Short Notice

I'm going to be very busy these next three days, normally I would post something today, but my post isn't ready yet and I won't be able to post it until either this Sunday night or Monday.

I also probably won't be able to respond to comments or emails.

I thought about not posting anything, but I decided to let y'all know before I disappear from the blogosphere shortly. I always try my best to comment on y'all's posts, so I am sorry for anything I may miss!

Stay awesome,

(also I blocked comments on this because I know spammers are going to try to spam my posts while I'm away... I JUST KNOW IT. Also, it's a tad bit overwhelming to turn on your phone after a few days and get flooded with a thousand emails from different things, so I'm cutting it down a bit). 
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Hi, wonderful human bean.
I am so happy that you took time out of your day to share your thoughts with me! :)
But please,
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I will do my best to reply!