My Summer Writing Goals, 2017

            I haven't posted in FOREVER. And I'm sorry about that. But school. School. SCHOOL. I don't think my teachers at co-op realize that I have other subjects than their class! And even this week I have a ton of schoolwork to do, so I might not post again this week either... :'(
After this week it should get easier, though...hopefully...And I can get back to my regular posting routine!

          BUT school, It's ALMOST over!!! Almost. Soooo close. I hate school.

Literally how I feel when I'm in class...


Which means summer is almost here.

Like, summer? Um, yes, please!


         Which means I'll start junior guard and become a lobster because I'm part ginger. *sighs* But after that I'll get a killer tan, so, yay! And summer also means no more school, which means more time, which means I can finally spend a whole day in my room just writing! My parents always complain about me spending too much time in my room, but if they really wanted me out of it, they would get me a smaller laptop that can actually fit nicely in my lap, right? Mom, if you're reading this, consider it a hint!! (Jk. Jk)!

         Okay, that was off subject...where was I? Oh, yeah! Summer is almost here (it's so close I can almost taste the strawberry Popsicles mixed with chlorine and sweat)! And that means I'll actually have time to write!!! Which means I should have some writing goals, so here they are:

1. Write a book.

2. Publish said book.

3. Begin brainstorming for my next book.

          Yeah, I don't have very many goals, at least not very detailed goals. But I'm young! And I write for fun and my love of it, so who cares if I'm not über prepared for summer?!
         After school ends I plan on burning my notebooks for school! Whoo-hoo!!! And for all you people who love notebooks like me, please note that my school notebooks only have like three pages left and they are falling apart from being carelessly stuffed into my backpack as I ran down the hallway to my next class, since ALL of my teachers this year let their classes run late!

Are you excited about summer?! (I mean, who isn't)?!?! What are your writing goals?

Happy Writing,


It has come to my attention that I have 23 followers! I know for some of you that's not a big deal, but when I started blogging (February 13, 2017), I only knew Lilly, Elena, and Anne! I never even thought I'd reach double digits on this tiny blog, but look at that >>
Like, how is that even possible?! xD
So THANK YOU, to ALL of my followers, new and old!


  1. The workload only gets worse in college (blah. Can't wait to graduate)

    Congrats on the double digit followers!


    1. Ooh, I don't even want to imagine college!
      And thank you.

    2. You're welcome!

      (Quick question...whatever happened to that post on writing Christian Fiction that *supposidly* was published a week ago? I saw it on my dash but the link was broken and I can't find it *SADFACE*)

    3. Okay, about that... I'm not sure what happened. I was just finishing polishing that post, when my internet blinked...for an hour! And somehow that caused my post to be uploaded and then deleted, or something like that?! I have no idea..
      But I do hope to re-write that post sometime in the near future!

    4. Hmmm, a gremlin must have been at work. I look forward to reading it!

  2. Congrats on the followers! I love your blog.
    And yes, those are actually kind of heavy-duty goals, so it's not like you're really slacking XD I need to come up with some summer writing goals because I am going to write like CRAAAAZZZAAAY this summer. It'll be great.

  3. OH MY GOSH! SUmmer is ALMOST HERE!!!!!! NEEEEHHHHH!!!!!
    It's like.....TORTURE. Just waiting...and waiting....and waiting...and then BOOOM, END OF THE YEAR PROJECTS! Sheesh. It's like...."let's torture children and give them extra work to do. Yay, the kids are crying their brains out."
    It's SO hard to just sit and wait for summer to com.
    You know what, I've had goals for my writing and you know what? They didn't happen. *SOBBBBB*
    So yes, that's enough drama for today.
    *I LOVE co-op, but our last week of it was this Friday. It's sad. Though, they'll be starting back up in the Fall, so I'm happy,*

    *Waits, waits. Checks watch that she doesn't have....*

    1. UGH. I know that feeling all too well!!!
      My co-op ends this Friday, and sadly I probably won't really miss half of the people, lol.

    2. Aww, sorry 'bout that. I hope you get all you need to get done, done. ^_^

    3. Haha, me too... *glances at pile of homework* Yikes.

    4. Gracious me. Math is mental abuse to humans.
      *I totally did not find that on line. Why would you think such a thing?!* Lol
      It's so close, yet so far away....

    5. Math is awful, bleh. I totally agree with what math stands for, (and I totally don't think you found that on the internet, even though I found it on the internet myself a few years ago)! ;)

    6. UGH!!!! It's....torture. I think everybody's had those moments when they just cry. It gets so frustrating. (!)
      LOL!!!! Of course I made that up!!! *sarcasm scowling at me*

  4. Summer...... *flails* I need summer. NOW. *cries* I CAN'T WAIT. *flails again* I flail a lot. LOLZY.
    I missed our cute (and funny and helpful) posts!!!!!! I understand completely.....
    Our co-op just ended, though..... *cries HARDER*

    1. Oh, I'm sorry! It does stink when things end!!!

    2. It DOES.
      But summer's gonna be a blast. <3


    4. *flails again*
      Please hurry, Summer!!!!!! *cries* I. NEED. IT.

    5. If I do extra work this week, I might finish all my school... *throws papers in the air, and dances clumsily around the room*

    6. YAY FOR YOU!!! *cries because she wishes that was the case with her... school*
      Well.... That's sad.
      *flails AGAIN*

  5. It's already summer for me. I finished up my second year of college at noon on Thursday. College is a lot of work, but it's nice to have these 75-day semesters rather than 90.

    1. That must be nice! Especially since I hear that most colleges just love piling on extra work. Good job!

  6. You have some big goals! I hope you get them done! =) *gives you chocolate because chocolate helps with everything*

    1. I hope you get your goals accomplished as well!
      And yes, chocolate does solve everything, that is a well known fact!!

  7. Write book - publish book - start next book. You're right, Gray - no need to make it complicated! xD I should totally join you in those plans. (maybe I should focus on finishing my draft though??) Good luck with your summer goals!!

    I would be excited about summer... and holidays... but it's heading for winter where I am! ;) Hope you enjoy summer, though!
    *sends sunshine and productivity*
    *no, not productivity*
    *sounds too much like schoolwork*

    Jem Jones

    1. Right back at you! I hope you accomplish all of your writerly schemes and goals.


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