THE 5 PART WRITING SPECIAL | part 3: Main Character(s)

Introduce your Main Character(s):

-Piper Anson is a seventeen year old aspiring artist, she is a hopeless dreamer as well as hopelessly optimistic. Her passion in life is art, and she hopes to make the world a more colorful place and bring joy to people one day.

-Alex Anson is Piper’s fifteen-year-old brother, he loves music and singing, but he is too shy to sing in front of people, so he sings to himself whenever he’s alone. He doesn’t really know what he wants for his future, he just wants to make it through the day.

-Josh is a nineteen-year-old runaway and a rebel without a cause, he use to enjoy the party scene, and in his slurred words “livin’ it up”, but lately he’s given up, leaving his old life behind and hiding away in one of his friend’s apartments, trying to forget it all.  

How are the goals of the main character and the villain clashing?

Since this is general fiction, the only real villains are life events and the characters’ mistakes. There are a few side antagonists, such as Alex’s bullies, though.  

What motivates your MC?

-Piper is motivated by hope and passion.

-Alex is motivated by his friend and his friend’s family’s support and the hope for something better.

-Josh is pretty much dragged into everything.

What lie does your MC believe in?
-Piper starts to believe that she isn’t strong enough.

-Alex doesn’t believe that he could amount to anything.

-Josh believes that he is too far gone.

What is one trait the MC disapproves of in his/herself?

-Piper is happy-go-lucky at the start, but she starts to hate her naivetés.

-Alex hates the fact that he can’t bring himself to fight back.

-Josh just hates himself (and why or how that affects his actions is too much to get into).  

What does the MC love about him/herself?

-Piper loves the fact that she can draw inspiration from pretty much anything.

-Alex loves how he can think through most things.

-Josh doesn’t know anymore. 

What is your MC’s greatest strength and weakness?

-Piper is very motivated and full of joy, and she’s good at pulling other’s in and making them feel like a person again. But she’s also naïve to the point of a fault, she sometimes fails to understand reality.

-Alex is brave and kind, although he doesn’t realize how brave he is. His fault is the fact that his mind won’t let him win.

-Josh is very street smart, he’s no stranger to how to survive on his own, making him the person to go to for protection. His greatest weakness is his habit of trying to ignore his problems instead of facing them.   

What does your MC like to do when they’re bored?

-Piper: paint.

-Alex: listen to music.

-Josh: *shrugs*

What does the MC look like?**None of the pictures are mine, all credit to the original creators**


How is your MC similar to and different from you?

      This one's hard (and depressing, sheesh)...especially with three characters...

I've been good and answered all of these questions this time, so I think I can skip this... XD


I don't really know what to put here today...
What's your favorite type of coffee?
What's your favorite ice-cream flavor (I'm asking the important questions here, duh)??
What did you think of my characters?
 Happy Writing,


  1. Wow...these characters...I can't wait to read their story!!!

    "Josh is pretty much dragged into everything" sorry, but that made me laugh....

    And Alex...and Piper. I'm sorry, they just seem so great!!

    From a non-contemporary reader...HURRY THIS UP I WANNA READ IT

    1. Thanks, Julian!

      He is. XD

      AHHH, working on it!! Thank you so much for your support!!!!!!!! <33

  2. I really love your characters!! You're doing a great job developing them. :) A Piper\Josh ship?? lol

    Java chip ice-cream AND mint chip are my favorites. I don't like donuts very much, but donut blend coffee is really good....

    1. Thank you! Ivie has been shipping them, they're called Jiper, although it won't happen. XD

      Mint is one of my favorite ice creams too! And I haven't tried the donut coffee blend... ^_^

    2. #Jiper WILL happen. Don't let Gray fool you. It will happen. If I keep saying it, it will grow on her and I know she ships them. Plus, they are only two years apart in age and that's a safe number. Yep, it'll happen. *nods*

    3. *hides Ivie* Don't listen to her. XD

    4. *jumps back out* Gray, lying is a sin. XD


    5. GRAY: You're welcome! When I saw these comments I about had a laugh attack. xD
      The donut blend is really good, but I've only had a couple different kinds. I don't know if they're all the same. I could eat mint chocolate chip ice cream all day...and night.

      IVIE: YES, Jiper forever!! Maybe if we mention Jiper in every comment she'll change her mind. Plus, Josh and Piper fit the gruff guy+ hyper girl ship perfectly.

      GRAY: *squeals* JIPER!! JIPER!!!

    6. @LHE: I mention Jiper all the time to her, so maybe! *crosses fingers*

      @Gray: Tis a mob I started and if I recall, a certain someone *cough* you *cough* started a mob on me...XD

    7. I failed to make a mob this big though..

  3. The pics are awesome! Piper sounds amazing, and so does Alex. Josh...poor guy. I'm already feeling for him and I haven't even read this story yet! <3 Rock on, girl! Can't wait to hear more about your story!

    1. Thanks! :D

      Yeah, I feel bad for Josh, even as a heartless writer.

      Thank you so much! <3

  4. I think the question should read, "What is one lie the writer believes?" and the answer is..."She believes #Jiper won't happen."

    It'll happen. Just watch. Or write. Either way, it'll happen.

    I love the aesthetics for this, too. And the answers are amazing. I feel like I know more about the characters that I didn't before and I can relate to each of them in a way.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    #Jiperforever <--- Yes, I will be starting a new hashtag.

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. I was laughing so hard while reading this.. but Ivie, no. XD

      Thank you!


    2. #YesJiperGray. Oh yeah, I will get things trending. Just wait. I'm going to be making an author twitter soon. Just you wait. XD

    3. Oh my word you guys.... *dies laughing*

    4. Faith, do you think Jiper should be a thing?

    5. Jiper should be a thing XD

    6. Do not join the dark side, Jeanne!! XD

    7. YESSSSS, THANK YOU, JEANNE!! See, Gray, I'm not crazy. :D

    8. Hmmmm....I'm growing on non-canon ships! Let's keep it non-canon, guys...more fun that way....XD

    9. #Jiperforever

      I can't wait till you join twitter Ivie, then I can have someone to hashtag wreck havoc with xD

    10. @Faith: Hey, if you ship it, then I'm okay with that. XD
      @Anna: That sounds like a blast!! I'm thinking about making it sometime this month. I've told my mom I just want to do Twitter for now because I don't like Facebook and I eventually plan to do an Instagram. It seems like that's where the book audience is. XD

      We must grow the #Jiperforever fandom. *nods*

    11. Also, I forgot the important questions over my obsession with Jiper.

      Coffee: I don't drink it. Sweet tea for life!
      Ice cream: Intense Chocolate by Creamy Creations at HEB. I feel bad for any non-Texans who can't have a taste of Creamy Creations. XD

    12. That's sad about the coffee, but that brand of ice cream is SO GOOD. I love HEB. XD

    13. It's not sad. If it makes you feel better, my parents drink it everyday. They brew it at home and get special flavors from HEB. XD

      I love HEB, too. All the ice cream in that brand is pretty good. I actually haven't had ice cream in a while because it didn't sound great for a while, but now that it's getting warmer, I kind of want some. Oh, the Birthday Cake one is good, too. Pretty much anything with chocolate, except the one with almonds. I tried that one and that's how I learned my almond irritation had grown a little stronger. XD

    14. Why are you opposed to the Jiper ship? <<<100% NOT sarcasm, I'm actually really curious. <3

    15. I just feel like we need more platonic relationships in young adult. ^_^

  5. Okay, I just wanna give Josh a great big hug. The poor guy probably needs one. And Alex too, he needs one too. *hugs characters*

    Your MC's are precious little bbys and I dearly adore them, Gray!

    (and my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough :) )


    1. Thanks, Catherine!

      Chocolate chip cookie dough is delicious! It was my favorite when I was ten. ^_^

  6. *wiggles eyebrows* No Jiper? Seriously? I don't believe it. I see it happening...I've been following your pinterest board too and yes Gray, admit it. YOU"VE AT LEAST CONSIDERED IT.

    xD But seriously this book needs to happen, I'm already mother cooing over Alex, like come into my arms you dreamer. And Jiper *nods knowingly* I have hope in it...this book is gonna be a bomb Gray.

    1. Also the important questions...

      Coffee: salted caramel frappucino
      Ice cream: Maple Pecan or Raspberry/Hazelnut together in the cone.

      *dies* I need this food ^^ even though I just had bluberry pancakes drenched with syrup. *groans and holds stomach* The struggle is real.

    2. .... I feel very ganged up on rn, this isn't fair. xD

      Thank you, Anna!

      That's my favorite coffee as well. <3
      And I've tried something similar to that flavor of ice cream, it was delicious.

      Being a foodie is rough. XD

    3. A pinterest board, hmm, I must see for myself. She didn't deny that she's thought of it, so I'm thinking we're closer to bringing her to our side. XD

      Gosh, I forgot to answer the important questions.

  7. I like how you portrayed their strengths and weaknesses. Lies are also incredibly important to discern in your character. nice work

  8. Mint choc chip is the best ice cream flavour ever- oh and btw your characters sound really cool, can't wait to read their story XD

    And just to contradict everyone else here no I don't ship Jiper I like reading about platonic relationships that stay platonic relationships pls and thx

    1. It's one of my favs too! Thank you!! :D

      That's refreshing, thank you, I plan on keeping it platonic!

  9. *reaches for Josh to give him hug* *stops* *sweats* *is too afraid to do it* *pulls back*

    *tackles Alex in a ginormous hug* I DON'T EVEN KNOW MUCH ABOUT YOU, BUT I ALREADY FREAKIN' LOVE YOU.

    *waves at Piper* Helloooooo, the name's Lila, would LOVE to be your friend!!!

  10. I love Josh's motivation ("...I got dragged into it?") xD But I think Alex sounds like one of those lovely sad soft huggable characters... *waits for Lila to finish hugging him* *pats him on the back*

    ...coffee comes in types??
    - Jem Jones

    1. Thank you! XD

      Yes it does, although home brew is the most common. XD

  11. Wow, gosh, I'm loving these characters. Do awesome to get to know them a bit better. I'm 100% certain that their stories and how they entwine will be beautiful.

  12. Your main characters (MCs) sound amazing.

  13. your posts are always super helpful!


  14. I love these characters!
    I really relate to Piper, I paint too!

  15. I can really relate to Alex :'(

    I like your characters. I hope this all works out.

    1. Aw, I'm sorry. But I'm glad he resonated with you.


  16. Ah, I finally got over here to your blog again! Awesome main characters, Gray! I would love if Piper was real and we could go out for a coffee or hang out and paint together sometime.

    Also, I'm really happy to find that I'm not the only one with more guy MCs than girls...

    1. Thank you! I wish she was real too. XD

      Guy MCs are my favorites.

  17. Well... I'm here now. XD
    Just sayin', Josh sounds awesome at the same time he sounds like a person I'm not sure if I'd want to be friends with. Definitely, I'd go up to him, hand him a light bulb and tell him to use it. XD

    1. XD

      HA! I love Josh, but he is sort of my child so that probably helps me like him right off the bat. >.<

  18. Josh.

    Just Josh. I need this in my life just because of him. He needs a hug and someone to tell him that he doesn't have to be too far gone. I sincerely hope I get to read this one day because Piper, Alex, and Josh all have extremely intriguing character arcs (as far as I can tell). Good luck with the writing! <3

    *hugs Josh*

    1. Aww.

      Thank you so much, and sorry for not seeing this earlier!

    2. You're so welcome. And don't sweat it, I completely understand that sometimes it's hard to remember to reply to comments. It's all good.

    3. Thanks for understanding! <3

  19. "Josh is pretty much dragged into everything." <--- Haha! That is why I want to read this story.

    And I really do love all your characters!!!!


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