Diversity in YA: Why We Need It

        I stood on the edge of the sidewalk, admiring the view of our downtown. It was a warm Friday night, fairylights that hung along doorways of shops twinkled, street lights cast a warm glow on the streets and the cars passing, smells of cinnamon and apple pie drifted from nearby bakery shops.

         I am not a city person, but if I had to live in town, I decided, it would be here.

        My favorite thing about downtown is the people, children dashing down the sidewalk, parents close on their heels, trying to get them to slow down and apologizing to the people their children nearly run over. Couples laughing and holding hands as they peer into windows of shops. Elderly people greeting old friends.

         As I watched the crowd, I started to notice something, most of the couples were interracial. I was admiring a couple as they walked by, they were both very attractive and they complimented each other greatly. He was Korean, she was black. His arm was around her, and they were laughing. They looked so content that I smiled, I hoped that one day I’d find someone to laugh with like that.

       Then I started to notice the other couples, I admired how they contrasted and complimented each other, how their skin tones right beside each other seemed to glow.

          Families of different ethnicities walked together, their children playing and talking to one another.

 It was beautiful, effortless.  

The way it’s suppose to be. 

           The world is too beautiful to just be one color. It wasn't meant to be one color, our differences are wonderful. 

So why do so many authors seem to forget this?

             Guys, not everyone is white. Newsflash. But so often I read books and there are only white characters.

              Is there anything wrong with white characters? No, of course not! But it saddens me to think that some writers are still thinking inside the white-washed box of stereotypes.

              It also saddens me that books with main characters that aren't white or even ones with a few non-white side characters are considered unique.

             Look, I'm a white girl, I have curly brown hair, brown eyes, I'm short, and I'm clumsy as well as a bit quirky, asides from being homeschooled, Christian, and conservative, it's not that hard to find a character that I can relate to in looks and struggles. 

            Four of my younger siblings are Hispanic, how many books with a Hispanic MC or a side character can you name from the top of your head from your local library?
             I am not saying that you should force your cast of characters to be racially mixed, or that you should go all out with a story about a character fighting modern racism, but just know that there are other stories to be told.

             Different voices to be heard, and different eyes to see through. It has been proven that reading books can increase empathy (read all about that study here.) it's so important to have diversity in books. 

             Books helped me when I felt invisible, when I read about girls like me I felt heard and understood. EVERYONE should be able to feel that way when reading. 

           Sometimes it's hard to realize that there is a lack if it doesn't necessarily effect you, but just because you live in a nice house doesn't mean nobody else is homeless. 

            The world is too beautiful to just be the same or to just be one color, so why make your books just one color?
       *From pinterest, all credit to the original creator. 

What are your thoughts on racial diversity in books?

Happy Writing, 


i just checked my blog stats for the first time in months aND WHAT IN THE WORLD???

        I use to be obsessed with my blog stats, and I would check them at least once a week, and then I kind of stopped. I haven't checked my stats (except for GFC since it's public) in a while. 

         So today I decided to see how my tiny spot on the interwebs was fairing, I pulled out my calculator, and pulled up my bloglovin', feedburner, and goodreads blog connect stats.


GUYS.... I have 307 followers in all. 


        WHAT???  It's a little bit nerve-wrecking because I had no idea that these many people were reading my posts and just,,,,, O_o 


        I feel like "thank you" isn't good enough, but I don't have much else to say. 

      I am typing this at my library's computer, I checked my stats in the car on the way here, so this was totally unexpected and unplanned.

        Thank y'all so much! This community has been such a joy, and I feel so blessed to have "met" all of y'all on here. <3

          To many years to come, 

an actual post should be published tomorrow (it won't be about this), so stay tuned.


a word about not meeting your camp nano goal

            So as y'all probably already know, we are on the second week of camp nano, which means we currently have 19 days left to write as I am typing this on Thursday of this week.

           I'm going to be 100% truthful when I tell you that my goal is only 30,000 words.

           I don't expect to make that goal. 

            And that's okay


          Currently I have written 11,031 words, which might seem like a lot but I don't expect to write much more this month.
 Me right now with life and my wip^^ 

              Also, guess the overall quality of what I've written this month?

Crummy. Rambly. Fluffy. 

            Filler purple prose written in exhaustion and exasperation. I'm probably going to cut half of what I wrote this month.  


        So why am I taking part in nano then?

         The answer is simple: Motivation and progress. 

          There's a difference in giving up and letting yourself realize you aren't going to make your goal than letting yourself realize you won't make your goal but still pushing forward. 

          It's a slim line, but there is a difference.

          Because believe it or not, it's okay to lose. 

           I probably won't make my nano goal, and I probably will end up cutting a lot of what I've written, but I still wrote words.

          I still got something down, and that's good enough for me. 


          Even if you don't make your goal this month, you got closer to it. Don't let the feeling of defeat as you look at your cabin stats get you down, you got this.

           You might not make it today or tomorrow, but you've got this. 

            There is two ways you can take not making your goals this month, you can let it get you down, or you can look on the bright side: 

             Even if you only write a hundred words this month, that is a hundred words closer to achieving your goal in the end. 

Are you doing Camp Nano?
How do you feel about not making goals? 

Happy Writing,


The Aesthetic Tag

       So Kara tagged me and I'm doing it, one because this is an aesthetic tag, and I ADORE aesthetics. Two, because this is suppose to be a tag that starts a raw conversation, so I will be 100% honest in this tag (I'm always honest on here, but having a writing blog keeps me off of most serious subjects and I try to be pretty upbeat on here and in real life). 


1. Post the tag photo in the body of your post and copy the title of your post from mine

2. Tag at least three friends who you know enjoys being authentic and real or their blog seems to be that message.

3. Answer all questions if possible and if they don't apply to you, explain why.

1. Post a no-makeup photo. Don't take and retake. You have one shot. It's so easy to take a photo over and over in a world of digital cameras, but before in the world of one step cameras and film, that just wasn't possible. 

This selfie turned out really well and I'm kinda amazed... wow. XD I'm pretty chill with showing my bare face, but I LOVE makeup so I usually wear that instead because it's so much fun. 

2. The last song you listened to. If you don't remember exact song, then cd (spotify or youtube may help you in this ;).

       Why by Sabrina Carpenter, it's so cute! 

3. A collage of pictures that show you. Pinterest is helpful in this or use your own (I used Pinterest, except for the picture of the girl, that's me).

      I feel like a character in a book now... 

4. One moment in your life when God was all you had.

      So not so long ago (a few months) I was going through a tough time, I am not very good at adjusting to changes and I was really stressed about a number of things, and I was at my co-op and we were having a party.

         I was walking across the room when I just got hit with the feeling of loneliness, and everything became too much. I freaked out and
 I ran into the bathroom, to the very last stall, and I literally curled up into a ball on the floor.

         I am not a germophobe, but I normally wouldn't get near a bathroom floor. I just cried. I asked God why this was happening to me and what was happening to me. I wanted to die, I had never felt so alone in my life.

        When I came to my senses I stood up and started calling my mom until she picked up her phone. She came, found me, calmed me down, and then we went home.  
           During that week I didn't want to live anymore. I thought I would be better off dead, that everyone else would be better off if I was gone too, and that scared me, so I started praying like I never had before. 

            I am better now. I do have my moments, but I am getting better and I did come out stronger out of this.

           (Sorry if that was depressing, I try to keep most things light, but I felt like I needed to be truthful and write about that, because those two weeks were some of the darkest of my life). 

            I haven't even told most of my friends because how does one causally bring something like this up? I don't want people to treat me differently, but I also want to honest and upfront about it.

          Just know that if you're going through something like that, and you feel trapped, that it's temporary. Life has it's ups and downs, but don't forget about all the things you have to live for. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, so don't even let yourself think that far. <3 

5. Last picture you pinned on Pinterest. 
From my board Aesthetic//Esperer   

6. What is one thing your readers may not know about you?

       Well, that story above for one, but I also don't think most people know that I actually HATED reading until around nine. 

7. A Bible verse that helped you through a difficult time. 

Psalm 91:2-6 
I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God in him I will trust.
Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. 
He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

 8. A book that impacted you greatly. 

        The Phantom of the Opera, which was the first book that really got me into reading.   

9. Your greatest fear. 

       It's tied between rejection and failure.

10. A word or quote that describes you

       Redeemed. (Okay, maybe that word is overused, but it doesn't make it any less true). 

11. A fictional character you relate to deeply. 

Dorcas Lane from Larkrise to Candleford.

 There's this part where she whispers, "I have many weaknesses," and it was such a pivotal moment in the series, and I could relate so much.

12. If you could describe your greatest dream in one sentence, what would it be?
       Honestly: to be happy, where I'm meant to be in life, and to be serving my Lord. 

I tag.... 
         Since most of the bloggers I know choose not to show their faces, I'll be leaving this tag open. If you decide to do this, be sure to link back to Kara Lynn. 

What do you think about honesty? 



6 Notable Books from March


*i blame camp nano and life in general

         So, I know March has passed, but I wanted to do another book wrap-up anyways, even though I'm late. Most of the books I read in March were pretty "meh" but I did read a few good ones, and here are six of my most notable along with short blurbish mini reviews/vibes I got from the book: 

P.S. I Like You: Cute//Fluffy//Fun//Cliche//Quick read

finding hope: Depressing//dark//mistakes//heartbreak//harsh world

The Knife of Never Letting Go: Choppy//Thoughts//Adventure//Emotions//Running//Deep

The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root: Cute//Adventure//Moonlight//Music//Trees//Childhood fav

There Will Be Lies: Accident//Running//Roadtrip//Lies//Super suspenseful 

The Blood Race: Otherworld//Powers//Training//Fights//Friendships//Heart-stopping

 Sorry for the shortness of this post!
What were your favorite books last month?
Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo? 

And if you're interested in one of these books and want to make sure there's no content, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Happy Writing,


Have I Become a Robot?


          Sometimes I go to past comment sections on my blog from last year and re-read them, not in a weird way or anything, but it's interesting to analyze my old self. 

           My writing voice has definitely changed, but besides that I've noticed that I'm a lot more brisk now when replying to comments. Before I was way more chatty, now I'm more to the point. 

            It's not like I've started taking my comments and followers for granted, I would be lying if I told y'all that I don't grin like a manic when my gmail inbox tells me I have a new comment, or that I don't inwardly throw confetti and squeal when I have a new follower, because I do. 

            I did a year ago and I still do. 

            I'm worried that I come off as if I'm only here for comments, follows, and views. I'm not. Those things are great, sure, but I'm here to meet people.

              I enjoy getting to know y'all, I cherish and appreciate the friendships I have made on here. 

              Have I become a robot? 
               Sometimes I get behind on comments and I feel too overwhelmed to reply wholeheartedly, even though I LOVED reading them with all of my heart. 

                Have I become a robot?

                Sometimes I have nothing to post so I post some filler content that I could care less about. 

                  Have I become a robot?

                  I try to reply as quickly as I can to emails from people, but sometimes they get so buried that I forget for days. 

                  But I haven't become a robot, I'm just adjusting to change. 

                  When I started blogging I had no idea that I would get over three followers, but three followers turned into ten, ten into twenty, and so on. 

                I know I'm still pretty small on here, but I wasn't expecting it. Before I didn't have to make time, now I do.

             And I hope that y'all can bear with me as I go through this learning experience. I love blogging, I don't know where I am going in blogging, but I do know that I hope y'all stick along for the ride. 

       I know this was kind of a ramble, but I had a few things I needed to get out of my head. 

So how are you? 
Tell me something random, let's chat.

Happy Writing,


Book Tour: London in the Dark

London, 1910

Budding Private Detective Cyril Arlington Hartwell has a conundrum. London is being ravaged by the largest run of thefts in recent history. His hunch that it is all tied together may put him and those he loves in more danger than he could have reckoned.

Olivia Larken Hartwell is just home from boarding school for the summer anticipating time with her adoring parents.She misses her absent brother, Cyril, hoping for the day he will finally come home. But tragedy strikes, causing upheaval for all concerned and changes her life in a way she never could have imagined.

Olivia, Cyril, and their friends must bring the hidden to light, seek to execute justice, and dispel the darkness that hovers over London… and their hearts.

       Ok, I'll admit it, I don't really like the historical genre, anything set in the past is sort of "meh" usually for me, I was hoping this book would surprise me and change my mind, but it didn't.

        Don't get me wrong! This book was good. But I've realized that the genre just isn't for me... ever. Unless we're talking Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or a few other of the classic authors.

       I really wish I could fangirl over this book, I do! The characters were great, the plot was pretty amazing, not going to lie. ;D

         But it just didn't charm me?? It was either the genre for the third person POV, which I'm not a big fan of typically.

         Even though this book wasn't for me, I can see a lot of people LOVING it. I mean, who doesn't ADORE London settings??? So if you're a historical genre lover... *points to this book*

         I may not have loved this book, but I still think Victoria is going places with her writing, she is truly talented, so I'd encourage you to check her and her book out!  
Victoria's Blog // Amazon // Facebook// Instagram // Pinterest

                 She's also doing a giveaway, which you can learn more about at her blog and enter in here.

            She's having a celebration over at her blog, and it's way cool, so I'd encourage y'all to check it out!

        Hey guys! By the time you are reading this I'm probably in our car being jostled as my family drives home through the country side, which means no cell service. So I probably won't reply to most of y'all's comments on here, it doesn't mean I won't read them, but I can't guarantee replying to all of y'all, sorry!


THE 5 PART WRITING SPECIAL // part 5: WIP AESTHETICS, art, and music


Are y'all excited?

         ***All pictures and music (except for the Alex text messages) are from Pinterest and not my own, all rights to the original creators.***

What did you think?
I may be a few days late replying to some of y'all's comments, I'm sorry!
            And a HUGE thanks to Julian for creating and hosting this special! *applauds*
Happy Writing,

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