Blogging Tips from a Baby Blogger (why i follow and unfollow blogs).

      My blog is not even a year old yet, but people have been messaging me asking for blogging tips, so maybe some of y’all think my opinions are valid despite the lack of experience on my part??    
       This is really just going to be a rambling of all the things I’ve learned, and me complaining about certain things, but I’m really good at that, so this should be fun!

edit 2/9/18: This is mainly me joking around, I'm not trying to target or attack anyone personally.
        Bloggers are always looking to grow their audience, because we are a greedy and petty lot because without followers our blogs are just sad, desolate places on the interwebs.
         And I said this in my vlog, but I really believe that blogging is pretty much luck....
except maybe for a few aspects... 

      Here are some things that make me like and follow a blog!
1. A friendly blogger. I love interaction! I love meeting bloggers, chatting with them in their comment sections and chatting with them in mine, it just makes me super happy. I like feeling like there's a connection beyond the screen, which might be weird to say, but it's just really nice.
 2. A nice design. If I randomly stumble across a blog that is AMAZING and beautiful (like Anna's blog for example,) I'm most likely going to want to stick around more.
         I know blog design can be tricky, here are two sites that might help: helplogger is really nice when you're trying to tackle HTML, and canva is amazing for graphic design.
3. Interesting and well written content. This is a no brainer! 
         I feel like everyone knew about these things from their own experience... so let me talk about the things that irk me, and make me say "bye, Felicia!" to a blog and why people might not click the follow button on your blog...or worse, unclick it.
       Oh, and I'm not calling anyone out or anything (except for maybe one person, oooohhhh, scandalous), I have a really bad memory so I can't remember half of the people that have done this. XD
 1. No interaction. This, THIS  annoys me greatly. When people never respond to your comments on their blog and never ever comment on yours, especially when they have around twenty followers alone.
         I'm not trying to make up an excuse for myself (or am I?) but I follow around a hundred blogs, but WHO ARE THESE TINY BLOGGERS FOLLOWING?!? WHO'S BLOWING UP THEIR FEED AND EMAIL SO MUCH THAT THEY LOSE TRACK??? NO ONE. It just comes off as so rude, and it cracks me up when these people act like they should have more followers, although they obviously don't care to get to know anyone.
^^Me trying to figure out these people's logic and failing.
2. When bloggers come off as super conceding. Now I feel like a hypocrite because this section of this post is basically me ranting and being conceding, but I hopefully don't come off like this in every post of mine (I'm just really irked at some of these things, so I'm coming off like this, help).
         I just really hate the whole holier-than-thou attitude, probably one of the reasons I don't follow a lot of modesty bloggers, although I have a great respect for the ones I do! I mean, Catherine wrote this really enlightening and interesting post about her modesty standards and Melani and Libby, both of which also talk about modesty a lot.
          I don't always agree with these three, but I respect their opinions and the fact that they are a light to others who think like them and feel similarly convicted.
         But sometimes I stumble across a blog (going off of the modesty example) and the vibe I get is: "I WEAR LONG SKIRTS AND HALF SLEEVE SHIRTS BECAUSE THAT IS OBVIOUSLY THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT, BOW BEFORE ME, SINNERS!!!"
         Do y'all want a cookie?
3. When people think you care. Now, that sentence looks bad and petty, so allow me to explain, some blogger assume that complete strangers care about every single little thing they did that day. In other words, some people got a blog, when they really should have gotten a facebook. I come across bloggers who only post blog posts that literally look like this:

        Hi guys! Today I ate a sandwich and drank a coke, then I did school. It was a fun day.


4. When people are creeps. I've unfollowed and blocked a few people because they gave me and even some of my followers weird vibes. Half of the time I don't think they mean to be creepy or weird, they just don't understand how the internet works...

5. When people never support back. I hate those petty follow for a follow comments, but I also feel like there is a certain level of expectation when someone follows a blog and leaves a comment. I try to follow most of the people that follow me, because it's kind of one of those you scratch my back, I scratch yours situations. And some people just don't get that... I recently unfollowed most of the bloggers that never interact with me on my blog or theirs, because I'm wasting my time, they're obviously not interested in friendship.

       Soo, if you're reading this because you came here wondering where I went, hi!

         Peeps, if you're reading this, I wish you all the blogging success, and alllll of the followers, but I just won't be one of them.

       In conclusion, blogging is a magical world, and I love it... most of it. And I hope you get as much joy as I do from it, and I also hope this post helped you... somehow.  

         Don't do any of these things, and if you're doing them, STOP. (except if they're the good things I named). XD

What have you learned in blogging?
What annoys you in this world (asides from me, y'all. XD)

Happy Writing,


  1. This was great! I loved your use of Blimey Cow gifs. Those are hilarious!! Actually, I pretty much loved all of the gifs.

    Also, it's very insightful into the blogging world. As a baby blogger myself, I'm always curious as to what evokes follows (though honestly I'm more interested in the interaction with the community). Now I have a nice list to get started with!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Gray!

    1. Thank you!! I love Blimey Cow! XD

      I'm glad this helped you somehow. XD

  2. I agree with you on a lot of this. When I was doing my writing challenge, some bloggers would say they were going to join and wanted me to follow them because they followed me. They never joined and I eventually unfollowed when I realized their content wasn't something I felt super interested in. Nothing against them at all, it just didn't fit for me.

    The not commenting back irks me, too. I try to make sure I reply to every comment, unless it's really rude or from a hater. I try to keep up with every blog I follow because it's the nice thing to do, though I fail a lot because I can't do it all. XD I don't follow people with an intent for them to follow me, though that may be part of it. I want to form a friendship and talk to the person.

    Anyway, great post. I agree with a lot of what you said. Love the Blimey Cow gifs. XD


    1. Yes, similar things happen like that a lot. :/

      I do too, I don't understand why some people don't even try. Forming friendships is one of my favorite things about blogging too! <3

      Thanks! Blimey Cow is awesome. XD

    2. it drives me nuts when people don't respond to my comments. My blog is mostly me practicing the art of poetry, but sometimes, every now and then, I give an idea of what my life has been like IF it is something I think may actually be interesting i.e. the topic of running ( My passion.). or something that is bothering me. Much of it is poetry, but I try to keep a little bit of variety by creating articles then posting them on my blog. I am HORRIBLE at creating a good blog interface but I try. I need to work on that a bit.

    3. Yes, same.

      You aren't horrible at interface! Practice makes perfect, dude. You've got this. ^_^

  3. The Blimey Cow gifs.....

    Yeees. That stuff bugs me to death too. When someone follows my blog, I try to find theirs, and usually follow it. And even though I don't comment on all the blogs I follow (blame school :P) I try to comment on a handful of blogs and sometimes more every time they post.

    Thanks for the helpful post!!


    1. XD

      Irk?? School makes commenting and keeping up hard, I know from experience. XD

      You're welcome, thank you for reading!

  4. The gifs were perfect, haha! You made some great points. I applaud you for being brave enough to stand up and say them. *applause*

    ~ Abby

    1. Thanks!
      I was kind of worried that I was coming off as too snarky or mean, but I guess not. XD

  5. These are all great points! (And good job for not being afraid to say them) It annoys me too when people never reply to comments, or even if they eveeentually do, but it's ages and ages later. >.< Oh well. :P

    Hanging out and commenting on other peoples' blogs is so important for building up your readers! I took about a gajillion years to work that out. XD
    And now I'm slowly getting less and less time to actually comment on those blogs and it's killing me. D: *hugs all the precious blogs* I don't want to abandon everyone.

    1. Thank you! And yes, same.

      It is really sad, I've had to be less chatty too because time is so little. :/

  6. The Blimey Cow gifs!!! ALL THE BLIMEY COW GIFS!!! *realizes how hyper I sound* XD But they were awesome!!

    This was a wonderful post! So very helpful (especially for this new blogger :D ) and definitely not too snarky. Thanks!

    One thing that really annoys me are those people who leave comments like: "Hey, check out my blog [insert link]" and nothing else. Goodness. Kids these days. XD

    Oh, and you aren't annoying at all! :)


    1. Blimey Cow is the best! XD

      Thank you for reading. ^_^

      UGH, YES. It's so fake and just no.

      Thank you. XD

    2. The Link People. The thought of doing that is horrifying to me. It feels so...so...so...selfish. (I think that's the word I want.)

    3. Selfish is probably a good word. XD

      All of the ones I get look like this:

      Lovely post, dear.💗 Please follow back: iamahugefakegivemeyourfollows.blogspot.com

      *Doubles over laughing* I'll never get it! All they have to do is leave a normal comment, they can skim through my post and pick up on one thing so they can at least pretend they give a care, but no. XD

    4. Oh Gray, that is hilarious. XD That URL, though . . *collapses in laughter* Ikr? People need to learn how to hide their true motivations better. :D


    5. half jokingly I just searched up that fake url you created for a example. Turns out that blog does not exist : ) and emojis don't always go well on blogs. depends on the blog honestly or the post content

    6. @Brianna, no joke! They do!!

      @Evan, thank goodness, although it would've been cool if there was one out there... and yeah, sadly they don't seem to always work. :/

  7. Amazing post, Gray!:) Thank you for the blogging tips.
    I do agree with people not responding to comments, it can be frustrating especially when you want them to respond. (On the other hand for me sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out what I want and mean to say in response to their comment, especially when you want it to sound perfect.)
    Also...I do agree with really creepy sounding comments, they just...make me feel uncomfortable.
    You did an awesome job on this post, Gray!:)

    1. Thank you for reading! :D

      It can be, especially when you see people taking a lot of time to write out long thoughtful comments. But I do get what you mean, sometimes I have to wait an hour before replying because of that. ^_^

      Yes, very creepy. I can't stand that off vibe. X_x

      Thank you so much! <3

  8. First, let me say what I love... (besides all of it, of course).
    1. Blimey Cow.
    2. Interacting with your readers, and other blogs. Like yes! Successful blogs are social ;)
    3. Anna's blog makes me so happy, too! I just sent it to a friend just so she could admire how pretty it is.
    4. "This belongs in your journal, or on facebook" you are so funny. I literally laughed so much reading this. But my laughter was agreeing with all your words.

    I admit sometimes I feel obliged to follow a blog when they follow me. I will at least visit the blog, leave comments. But I am very picky about what I like... I'm a weird blogger that doesn't usually enjoy trivial reading. The saddest thing ever is I found the most perfect blog awhile back... and then the girl stopped blogging due to life. I am still sad about that.

    As for creeps. Yep I've had them. Never blocked them though... just kinda treated them carefully, with respect. Replied to them, but didn't overly encourage them. Eventually they all went away ;p

    Fun post!

    1. Blimey Cow is amazing, I'm so happy that all of y'all commenters know about them! XD

      Yes, I love making friends on here and in real life!!

      Her blog is goals.

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked my humor. Xd

      Yeah, I do to, and I usually do follow them unless it seems sketchy or has crude stuff on it.
      That happened to me to, it made me so sad. :/

      My creeps would send me weird messages, they weren't bad, just... strange.

      Thanks! ^_^

    2. Hey, I had this one guy that sent me several long emails ;p I replied (short emails) lol. He finally sent me this dating site, but when I never heard from him again after I told him I didn't do online dating ;p

      The people I used to work for at Above Rubies actually know Blimey Cow (they kinda live close). So that's how I first heard of them.

    3. Wow, subtle he was not. XD

      That's so cool! I love Blimey Cow, I've been watching them since I was ten.

  9. This is so true. I definitely agree with this post. <3

  10. This is a wonderful post, Gray!!

    I love interacting with other bloggers, but I agree, the content is what matters the most. If I'm not interested in what the person is writing, I won't follow that person.

    I am going to admit - I'm horrible at checking to see if other people reply to the comments I left on other blogs. I used to click the "notify" box all the time, but my inbox would get inundated with all the comments that other people left and it just got super annoying to sift through it all. Now I'm *starting* a new habit where I check for replies on the last post that I commented on when I see a new post in their feed. It's probably not the best way to do it, but...I don't know what else to do (especially since I follow over 150 blogs and I comment regularly on 2/3rds of them. help!!)

    I don't like the holier-than-thou attitude either. Or being preached at in general for that matter. I tend to get angry and impatient with people that do that. I also can't abide it when people stay negative, or their entire article is meant to cause the the head to shake in disgust. While the "don'ts" have their place to be discussed, they need to balanced with the "dos". A lot of those articles can cause scruples too (sorry, I feel rather strongly about this topic, because I've been dealing with some of this recently too.)

    I've learned that the best way to write a religious-based post is just keep it conversational and gentle. I can't force anyone to believe, or to take up a practice. Bible-thumping can only go so far, and to me, it's a rather ineffective way to get the message across.

    By the way, thank you for the shoutout!! I wasn't expecting that at all, tbh. *hugs*


    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I follow a lot of bloggers and never interact with them because I've been following before I've blogged and I just enjoy reading their content. ^-^

      SAME, honestly. Although I'm also working on keeping up. XD

      I find myself wary of other Christian bloggers because of that, which stinks, but it's such a downer to read posts like that.

      It is rather ineffective, it tends to just make others defensive and angry. :/

      You're welcome! Your blog is amazing and you're not too bad yourself!! *hugs back*

  11. Preach it, Girl!! (And I totally know what you mean!) I have been guilty of not replying to comments, or of taking a long time to do so. And blogging about trivial stuff. That's the reason i go months without posting sometimes. Like I didn't post in January because I just didn't feel like I had anything to post about. I mean, I could have posted pictures of my puppy. But two thumbs up!

    1. You should make some rant posts. Those are always fun! I love when you post... as I'm horrible at texting anymore ;p

    2. Thanks, Erudessa!

      You should try rant posts! They are a lot of fun to write, unless it's out of your nature to really rant, but when I posted my first rant (my Dear Writers post) I was so surprised, encouraged, and inspired by how many people felt the same. :)

  12. Lol. I'm pretty sure people are asking your advice because you have over 100 followers in under a year....

    I am TERRIBLE at commenting on other peoples blogs. I always read other people's blog when I'm not logged into my gmail and I think "Oh! I'll just come back and comment when I'm logged in."

    And then I forget...

    But look! I'm commenting now! Yay!

    1. Lol. XD

      I get it! And honestly, same!!

      Yay!!! XD

  13. This made me smile, especially the gifs. So much sass, giiiiirl!

  14. Thanks for the blog shout-out, Gray! That was really nice of you!

    1. Don't mention it, I really enjoy your blog. ^_^

  15. Hey Gray!
    Nice post! Thanks for saying something beside "It's luck." XD. The fact is, you got followers, and we all want to know how. XD.

    I agree with most everything you said, but I also have one thing to add. Sadly, when a layout, or the font of a blog is so cramped and SO HARD TO READ I get a deathly urge to click unsubscribe. Recently I read a guest post on a new blog, and I liked it! So I followed the blog, but then it turns out that I actually liked the guest poster' so style of posting, rather than the hoster's style. And the font of the actual website was very differnent than the guest post. So now I'm not sure if I should unsubscribe because I had commented on some of her posts, and then mentioned that I'd subscribed. But every time I get the email, I can't do anything but click trash. I'm not saying that her posts are bad! They're actually pretty cool! But the font that she uses is so cramped and so claustrophobic I feel like I can't breath. Constructed. So I am probably going to unsubscribe, but just wanted to mention that to all you bloggers. Make sure your font and layout are clear, fun, and easy to read.

    Yes! Sometimes people will literally comment and say nothing at all but mention their blog. Sadly, I have done waht you said, scan a post and pick a point to comment on. But that's because I honestly care about the blogger! Even if I don't have all the time to read the entire post, I still want to show that I appreciate it. :D

    I do try to reply to most of my commenters, and now that you bring it up I will be more consistent about it. It's just sometimes there is honestly nothing to answer. But I try anyway. XD.

    And Gray. Lilly was really rude about the way she approached you, but I can understand how someone can react that way when they feel attacked. She did over react and those comments were not all called for, but you should know that she was offended and in turn tried to hurt you. So don't take it. Don't change how you blog, or what you do, or how you do it or what you blog about. People will disagree. Let them disagree. Be courteous, but be yourself! That's one of the best things about your blog.

    Oh! And thanks so much for the shout out! Really appriaciate that!


    1. Wow that is a monster of a comment. Sorry about that. XD

    2. Thanks!

      I've never come across a blog like that, but I bet it is off putting. :/

      I think everyone skims blog posts sometimes, especially when you're busy but you still want to let the person know that you like the post. XD

      Thankfully, I was able to talk to Lilly today, and we somewhat worked out our problems, but it wasn't a good situation for either of us.

      Thank you! And don't mention the shout out. <3

  16. I hate it when people don't reply to comments on their blog! I mean, if you have hundreds of followers and get hundreds of comments then I get that you might not have time to answer to them all, but if you don't? -_- Is replying to comments really so hard?
    Also I'm cringing so hard at number three, because that's literally what I did when I first got a blog XD I didn't have any followers so I just used it as a sort of online diary where I just rambled on about my life and my thoughts (IT WAS REALLY CRINGY). It wasn't until a few months later that I decided I wanted to blog about books and writing :D

    1. Same, I do get the hundreds of comments and not replying, or if your blog isn't the interactive type.

      I think I remember you mentioning that before now! XD

  17. Great post girl! Loved that last GIF lol You are not just a baby blogger but a wonderful and inspiring one :D This wasn't really a ramble it was more of your opinions and takes on different blogs (which i loved reading).
    Anyways, great suggestions and I will try to not carry any of these cringy traits XD Hope you have a great day!
    -Ry @ greenacresfarmgirlliving4god.blogspot.com

    1. Awww, thank you!! <3
      Have a great day as well. ^_^

  18. GRAY I AGREE WITH THIS SO. It kind of stinks because as I’ve progressed into higher grade levels, I have less time to comment and interact, but I still try to when I can.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


    1. Thank you!

      That sounds so difficult, and everyone understands that. ^_^

      AHHH, YES, I LOVE BLIMEY COW TOO! *high fives*

  19. This is a great post (I love the use of Blimey Cow gifs)! It's so impressive that you've been blogging less than a year, go you!

    1. Thank you so much! Blimey Cow is amazing. XD


    I DESPISE it when people think they're so high and mighty because they have a certain amount of followers.. like congratulations.. but does that make you better than anyone else? nah...

    ~ noor

    1. THANK YOU! XD

      It really doesn't matter how many followers people have anyways, it's nice and all, but it means nothing if bloggers use it to look down on people.

      Thanks for reading! <33

  21. Yes to Blimey Cow!

    And I agree that it's the most encouraging to not reply to comments. Though I do reply, I've noticed that I don't reply as often as I should... shoot.

    I'm still in awe that people regularly check out my blog. I don't want to put it down or anything but it's just... wow some people want to see what I have to say?

    Also, I think you can give out tips even though you're a 'baby blogger' because your content is pretty good. When I started out, I was a mess! I'm still a mess because I have issues with my design and sometimes I feel my blogging voice is off but I'm slowly getting there.

    I don't think you're being rude? We do sometimes need to get stuff off our chests.

    1. I've been wanting to use Blimey Cow gifs forever! XD

      It can be hard, my emails can bury each other, so one time I realized I forgot to reply to someone a month later...

      Your blog is awesome! Not to mention you are as well. ^_^

      I hope you find what's right for you!

      Someone got mad at me, we worked it out thankfully and sort of agreed to disagree, but she asked me to change my wording in a few places, so I did because I don't really want more drama. X_x

  22. Wow Gray! Awesome tips... I liked reading all of them and hearing you vent. And I love that Wendy gif :).

    1. Thanks! I thought it was a good one to end this post on #magical. XD

  23. Wow I secretly relate to every single on of the things you said, one thing I love about your blog and I think it's your brand, is how blunt and honest you are while still remaining respectful and encouraging. Posts like this always make me grin and nod through with agreement.

    AND THE BLIMEY COW GIFS, seriously A+ Gray xD

    AND YOU MENTIONED ME AS A WELL DESIGNED BLOG, wow I'm sitting here totally flabbergasted that out of all the beautiful blogs out there you chose mine *gulps*

    1. Thanks! Some people get mad about it, but I hate sugar coating, it's not me and I would have to be fake if I did so. XD

      I've had those gifs saved for so long, I'm glad I finally used them!!

      Your blog is stunning, Anna. <3

  24. PREACH IT, GIRL. One time I got a comment from some blogger: she said she loved the post, loved my blog, yada yada. Then she linked to her blog and remarked that she'd appreciate a comment/follow.

    Later, I see this same blogger comment on another blog I keep up with, and the comment was literally EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONE SHE HAD LEFT ON MINE. Because it was so generic and vague it would make sense in response to ANY blog post.

    I felt... kinda offended? Like, that's not the way to go. :/

    Awesome post, Gray!

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. That happened to me too! XD

      Ugh, it's annoying, funny, and weird at the same time. :P

      Thank you!

  25. Ah ha ha...blogging. Honestly the concept of what good blogging actually was didn't sink in until I'd already invested almost two years of time into it? XD #fail

    I have one big tip that, when I look back, because I didn't follow it, I think crushed a lot of audience growth for me: DO NOT BLOG-HOP!! I have this bad habit of changing blogs or quitting blogs or starting blogs and seriously, that kills your readers' interest.

    Interaction! I love it when readers leave long comments with lots of conversational opportunity instead of a generic comment. I'm a shy wee blogger, so my blog is my comfort zone, but I'd encourage shy bloggers to get out there and not be afraid to leave long comments on other blogs. :)

    Helpful post! (and the Blimey Cow gifs!! *dies laughing*)

    1. You blogged before? That explains why your blog was perfect right off the bat. XD

      I'll bet it does! I'll keep that in mind.

      Yes, same! And thank you, blimey cow is amazing. XD

  26. I just wrote a decently-long comment, but it got lost because I wasn't logged in, haha. The basic gist is that the blogosphere changes over time. Many of my favorite blogs over the years are husks of their former selves, and my own blog has barely been progressing the last three years or so. I thank you for the support over at my blog and the work you're doing here. Keep up the good work.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry! That happens to me sometimes and it's so annoying. :/

      I can see how that would be a problem, and don't mention it, thank you!

  27. your posts always make me smile. I love the gifs too---one thing I haven't bothered to learn to incorporate. Maybe you'll inspire me!

    1. Thank you! It makes me so happy to hear that!!!

      Gifs are pretty fun to use. ^_^

  28. I think the biggest issue for my blog growth is taking the time to a) find other blogs to read, 2) leave thoughtful comments (I hate short comments that are pretty much "nice post come follow my blog!") and iii) build a relationship with the other blogger. It's mostly because I'm a full-time university student so finding spare time in which to blog and not nap is an issue haha. It's also a bit frustrating because the bloggers in which I did put the effort into have stopped blogging for various reasons.

    1. Yes, it can be really hard! I'm so sorry that they stopped blogging, that really stinks. I hope you find your audience soon! <3

  29. Awesome post Gray! I love the Blimey Cow gifs!

  30. I totally agree with you on these points. Great thoughts! Wish more bloggers understood some of this. -_-


  31. Haha! All the gifs are cracking me up! XD

    And by the way, thanks for commenting on my blog so much, even when you don't have to. <3


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