Questions Needed

   It's my blog anniversary on the 13th... I will have been blogging for one year.


*mind blows up*

        As a celebration, I will be doing a post about it on the thirteenth, and I will be doing a giveaway, which I'll talk about more in my Q&A vlog.

         Oh, yeah, did I mention I'm doing a Q&A vlog?! *screams* Super excited for that, I did one when I first started blogging, but I only had around twenty followers and I accidently deleted it, so for a lot of y'all this will be a first! 

     So, naturally I need questions! I plan on filming it this Saturday, so I'll need you to comment before midnight on this Friday. Please keep your questions to the maximum of two, because I am really going to try to answer them all. XD
        I'm super excited for this! But please note that I only have my phone to film it on, so it won't be the best ever.
        Thank y'all so much for your support of my blog! <3
        Please comment any random question down below, and please keep them PG and please don't ask me where I live or for personal info like that (although I doubt y'all would)!
         P.S. I won't be replying to y'all's comments like I usually do, I want it to be easy for me to count how many questions I get. ^_^
Happy Writing, 


January Reads! + Writerly Recs


         January is ending.


           I did read a lot more books than I thought I would this month, I'd like to thank goodreads for their challenge that has motivated me!



       And since this is a writing blog, I'd thought I'd plug two of my favorite writing craft books for y'all!
         Seize the Story by Victoria Hanley and Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine.


        I've seen a lot of readers/writers talking about how they read a craft book that had bad language, smut, and just general inappropriate content, which, I mean, what in the world?! WHY?!? NOT THE CRAFT BOOKS.

        So I just want to clarify that these two books are perfectly clean and innocent, hopefully by now most of y'all know that I would never recommend something that wasn't perfectly clean without telling y'all, so yeah. 100% clean and super helpful.

        Anyways, that was my book haul/January reads update, the first one I've ever done on here, so, yay!

       I hope y'all have a great rest of the month, and I hope your February is amazing.

What books did you read this month?
Do you have any craft book recommendations?
Happy Writing,



17 Things About Me Tag // I Bore You With Uneeded Details About My Life, Yay!!

        Grace over at Somewhat Reserved tagged me, and since I'm trying to make up for all the tags I've pretended not to be tagged in, I'm doing it.

       Sadly, this tag just proves how boring I am, because I'm suppose to write seventeen things y'all didn't know about me... yikes.

1. I have four cats and they all have really weird names, I have Dolores, Columbus, Sunstar (I was twelve and going through a Warrior Cat series phase), and Bright-Night (my brother named him). I had more, but when you live in the country and they’re all outside cats, they sometimes don’t make it long. :/
2. Due to three past eye surgeries, I can't really move my eyes/look sideways without turning. I can’t really roll them either.

3. I have been burnt by liquid nitrogen 31 times.

4. I didn’t really talk to people or have more than around two friends until I turned thirteen.
           This was one of said friends, and that was just because she never left me alone! Fun fact: She was actually in my first Q&A vlog, that I accidently deleted... *glares at un-tech savvy self*

5. I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard, and yes, I still love Luke Duke.

6. I snort sometimes when I laugh really hard.

7.  I went through an emoish wannabe phase when I was twelve.  

8. I listen to a bunch of different genres of music, and sometimes I catch my mom off guard by singing songs that were popular when she was my age.

9. Here’s something not a lot of people know about me yet… I got a haircut!
          Apparently, this is what my stylist thought “just a trim” meant, and I’m not upset or anything, I had a lot of split ends so it was probably better for it.

10. My favorite dessert is peppermint ice-cream.
11. I wore high heels to my brother's birthday party a few years ago, and I tripped, created a domino effect, and was the reason my brother's best friend's face landed in the side of the cake. Luckily it was only a little part of the side of the cake that ended up on his face.

12. Despite the blue and pink in my room, my favorite color is actually a forest green.

13. I have three ear piercings.
14. My secret goal was to get over a hundred followers in a year for this blog,
           and I reached it before 2018!

15. My dad accidently froze my beta fish when I was five by forgetting it in the car over night on a Christmas trip.

16. I’ve never been public schooled, and I’ve only been inside a public school once.

17. Ummm…. If I could be any mythical creature I wanted to be I would either be a dragon or a griffin.

        There! Done. I’m sorry for being so boring!! XD

I tag:



Ivie (gotta get you back for tagging me for that goodness to awful tag today!!!) XD 


and anyone else who's interested.

Tell me a random fact about yourself!
What's your favorite dessert?
Did you ever get a haircut you weren't expecting?
Do you have any pets?
Happy Writing,


When Books Become Movies

                Why, hello!

           No, this blog isn’t abandoned. Why would you think that? Its not like I haven’t blogged in eleven days… oh, wait…  (I've actually lost followers... COME BACK HERE, THAT'S RUDE. DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!) XD

                I HAD THE FLU, OKAY???
                (it’s the worst, y’all, stay healthy).
               Anyways, I was SUPER happy to finally be healthy on Sunday, because

                1. I was missing human interaction

                2. we had friends that we hadn’t seen in FOREVER coming over
                My friends came over later that Sunday (shoutout to Arwen for being an aspiring writer! Who knows? Maybe she'll join our community one day.) and it turns out they are Wingfeather fans too! That was pretty cool, and the short twenty minute cartoon of the first book comes up since my family and I have seen it, and we were kind of like, “It’s…good… yeah, it’s…okayish… but yeah, kind of ‘meh’.” 

            EDIT: I just wanted to clarify that I still LOVE the Wingfeather saga and support them , including their movies, if you're an uneducated peanut and haven't read them yet, what are you waiting for? GO!

             Back to the post...
      I feel like movie adaptations of books are usually a hit or miss. Like, you either have a Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, etc. success, or you’re like the cartoon version of The Boxcar Children and you’re kind of “meh”, or you’re like that Percy Jackson movie and just a total flop…

       (For everyone’s information, I actually haven’t seen the Percy Jackson movie, but a bunch of my friends who like Percy Jackson told me how much they hated it, so, I’m going to go with that).

       The first time I was really disappointed by a movie adaptation of a book was when I was around nine and I saw the 2007 Nancy Drew movie at my local library for an event.

Yeah, this movie ^^^ If the cover doesn't scream "Disappointment!" I don't know what does.... (yes, maybe I'm still a little bitter).
             Nancy Drew was my bookdragon LIFE AND LOVE when I was younger. I read all of the books, and I mean ALL of them. I read the older classic ones, the newer ones, the ones where she worked with the Hardy Boys, the tiny ones for younger kids, ALL OF THEM.


                So I remember watching this movie with a bunch of other kids and teens and just being annoyed. I don’t remember all of the things that they got wrong, but I remember thinking about how they got Nancy’s character all wrong and Ned didn’t even look or act like Ned.

                Like, how dare you, movie producers?? All I want is an accurate portrayal of my favorite books in movie forms that do them justice and make them as epic as possible.

        I also want the actors to look exactly like the characters do in my head. How hard is that? Why do y’all let me down????


I think that the author and top producer of a movie should make sure that they have a fan of said book nearby when casting actors, because then at least the characters will look somewhat accurate, like, come on.
Also, don’t even get me started when they change up little details in movies. I get it…sometimes. The movie would be forever long if they put in every detail and didn’t cut or change anything, but sometimes it’s so random and wrong.

They changed a million tiny details in the Harry Potter movies and now my family and I are eternally confused on who did what in which year. Also, we didn’t get enough Dobby in the movies… am I the only one annoyed by the fact that Neville saved Harry that one time instead Dobby like in the books?

And then there’s that annoy thing some movie producers do…. where they NEVER FINISH THE DARN SERIES. COME ON, HOLLYWOOD! Am I going to be taking my grandchildren to see The Last Battle (Narnia) in theaters?? Is that how it’s going to be???

I don’t get it. Hollywood is making these awful remakes and ruining Chips and The Dukes of Hazzard when they have some fresh content right over here that would make them a profit in box-office!

Maybe it’s just me and my goldfish brain, but I feel like that would be a win.


Although sometimes I feel like movies that use to be books work out well, like Harry Potter was pretty good, I have very few complaints (they were epic). Lord of the Rings works well, because the non-nerds need a way to slowly slide into the world and not get completely overwhelmed by middle earth and everything, and when you realize how old the Lord of the Rings movies are they are suddenly weirdly high quality, it amazes me every time I watch them.  
So, this was just a rambly rant, but yeah! 
What movies have you watched that were from books?
What did you think of Percy Jackson if you watched it?
Where you disappointed by the 2007 Nancy Drew movie like nine-year-old Gray??
Happy Writing,


Room Tour

      When you had so many posts planned, but your oral surgery stole the life from you........

             Blegh. So I stole this idea from Lilah, because why not? (Read her room tour HERE). I think it would be kind of cool to show y'all my room anyway...

        My dad actually made my room (and half of our house), so I'm really proud of it.
   My awesome built in bookshelf.
Bookshelf/makeup shelf, but ignore my lipstick addiction. XP
        The closet doors, I will not be showing y'all the inside because it needs to be organized desperately.
          For some reason this corner decided to be all dark and emo, even though I worked really hard to make my room light and airy...
Desk number 1, and yes, I keep up Christmas lights all year.
 I got the roses idea from Ikea.
Look at the poor neglected backpack that I only use once a week.

        My mom was getting rid of this, but I use to pretend this was the wardrobe to Narnia when I was younger, so I told her I would put it in my room because #nostalgia
         My tiny twin sized bed, I wanted a good amount of floor space in my room, and when you're only five foot a twin bed is perfect.

        And finally my desk no. 2, which is where I am writing this post now! :P
Well, I hope you enjoyed a tiny look into part of my world, sorry that this post is so random and thrown together.
What does your room look like?
Happy Writing,