june wrap-up // I ALMOST STABBED SOMEONE?!?!?!

Part of my brain can’t believe June is already over, it feels like the days just went by in a flash.

June was a busy month for me, this year I was the photographer at my church’s VBS, as well as one of the teens in the skit every night, it was a lot of fun and I got to hang around a group of kids in my church that I normally wouldn’t have.

 The lighting is so bad, I'm sorry!

Fun fact: the boy in the green is one of my little brothers :P
 The seven most awesome people at our VBS (yes, I'm including myself).

^^as the only two girl actors, we had to take at least one bad selfie before the skit

Back to the photography part, I had to borrow one of my friend’s mom’s camera. My friend’s mom is a photographer, and she let me borrow one of her nicer cameras for the week. I hate to admit it, but I barely knew anything about professional cameras (I didn’t even know about ISO), so I learned a lot during that week!

^^The spider over our front door that I named Daisy. <3

So, I'm sure that title startled half of y'all on here, so let me explain... first let me show you the texts I sent to my mom, and then I'll tell you the full story:

Yeah, picture me marching down our hall shouting at the top of my lungs, a butcher knife in one hand, and my phone with 911 dialed out on the other with my thumb ready to press call. 

My family was at swimming lessons that morning so I was home alone working on school, I came out to plug my phone in (my charger is in our kitchen because of a family rule).

 I was plugging my phone in when I heard the sound of a toilet flushing... I freaked out due to watching too many 48 Hours documentaries and thus I decided to investigate. 

I feel really really stupid. 

But better safe than sorry I guess. 😅

And I realize that my blog title is technically clickbait, but hey, I'm just practicing for my future Youtube career! (Jk. Jk.).

FUNNY MOMENTS OF THE MONTH (asides from the butcher knife moment):

Friend: So, you're driving now?
Me: Yes, I have a learner's permit.
Him: How does that work?
Me: What?
Him: How do you reach the pedals, do you tape your books to your shoes? 
Me: Haha. 
Him: You better watch out for me when I turn fifteen.
Me: I'm leaving town the moment you turn fifteen.
Little kid at VBS: Hey, are you the girl on stage with the pretty springy hair?

A few of my friends and I are hanging out in our church sanctuary, the only other person is there is a sound guy in the sound booth.  

One of the guys *jokingly walks up to the altar and grabs the mic* 
Him: .... i lIkE tRaInS.

Turns out the mic was on and the poor sound guy looked so confused. 

Friend: Let's take a selfie!
Me: *makes a face at the camera*
Friend: You look like a crazy.
Me: I am a crazy.
Friend: Oooh, makes sense.

I helped my mom with her class at the end of VBS, since I had already finished the slide shows, and I made the mistake of sitting down during the lesson and around eight kids tried to sit in my lap at once. 

They also thought my name was Mary Ann because that's my name in the skit. X_x

Little kid: Why did you draw with sharpie on your eyelids?
Me: It's just my eyeliner. XD
Notable books:

       Posts this month:

The Problem with Darkness in YA

Also, I recently reached a thousand followers on Pinterest, and I'd like to thank y'all for following me and sharing my blog posts, half of my pageviews are from Pinterest, so it is greatly appreciated.

Sooo, I think that's the end of this wrap-up? I'm volunteering at another church camp (as a leader, not a photographer), so y'all probably will hear more about that at the end of July! 

How was your June?
Have you ever freaked out over a sound when you're home alone?

Happy Writing,


  1. I always go for the knives when I hear sounds XD
    Those little kids sound adorable, love all the pictures.
    1K on Pinterest is impressive!

    1. Same... apparently. XD
      They were, it's such a fun age to be around!
      Thanks, it's kind of weird because all I do is pin random things, but it's fun to see people following my boards. >.<

  2. Haha, yes, when you’re home alone, EVERY LITTLE SOUND is a criminal. I have almost gone for weapons sometimes. And wow, 1K on Pinterest? Congrats!
    Sounds like your June was a good one!

  3. The knife scenario sounds like something I would do...Our dog is really protective of his food so whenever I go through the garage (especially alone) I have a "weapon" (e.g. little kid scooter, laundry basket). Looks like you've had an excellent June! I helped out at a VBS last year but we sorta "winged" the skits....


    1. Wow, really? Your dog sounds scary. >.<

      We half wing the skits as well, or at least I do. XD

  4. I freak out over sounds when I'm home alone literally ALL THE TIME, and it usually ends up just being my dog. I don't usually resort to grabbing a weapon, but I do keep my phone on me in case anything 911-worthy happens. However, one time I did take a broom with me when I had to walk my dog alone. Not the most practical weapon choice, I realize.

    1. It's usually just my cats when I'm alone. I mean, anything is a weapon if you use it right. XD

  5. That title scared me. XD Glad to know it was clickbait. XD But...why was the toilet flushing??

    Have an AWESOME July!

    1. SAME. I have no idea, I think one of my siblings might of broken the handle so it doesn't always snap back down after you flush it or something. >.<

      You too!

  6. Haha I hate being home alone too, I get super jumpy and every time I hear a tiny little sound I'm convinced someone's breaking in, I don't think I've ever gone as far as picking up a knife though 😂 I live in quite an old house so I'm used to all sorts of weird sounds from the pipes and stuff. I'm glad you've had a great June! 😊

    Andrea @ https://spaceshipsvampiresandsecretagents.blogspot.com

    1. I was too at first! But I'm so use to being home alone now that I don't usually get scared. >.<
      Thank you! I hope you have a great july. :D

  7. Sharpie on eyes 😂😂😂 Ahh your month was hilariously crazy XD

  8. hahaha, love all your conversation bits ;D

  9. Honestly I can't judge at all because I'm exactly the type of person to grab the nearest weapon and start screaming at the 'intruder' haha :D

  10. The title of your blog post kinda startled me but it was a good attention getter! Well done! That said, I remember VBS from when I was really little and I remember thinking it was kinda stupid. The GOOD NEWS: I finally met my longtime online runner friend, Molly M., who was part of one of the best track/XC school in New York! I met her online my senior year of high school because our high school acronyms were both the same: EAHS. Since then she became kinda a online running companion. This month Molly and the rest of her team went to the elite fast runners only New Balance Nationals meet at North Carolina A&T. I finally got to meet her in real life1 It was exciting to me, because I finally met the runner behind the screen, and at her last meet for that matter. So meeting Molly after a track meet was one of the biggest things for me. The OTHER big thing is I went to the mountains a few weeks ago, and ran may first 10k of the year. It was kinda ironic. Just like last year, this was my first 10k of the year, and just like last year, this time I won first in my age group again! So I have 2 first place in my age group medals now. All because both races no guys win my age group wanted to run.

    1. That was my intention. It is kind of stupid in some parts, but I've always loved it.

      That's so cool! Congrats!!! :D

  11. June has been a great month! I'm sad it's over, but July has always been my favorite.- Jose

    1. I can never pick between the two. >.<
      I hope you have a fun July!

  12. Are you going to kill the spider named Daisy? Those were good pictures you took. -June

    1. No way! I love spiders, and it's always fun seeing spiders grow up on our porch. :D
      Thank you!

  13. The other day I had a slightly freaky experience, but I wasn't home alone. I was actually at an empty house, which I think is worse. My brother was mowing and I drove him there, and while he was taking a break, there came these super weird noises from the other part of the house. We assumed it was just mice, but we never actually found out. :o

    1. Yikes! I've heard a lot about homeless people living in houses like that, so I'm glad y'all didn't come across anyone.

  14. Wow June flew by! But I’m also looking forward to July :D.
    Oh yes, home alone and noises scare me? Yeah. One time I was home alone and I literally almost gave myself a heart attack from my own shadow - not my finest moment (I attribute that from watching too many murder mysteries).
    Great post!

    1. Yes, same!
      I cannot blame you, I've made the mistake of watching scary movies alone. XD

  15. Nooo, Gray. Not the spider :( :0

    I know I'm being a baby but still...

    Yeah, sometimes sounds when you're at home alone can be scary. I know I definitely get creeped out if I can't find the source.

    1. But I love spiders! XD

      Yep, same. I hope you have a great July! <3

  16. Looks like you had a great June! Hope your July is just as good!!!

  17. Gosh, Gray, such clickbait-y clickbait I have never seen. XD

    Great wrap-up!! VBS sounds like it was a blast! And I so want to read Scythe. :D

    1. I should just do really outrageous title every month like that. XD

      Thank you! Scythe is so good.

  18. "Pretty springy hair". Haha! Love it! Your hair is beautiful by they way. :)
    Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Your blog looks lovely nowadays!

    1. Thanks. <3
      I should say the same, I need to comment on your posts more often.

  19. A Thousand Perfect Notes WAS SO SO GOOD!

  20. VBS is fun to help with! I was on a mini vacation the last two days, so I only got to help the first three days this year.

    1. It is, I love volunteering. Three days is better than none!

  21. Volunteering with all those little kids sounds fun! Also I've already said this but I am sos obsessed with your hair!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    1. It was, they were so cute! Thank you!! <33


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