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             I know I said I might not post again this week in my last post, but I got tagged.

            Which totally turns the tables.

            Because tags do not consume a large amount of time.

            So, ha! I'm back again!!


            Mary Kate tagged me in this Writer's Tag, and I will put her link down at the end of this post, so after you read this go check her out! She's new to the blogosphere (I beat her by six days, so clearly, I am wayyyyy more wise and experienced)! I'm joking. But do go check her out! Follow her, subscribe to her, and show her all the love and support y'all amazing folks have shown to me!

            So, without anymore bustle, here it is:

            What Genres, Styles, and Topics Do You Write About?

            Of course, the first one is hard.

            Well, genres. That’s a toughie. When I self-published my book, Forest Zooks, Lulu.com asked me what genre I wrote in, for marketing purposes and such. But I feel like I kinda write a little bit of everything… Anyways my top main ones are: Juvenile Fiction, General Fiction, and comedy (at least I like to imagine my works are funny). 

            And what does “Styles” mean exactly?! Anyways, I write in third person and I like to narrate my stories just a little, so a few people have compared my narrating to a modern day C.S. Lewis, which is flattering to say the least!

            As for topics…

I'd say I like to write about adventures, problems, and feelings that many pre-teens experience. I also love making up monsters, because it adds a little more drama and suspense to my books!

            How Long Have You Been Writing?

            Ever since I learned how to write, I've been writing stories. But I first realized that I wanted writing to be more than just a hobby when I was eleven.

            Why Do You Write?

            Love. I wrote a post about it: Why Do I Write?

            When is the Best Time to Write?

            Anytime. Anywhere. All day long.

          What Parts of Writing Do You Love? What Parts Do You Hate?

            I love creating characters and describing things. I love first drafting, because it's so free and it's okay to be messy. I love holding my work in my arms-my beautiful baby of ink, paper, and binding *sighs*.

            I hate cutting scenes, I don't care if it's fluff, if it doesn't make sense, or if it doesn't add to my story, I LOVE it. And I want to keep it, and it's so tragic!!! I hate publishing. The stress. The emotions running high. And the confusion of technology!

            How Do You Overcome a Writer's Block?

            I don't. I just wait until it's over.

            Are You Working on Something at the Moment?

            I am working on everything at the moment. Buuuuuttttttt, I am working on one very special thing...guys, there might just be a second book to Forest Zooks. Maybe. I'm not promising. And it might just be from Brad's point of view six years later...maybe. No promises.


What Are Your Writing Goals This Year?

            Once again, I have written a post on this! Oh, well, less work for me: My Writing Goals

            Now, onto the tagging! *drumrole*

            I tag:

            Bethany @ A Great God and Good Cocoa 
            Lilly @ A Lilly in God's Garden

            Elena @ A Homeschool Nerd's Tale

            The folks over @ In Line for the Insane, if any of y'all want to do this, I've tagged you!

            Anne @ Be Done in Love

            And if anyone else wants to do this, DO IT!

            Also, as I promised, here's Mary Kate: Sarcastic Scribblings
Please check her out!

            Happy Writing,



  1. Yay!!!! You did the tag too!

    Cutting stuff is one of the things I hate too. I'm like Jo March in Little Women, and I'm half afraid that the publishers will make me cut stuff out and I'll act like she did. #advantagesofpublishingonpersonalblog


  2. I like the post :)

    I also like pickles.

    (I did say I was going to do a random comment, didn't I?)

    -Mary Kate-

    1. Trust you for that one, Mary Kate!

    2. Haha, that was very random! But pickles are good!!! xD

    3. Pickles ARE good. Gracious me, Mary Kate, you have really good tastes. Lol

    4. LOVE PICKLES!! But which type is the question . . . :)

    5. I love most of them. Have you ever tried deep fried ones? I haven't, but I want to. Lol

  3. I loved this post! Really cool tag, if I do say so. *applauds*

    1. Thanks! And congratulations on your bloganniversary!

  4. Okay, I haven't read the first Forest Zooks, but I'm still SO happy that there will be a second. Wait, that there will MAYBE be a second. I'll try to read forest Zooks soon. We've been SO busy. Ugh
    I miss my books....neh. :|
    My scenes make sense to me so...deal with it! Lol Actually...I'll never get published that way, so...forget I even wrote that. Lol
    I write realistic fiction. I love my babies. :D

  5. I hope life slows down for y'all soon! And then you can read more books. :D
    And aren't manuscripts precious??

    1. Thank you! Neh, when the end of the year comes, everything is chaotic. Lol
      YESSSS!!! For me, summer is reading, writing, and watching movies all day. (Not counting luxurious trips. Lol)
      They are! I've left behind a few....the guilt...Lol.

  6. Thanks for tagging me in this, Gray!! I will probably be answering the questions on my blog today!

    - Lilly Shyree (alillyingodsgarden.blogspot.com)

    1. You're welcome, I can't wait to see your answers!

  7. Thanks for the tag! I don't know when I'll get to this, but hopefully sometime in the near future. I have a bad habit of getting tagged and taking a long time to complete them. Meaning . . . months. Or longer. XD Thanks! I enjoyed reading this, as always!

    1. Yay! I shall look forward to it.

  8. OH MY GOSH! I JUST DID THIS :) I loved reading your answers!

    - Andrea at A Surge of Thunder

  9. Such an awesome tag! I might just do it as well...

    I really love your answers and they're so inspiring :) And YES to monsters! Who doesn't love them?!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  10. Cool! I'll be looking forward to reading your answers if you do this!!
    And monsters are awesome aren't they? xD

  11. Haha, this is such a cool tag! :D I actually just tagged you for the Liebster Award. ;)



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