Hey friends! As I explained in my last post, I have switched blogging platforms.
You can find me at The Worthy Beloved now (https://theworthybeloved.wordpress.com/).

Thanks for all of the great memories on this blog, let's make some new ones!


Goodbye Blogger

If you clicked expecting a joke or me announcing a break, you guessed wrong.

Don't click away just yet though, let me explain.

The majority of y'all know that this blog started out as a writing blog named Writing is Life, and for around two years that's what it was: a writing and book blog.

In the second year of blogging, I started going through a lot of issues when it came to depressive thoughts and behaviors, which I hinted at in a lot of posts back then.
I ended up in therapy and lost all motivation for my hobbies, especially writing.

I became a Christian at the end of that year and things really started looking up, I even quit therapy.
I thought that with my will to live being restored, my will to write stories would come back to, but it never did.

That year changed me and changed my priorities, so I switched the direction of this blog in my post-identity, dreams, and future plans // concerning my writing, my life, and the future of this tiny space on the internet <<whoo, what a title! I became more of a random lifestyle blog, and that has lasted for around a year now. And overall, I've been pretty happy with where I've been. 

However, a few weeks ago I started to think about this blog and where I wanted it to go. 

I felt like I could be doing so much more. 

After talking to my mom about it and her agreeing, I have made the decision:

I am leaving blogger.
I am leaving the random lifestyle blogger niche.
I am switching to WordPress.
I am starting a Christian lifestyle blog.

It took a while to let go of this blog.

I am not allowed to have social media, so I've never been able to connect to my friends online like other people, and I've never been able to really share my life online like I would like to as a teen growing up in the digital age.

In a lot of ways, I'll admit that this blog validated me and allowed me to express myself.

I've always felt really left out and out of the loop when it came to social media with my in-real-life friends, but this blog was a place that for once I was in the know, with my own community of friends.

It's hard letting this unprofessional blog go and switching to a more professional dynamic, because I know I am losing my only social media of sorts, and I'll lose the chance to connect to people by letting them see into my life and seeing into theirs.

I've thought of trying to do both, but I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with two blogs and that sooner or later it would just fade out. 

I also know I'm growing and that I need to grow online too and that my big reason for wanting to hold onto this blog is selfish. 

I want to encourage people and I want to create a website where people can go for knowledge and insight. Even though I am young, I hope that I can start working on building up such a place now.

Building a following takes time, and yes, it is hard letting go of all of the work I've done to build the small community of bloglovin, GFC, and email subscribers I've gained, but it is something I need to do.

So, goodbye blogger, you were good to me.

And if you're a reader here, I want to thank you for all of your encouragement throughout these years, your friendship means so much to me. 

I hope we can keep up, feel free to email me.

If you want to help support my new adventure, you can find me at my new blog:

Thank y'all for everything.