How to Grow Your Following and Gain More Views Using Pinterest

So I'm still getting a good amount of page views, which I find surprising because I feel like my content quality and just posting schedule (when I use to have one), has really gone down because life is insane....and I'm lazy. 

Also, I use to get around 70 comments a post and now I get around 40 (not that I'm complaining, I'm really just happy to get any comments at all, thank y'all so much!!❤️).

Seriously, the last thing I want to be is like him, ew. ^

Shoutout to Faith for being one of my top referring sites! 

Anyways, my number one referring sites is Pinterest, it's always been a good site to share my posts on and I've gotten so many blog readers from it!

So, today I decided to write a post about things I've learned about Pinterest and how you can gain followers and views for your blog from it!

1. Pinnable images. Try to make it:
-Easy to read
-Eye-catching (in a good way!)
-Make sure to put your blog brand, logo, or link on it
-Standard article pin size (around 600x900) I use the Book Cover template on Canva

2. Save your post to Pinterest! You as the blogger and writer of the post should be your blog’s number one promoter, so save it to your account, be proud of your work. I’ve found that posting blog posts to boards titled things like My Blog Posts don’t work as well, sadly unless you are famous enough that people seek out your writing, pinners won’t go out of their way to go through your board. I pin most of my posts in my board Writing Prompts and Tips and have seen far better statistics than before when I was pinning to a board only for my personal posts.

My writing board, and look! One of my blog posts!! 

3. Make your post’s header be easy to share. Attached widgets or download some standard coding for this, GetSiteControl is a free and easy way to do this.

4. Make sure the description under your post is solid. Either your description will be the title of your blog or the search description you gave it.

5. Confirm your site on Pinterest. Not much to say here, it’s just more proficient.

6. Pin your post to every relevant board you have. This might seem a bit extra, but remember my point on no.2:  “You as the blogger and writer of the post should be your blog’s number one promoter..”
Now we move on to the second step in this whole thing, which is:
Gaining followers

I hate to say this, but if you have around five followers on Pinterest and you’re trying to get a decent amount of views, it probably won’t go well, that being said, how can you gain followers and re-pins?

1. Use the business setting on Pinterest. It looks so much more professional and will help people want to stay on your page.

2. Pin good pins. Look, I love memes as much as the next teenager, but unless your Pinterest is dedicated to dank memes only, use them sparingly! Sadly, memes aren’t usually easy on the eyes with their color contrasts and grammar mistakes.

3. Pin a different variety of pins. I’ve read some advice articles in the past about Pinterest and remember them saying to stick to a theme but, nah. It’s my Pinterest and I pin what lovely things I want. Also, I’ve found that it actually does bring in more followers.
From character inspiration to tattoos 
Makeup to humor (including memes) 
From the love of my life a.k.a. coffee to aesthetics  
and from celebrities to fashion

4. Follow people and boards you like. This one’s easy, see a user with a bunch of lovely boards? Follow them. See a fellow writer with some great writing boards? Follow them. See a person you know in real life? Follow them (while grinning at them when you see them in public because you know their secret addiction).

Aaannndddd that is a wrap!
Do you use Pinterest?
What tips would you add?

Happy Writing,


6 Things I Don't Understand/Annoy Me in Young Adult

Ayyyyeee. I'm really proud of how this posts graphics turned out for some reason, anyways that's all I really wanted to say on that... so, yeah, let's just jump into today's post!
There are a lot of things that annoy me, homeschooler stereotypes, jeans with fake pockets, etc.

But there are even more things that annoy me in YA, as well as many things that make me do a double take at the page I'm on and think, what in heaven's name is this unholy thing? 

So, today we're going over them, because... well, because I can.

What water are these adults in YA novels drinking? I'd really like to know as a teen who often feels written off because of my age, (which I can't blame most grownups for since I do still lack a lot of life experience and maturity,) how??
The new rebellion needs a leader? Let's put the emotional mess of a teenage girl or guy in charge. Sounds like a solid plan.

I'm sorry, but why on earth are we putting the fate of the world in a teen's hands??? Like, I don't trust myself with the fate of the world and I don't trust any of my peers either, but for some reason all of the grownups in these books are just like, yeah, let's give the teenager all of the responsibility!

Does no one else get hangry? How is anyone able to think with an empty stomach? Weeks have passed in your novel and there has been no mention of food, ARE YOUR CHARACTERS STARVING? DO THEY HAVE FOOD PILLS FROM THE FUTURE?? I HAVE QUESTIONS, PEOPLE.

Maybe I just don't understand this because I am a huge overthinker, but I'm sorry, say what?? What normal sane person does this? The girl character just sees a cute guy from across the room and she's 100% certain that he is her destiniy.... GIRL. HE COULD KICK PUPPIES AND KITTENS FOR FUN FOR ALL YOU KNOW, AND YOU THINK YOU LOVE HIM???  Personally, my reaction when I meet a cute guy: oh, he's cute...*goes on with life*Now, when I meet a person who I find attractive personality and appearance wise, I go into panic mode. I will find a valid reason not to like this person. Because feelings are the worst, and just no.  
^Me, when I think I'm catching feelings for someone.  

That being said, if I read one more book with insta-love, I will throw up. 

Honestly, this one is so infamous, 'nuff said.

I remember one time this guy was telling me how his dad caught him sneaking back into his house after a night out and only grounded him for a week, and I was just sitting there thinking how dead I would be if I did something like that.

And that's how I feel while reading young adult novels. I get it, I'm homeschooled so my parents are way more in my everyday life than public schooled characters, but still. These kids could get away with murder and their folks would be blissfully unaware.

I hate virgin shaming in books or movies. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin and waiting for the right person or waiting for marriage. There is nothing wrong with not being ready for sex, emotionally or physically. And personally, I find it rather creepy that the loser virgin stereotype is pushed by middle-aged authors and screenwriters towards teens.

 What are some things that make you do a double take in young adult? 
Also, sorry for the late post, I'm volunteering at a church program all this week, super busy. 🙃

Happy Writing!


5 Reasons Why You as a Writer Should Read and Watch Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece that all writers should read or at least watch.

There are so many benefits to reading (or watching) this series, and today I'll be telling you why you as a writer need to look into these books!

*No, this wasn't inspired from Ivie's stubbornness to pay attention to this series even though I've spammed her in countless comment sections *cough* I'm not that petty *cough*

**Actually, I am, who am I kidding?

So, here's why you need to read and watch Lord of the Rings:

1. Exceptional world-building. 

The detail of Middle-earth is jaw-dropping, and it makes sense that it took twelve years for Tolkien to write. You can clearly see how much work that he put into his world, every scene is in depth. Not only did he add amazing locations, but Tolkien also added multiple races of creatures, a few of these being hobbits, dwarfs, elves, ents, orcs, and trolls. Plus, he wrote a whole language (Elvish)??? That's super impressive! To read more about the complexities of J.R.R. Tolkien's world check this

2. Amazing character arcs. From my post a few weeks ago, y'all know I am a sucker for a well-written arc, and I totally think writers should take notes on how well these arcs are written. The tells of redemption, falling into evil or becoming what you were destined to be are written almost perfectly.

3. The character depth. This kind of ties into the character arcs, but the character depth and motivations are so good! And it's hard to explain, but the characters are so realistic. 

4. Merry and Pippin. Because who can't love these guys?

Image result for pippin and merry gifs

 Honestly, both of them are meeee if I was in a novel or movie
Image result for pippin and merry gifs

5. Because you just should, it's that good!!! JUST GO READ IT! There's so much to learn from it, and even if you're not a writer it's still amazing!! Tolkien was one of the trailblazers in the fantasy genre, and he pulled it all off so well. 

 What do you think of Lord of the Rings?
Have you watched or read them (or both)? 

Happy Writing,


Just popping in to say....

Happy fourth of July!!

If you're an American I hope you have a great day of celebrating the freedom of this amazing country, and if you're not American I still hope you have a great day!

I thought I had to stay home today because of burns on my arms and legs and it's too hot to wear pants outside right now, but luckily I got fewer burns than I thought on my legs so I can pass with band-aids.

I've been reading about the American Government for school, and America is such a complex country, I firmly believe America is one of the best countries ever, sure we have our fair share of #issues, but I hope we can come together soon and become a strong and diverse nation.

So happy fourth, y'all! 

And here's a video from Studio C that never fails to make me laugh:


my tears are yours

They say not to base your characters off of yourself, and I try not to, but I've always based my character's emotions off of my own. 

I write when I am feeling the most emotional, whether I'm super happy, sad, angry, etc. My character's emotions come from my own, in a way a huge piece of my heart and soul gets captured in my words. My characters understand me more than I understand myself, and that is truly one of the biggest miracles of writing. 

Half of Alex's story has been written through tears, and I hope that in the end it shows and feels real, because it is. 

I'm sorry for this ramble, I'm just going through a lot right now, but here's an (unedited, so forgive any errors) snippet from my current WIP to make up for it: 


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