July was lovely, I am sad to see it go. I didn't expect to have so much fun this month, but I did (which is a very good thing).

But what did I do this month? Is the question you're probably not asking.... however, I'll answer it anyway because I like looking back on these posts even if it's mostly unwanted and unpopular on this tiny blog. :P

I baked and tried to follow a Bob Ross tutorial with some dear friends. 

We made a lot of "happy little accidents" but it was super fun.

A few friends and I decided to start a writing club.
 It's called The Inklings 1.4, the 1.4 reference is an inside thing, but if anyone gets the main reference let me know!
 We have a lot of obscure rules, code names, and apparently, our group is supposed to be hush hush???? I'm not doing a good job of that right now, but most likely y'all don't know the other members. :P  

I drank a lot of ice coffee.

& dabbled in watercolor, I've missed it so. <3

CAMP. It was so, so good!! We studied so much, the lessons and sermons were amazing, and the fellowship was fantastic!

Honestly, making more Chrisitan friends was awesome. I really needed strong, modest, and young people my age who are obeying and striving to obey the bible in my life, and thanks to this camp, I am in touch with many more sweet sisters and I got to meet many lovely brothers. <3

my siblings came for an afternoon, and my little brother was famous among the girls

It was so nice to unplug and really focus on God that week as well as making lasting friendships with my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

you know when you have those people in your life that just make you smile?
Meet some of those people. :) 

 I made a  tie-dye shirt at camp and my super talented friend lettered it for me, and ACK! I love it!!! 
I also had to climb up a tree to put a baby bird back. It was scary, ngl.

Wondering how I haven't been kicked out of my group chats...

Also being slightly mean to my poor friend, but apparently we're still friends?? So it's all good. :P 

i love spiders so much

Copying Ivie and taking photos at the library. 

 My little brother, Shayne, started a blog.

Photo credit @ meee 

You can follow it here, if you want to make the dude's day, also his lessons are really good! I overhear him teaching my siblings sometimes and I listen in, I can't wait to read his future content.

How was your month? 


Book Review: Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig

[Summary (from goodreads):]

Once lost to history, the Book of the Wars has resurfaced, and its pages hold ancient secrets and dangers. Former Navy SEAL Leif Metcalfe has been tasked with capturing the ancient text, but a Bulgarian operative snatches it, determined to secure her freedom. When a series of strange storms erupt, they must form an alliance to thwart impending disaster.

Three very important words that help describe this book: Captain America vibes. 

WHOO! This was fast-paced and I found myself rooting for both Leif and Iskra. Both of them are so likable and have very good chemistry with each other, I actually enjoyed reading about their interactions which is way more than I can say for a lot of main characters in other books in this genre. 

I adored the backstories and the snark was phenomenal. 

My only complaint was, of course, the romance. Although I liked both of the characters and generally their bond, it got a bit sappy at times. I don't know y'all, but reading the word "sizzling" in describing a character's attraction to someone even if it's PG, will distract me from the overall story because I will have to take a second to laugh. 

Other than that, I enjoyed this book! It's always nice to read a clean action book. 

3.5 stars 


O, Lonely Child

The moonlight revealed her. A small figure stumbling forward in the dark. Her sobs are damped by her hand clamped over her mouth as she crumples to the ground. The moon gazes down on her in understanding and in sorrow, the wind gently blows the grass towards her shoulder, patting softly.

It’s okay. The sleeping flowers stir awake and whisper in her ear. It’s going to be okay.
A choking sound escapes her as sadness claws its way up her throat.
Where do I go? her whisper is stolen by the blustering wind, but heard nonetheless.
Home. The crickets answered.
Her breath hitches, I have no home.
Ahead. The wind exhales so close that she can feel its orange blossom breath on her neck as the moon speaks down to her, smiling softly.  
She stands, clutching her jacket around her in the cool summer night air.
A forest looms over her, one that wasn’t there before.

She takes a step forward trembling.
Come, child. The trees outstretch their branches to embrace her.
Stepping forward into the forest, she welcomed their embrace, shivering as their branches brushed her, whispering words she couldn’t yet decipher. Poems she hadn’t heard before in languages she didn’t know existed.
The oaks echoed her heartbeat, a drumming sound followed by the gut-wrenching guttural howl of the wind through their branches.
Oh, child with a shattered heart, bloodshot eyes, and hollow chest, what is it that brings you here?
The moon, she told the trees, the moon sent me here.
What do you want?
Tears well in her eyes, I don’t know.
Lies. Hisses the wind, betraying her.
The girl crumples to the forest floor, her head in her hands, salt water leaking out. The wolves that she has been fighting off her in mind catch up to her, their teeth sinking into her heart.
You are hollow, my child. The largest oak spoke, your heartstrings have been etched into mine many years ago. I’ve felt you love and love and love and then I felt your heart shatter as you lost. I know what you are searching for, but tell me. Tell me out loud.
She shakes her head, body shuddering with sobs. I can’t.
You can. A statement. A command.
So, with a shuddering breath, she draws herself up, and cries, “home.”
Who says you didn’t find a home?
She shakes her head. That was no home.
I know, my dear, but who says this isn’t home?
The moon smiles down at her from above the branches, the trees sway in the wind to an ancient song, and she feels her heart still for the first time in forever. The lullaby of the forest lulls her to sleep...


You know that feeling when you really want to post something but you only posted two days ago so you really shouldn't post anything else but you do anyway because you're a rebel?
Me too! TWINS, I TELL YA.😍🙌 

Soooo, I am doing a thing.

A project.

A story.

I didn't honestly think I would ever write again, but here I am because I'm bad at saying no and joined a friend's writing club.

So, yep.

Of course, since I'm doing this, I have to give y'all some #aesthetics, but I was too lazy and tired to format them into any sort of collage so here are some screenshots of my Pinterest board for it:

What is this story about? Hahahahahahahaha!

Your guess is honestly as good as mine cos it's a hot mess rn. 

But in word aesthetic format it's about:

friendship//magic//finding your worth//seeking a home//hope//outcasts//and the longing for something more in life that we all feel at one point

Here's some aesthetic pictures of me at the library, because why not? 

Annndddddd, that's pretty much it!

I did make a mock cover, but I am terrible at covers so I doubt I'll keep it, I don't know what I'm going to do for a cover but eh (maybe a contest? IDK know what a prize it would be though). 


Snippets of Life

These moments ended in a blink of an eye and then they became memories... 

Can you believe summer is almost over? Oh no. Welp, here's to the memories.

Meeting people who love Jesus as much as I do and wondering if I've somehow ended up in heaven because, wow, this feels like home.


A man's voice cracking in pain as he tells about the death of his four-year-old son, and the strength in his wavering voice as he tells us how he realized how much it must have hurt God to lose His own son for us.


I like talking to people in the dark because I think I can hear them smile.


Adoring music so so much.


Praying out loud in the moonlight, the feeling of my friends' hands clutching mine, the dock swaying under me in the water, and the crushing weight of everything falling off my shoulders.


Waking up to shrieks in the car because one of my friends drooled on another one of my friend's jeans while sleeping.


My friend and I starting a writing club and coming up with wacky rules because every good writing club needs to be quirky.


We write our fears with sharpies on rocks and then chuck them into the river smiling at the satisfying splash. I can imagine them sinking and settling at the bottom, our fears drowned for a moment.


My three-year-old brother announcing that my friend is his new favorite because "she's so nice and watches me play basketball".


Deciding to just hold a guy's hand to avoid the awkward situation and because he's been staring at me, waiting, hand outstretched for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Struggling to focus on the prayer because his gruff hand over mine feels wrong and no, thank you.


That awkward winky face you make when you see your friend taking a picture of you to use as your contact. Also, she didn't just send it to me, she sent it to the group chat, lol.


Singing hymns at the top of our lungs as we walk through the pasture while the sun sets.


My mom's texts that read, "You're going to tell me everything, right?".


My friends and I trying to follow along with a Bob Ross tutorial and losing it as we fail terribly.


The sound of a baby bird chirping in the shoebox under my arm as I climb a tree to place it back in its nest.


Asking a friend how he's holding up and watching tears fill his eyes as he says that he's okay, he's okay. And I say, you will be okay.


The ding, ding, of my phone going off as my group messages explode.


Looking up and seeing a full glowing moon and getting too excited at its beauty, thus pointing it out to everyone.


My sister telling me that she and her friends have decided that I am, in fact, pretty.


I can't do this is murmured so many times by my friends and I, but yet we do. We get through it all the same.


Goofy poses for photos.


Setting up Bible study dates and meeting and reconnecting with people I hope to study with.


Watching Andy Griffin and eating popcorn on the couch in my oversized t-shirt and coffee pajama pants with my siblings.


Meeting adults that I 10000% respect and look up to and having good conversations with them about life and the Bible and how the eye works.


Realizing how much the Lord has done for me and how little I've done for Him.

Hi all, I'm back.
What's up?
How's life?


I'm leaving

....for camp this week, what did you think I meant?

So yeah, for the whole week I will be out dying in the Texas heat. :P

BUT hopefully I will also be:

  • making friends
  • fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters in Christ
  • studying the Bible
  • memorizing verses
  • hearing amazing lessons
  • having an overall blast
I'm looking forward to it!

I'll "see" (a.k.a. read y'all's posts and hopefully get to chat in comment sections plus in emails) when I get back. Love you guys! <3

Here's an edited photo of mine to remind y'all of an obvious fact about me: 

I've also been drinking wayyyy too much ice coffee this summer, but it's so goodddddd.😍

Do you or have you gone to a summer camp? What did you think of it?

Tell me something that you like that is or should be common knowledge. :) 


Here I Am

"If you could change anything in the past, would you?" a friend asked. 

Questions like that make one think.

A year ago the answer would have been "YES!" without a second thought, but now...

Looking back on it all, the tears, the lies, the misdirections, the mistakes, the terrible things my family went through.

Would I change it?

I wish I had grown up in the church, that is one thing that went across my mind, however...

my story now is important and I wouldn't have it if my wish was true.

I realize that every mistake I have made has somehow lead up to this moment.

And I am thankful.

I am grateful for the tears, the sleepless nights, the days that crawled by viewed through bloodshot eyes and a hurting heart because now I am here. And here is a good place indeed.

A memory from not long ago comes to mind as I ponder that question:

// Sitting in my family's van after walking out of a restaurant in tears, the sound of the door sliding open, my mom stepping in.

-Are you okay? 

-Yeah, just tired. I don't know if I can do this anymore, I'm not strong enough. 

A breath. A pause.

Her voice breaks the silence.

-Before I thought everything was out of my control, but now I realize God has given us free choice and that our life is up to us on earth, so I look back on my life now and I think, wow, look at how strong I am. I couldn't have done it without Him, but wow, I did it with Him.  

I realize as I write this that I haven't made it to heaven yet, but wow. Look at how far I've come thus far.

"You are where you are meant to be."

Where are you, friend?
Most importantly: where are you headed?