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       Ayo, ladies and gentlemen! As y'all may have noticed I changed my blog...AGAIN. Sorry if this is getting annoying, but I felt like I needed a more simplistic looking blog, so here we are! I hope all of you will be able to find your way around now!!
       And just because I feel weird posting this itsy bitsy post about barely anything, I'm leaving y'all with a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, I would encourage you to check them out! Since I really am hoping to go to the movies soon, I thought this was relevant!!


  1. Ohmygosh! I love the new set-up!
    That video is hilarious! xD We watch this channel all the time!!! <3 thanx!

  2. I love BlimeyCow. Ugh! Or when you watch Jurassic World (has enough cussing as it is), and the person in front of you cusses. Ok, it's kind of funny actually, but that's not the point. xD

    1. Lol! I've watched Jurassic World, but not in a movie theater!
      I did go to see Split, and there was an eleven year old in there for some reason... anyways when the child wasn't screaming, asking her mom what was happening, or getting popcorn everywhere, she was repeating all of the cuss words and giggling! That poor (but dumb) mom, now she has to explain to all of her friends why her daughter drops the F bomb along with a bunch of other words kids shouldn't know or say at that age! Why would anyone bring an eleven year old that immature to an thriller/horror movie? Lol, just, why.

    2. I have no idea. Nothing to you or anything, but I'm never watching that movie. If freaky images get into my mind, they stay in my mind. Gosh, what would make that mom feel justified to let her girl watch that kind of movie? Ick.
      That poor kid. :(

    3. Wow, that's CRAZY, Gray! It's weird how some parents will bring there children into horror movies...
      When I saw the last Hobbit in the theatre, there were four year olds with their parents. It's not a bad movie, but it's a little intense for a little kid... Plus the previews were SUPER inappropriate.
      I also know people who let four year olds watch horror movies that are probably worse than Split...
      I was there with LHE, and it was hilarious.... lol

    4. Split was good, just not for an eleven year old in a dark movie theater! My eleven year old brother begged us to bring him, but Mom didn't want him to watch it in the dark, and then his friends invited him over, so he was happy.
      And yes, my cousin watched Chucky at four, I haven't even watched that, and frankly I'm in no hurry to, it looks disgusting!
      The Hobbit is awesome! My whole family watch it a lot, we're not really as movie strict as most homeschoolers, which is good and bad at the same time!!!

    5. Yeah....
      Chucky?! I don't wanna watch it either.... O_O
      It is!!!! The Lord of the Rings, is the best, though...
      You're homeschooled? Cool, so am I! >o<

    6. Lord of the Rings is the best, because LOTR=Life!!!
      And you're homeschooled too? YAY FOR HOMESCHOOLERS!!!

    7. Yeppers!!!! LOTR = THE BESTEST EVER
      Yeppers again! I don't think I'd survive public school..... O___O lol

    8. Lol! I have friends that go to public school, and the stories they tell...nope, never.
      And The Lord of the Rings is EPIC. xD

    9. Same here!!! I'm like..... um, no thank you!
      It's kinda annoying, though. I was at the dentist the other day, and when I told her I was homeschooled, she was like, "Oh. So, do you socialize or anything?"
      I nodded, but in my mind, I was like, "DUH!"
      Lord of the Rings has everything good about movies put into one!!! <3 I'm a LOTR addict. I can't go a week without watching one of them.... xD

  3. Replies
    1. They are hilarious! Aren't they? You should check them out, they have a "Types of Homeschoolers" video which is hysterical.


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