I LOVE Grammar, Okay?

        Last Sunday I was at youth group and we were playing Hang Man, and it wasn't just the one word Hang Man, it was the full sentence version. Anyways, this kid got up there and he wrote this one the board: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

        In the end it translated to this (we didn't die, btw,):  
Andrew said it is raining and there is a hole in my umbrella.

       When the fellow was writing that on the board, I said that since the sentence was longer there should be at least one comma, that got me a bunch of eye rolls and sighs. Then, when we realized that the first two words were “Andrew said” I informed the guy that there should be quotations marks. This got me even more eye rolls, a girl jokingly told me to “shut up”, and a guy muttered under his breath “Grammar Nazi”.
       This got me thinking… Okay, maybe I was being a bit annoying, maybe. But punctuation is important, all of the kids there were above six grade, so you'd think they would at least use quotation marks occasionally.

       I also don't like the term “Grammar Nazi”. Nazis were these horrible people who imprisoned, tortured, and murdered so many innocent Jews. Why do we use that title so lightly? Since when do people get compared to a Nazi for loving grammar? How does this make any sense?! Why can't people just call me a “crazy grammar lovin' writer” and move on? Why is it always “Grammar Nazi”?!?!? I don't hail Hitler or anything, so labeling me anything with “Nazi” in front of it is incorrect.
          I remember when I was in six grade in T&T, this kid in class would always get there early and write Tom (fake name), was here. But instead of writing: Tom was here.
         Like an intelligent well-learned six grader, he would always write: Tom wuz har.
        And it wasn't like he was stupid or anything, he's actually very smart, but he just didn't want to write correctly, because he thought that was cool or something… And I don't mind abbreviations, I mean, I use them all the time. But writing incorrectly when it's the same amount of letters, it doesn't make sense… Anyways, I remember sneaking into the classroom early, getting a red marker, and correcting his grammar. We were sort of friends at the time, so I'm pretty sure he knew it was me, which just made him do it more.

           I can't stand when people put “kool” instead of “cool”, or “K” instead of “Okay”. When they put “K” it makes me confused, I thought we were talking about something else...not Potassium! If you want to annoy me, that's how you do it...
         I actually don't mind lingo like: “A lila fasta when runnin'” instead of: “A little faster when running”. I think it can be fun or cute, but if that's how that person always writes 24/7, yeah… it won't take long before my eye starts twitching, my fists start curling, and my eyes start watering. Just please, no.
         Well, guys this has turned out to be more of a rant than a discussion...sorry! Wait, who am I kidding? I'm not sorry!

                 Are you what they call a "Grammar Nazi"? Why or why not?

Happy Writing,


  1. I am so totally a grammar nazi, but I agree with you that we need a better name for it. How about Grammar Geek? Does that work? *is obviously a geek*
    But YES I GET MADE FUN OF SO MUCH FOR THIS AND IT MAKES ME CRAZY. I correct grammar in the books I read and it makes my family crazy. But they don't understand that I say those things because it makes ME crazy in the first place!

    1. Grammar Geek is awesome! I'm a geek, too!
      And yes, it drives me insane when a popular published author with around ten editors releases a book full of typos and grammar mistakes!

  2. OMGOSH! I am a definite Grammar Nazi!
    My mom is, too.... O_O lol xD

    1. It seems to run in most families...except my brother isn't a grammar freak/geek, I'm constantly correcting his wording!

    2. Same with LHE!!!! O____O lol xD

  3. LOL!!!!!
    "I remember sneaking into the classroom early, getting a red marker, and correcting his grammar"- Okay, this made me laugh so much!
    I know! The least the kid could have done was at least put a comma of nothing else. I'm comma crazy. lol
    There was this video that was about what nerds would do if they were vandals. Anyway, it showed a 4 by 4 truck, and the kids wrote "4 by 4= 16. (I can't do a multiplication symbol on my laptop.) Anyway, I just thought that was funny.
    I'm probably not a "grammar Nazi" because my sister fixes my grammar in my WIPs all the time. Lol

    1. I'm comma crazy, too! Which means I constantly struggle with run-on sentences.
      And the nerd vandalism sounds true, I'm a geek not a nerd but several of my friends are nerds!

    2. Yes. It's like I automatically write commas without even thinking about it. xD

    3. I'm a nerd. :D
      And a geek. xD

  4. THANK YOU. And Feminazi as well. How is wanting equal rights for people the same as killing thousands of innocents? Also btw thank you for your lovely email :)

    1. No one should be labeled anything with "Nazi" unless they really are in my mind! It's so weird. Since when did becoming truly passionate about something make you get associated with Nazis of all people?!
      And you're welcome for the email!

  5. It would be better with a couple of "that"s, but the sentence could be correct, arguably, by simply changing "my" to "his." Quotes would probably be the best way to go though, looking at the sentence in isolation.

  6. I love this so much!!! There needs to be more people like you!!!

  7. I can totally relate. I am not on about grammar as much as I am on about other things, but people still get mad at me. Also, I agree with you that Nazi is to harsh of word. That previous recommendation of geek instead sounds great. I already meet all other criteria.

  8. I am so PLEASED there are people who understand. I find "it's" and "its" worst, but unnecessary commas to 'form' plurals come a very close second. Also "you're" and "your" ("your'e" - what even? do they decide to average the two or something??) Also "their" and "they're" and "there". Als- *zips mouth shut* *to hold in the rant* *because the people here UNDERSTAND*

    Fellow Grammar Geek now following your blog. xD

  9. Yay! It makes me happy to hear that.


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