tomatoes*
     Don't worry! I'm actually working on a post right now, it should be posted by Wednesday. Instead, today I have a question to ask.
    If you haven't noticed the Writing is Life family is steadily growing, along with the blog's personality as I become more at home with this whole “blogger” thing. I have been thinking about this for a while and I don't really know what to do, so I've decided to ask y'all…

     Should I change this blog's name?

    When I first started blogging I didn't really consider my blog name that much, I really just punched it in and rolled with it! But as time goes on I keep realizing how common my blog name is and how it might be harder to find my blog through Google and stuff like that with just the name.

    What do y'all think? Should I change my name? And if so, do y'all have any ideas??
     Either way I'm pretty happy with how it is, but it might be nice to do more of a blog makeover!

      Also, Libby May over at Geoturtle is interviewing me this week, so go follow her so you don't miss anything!

Happy Writing,