Is Writing Easy?


          A few days ago (actually tonight as I'm writing this, but by the time you read it, it will be a few days), I was at my little brother's soccer game when a guy I sort of knew sat beside me. We started talking about random things and the subject of the heartbreak and betrayal one feels when their favorite character dies came up, (he was talking about TV shows, because he doesn't read. And I was talking about books because I don't watch a lot of TV shows, but still we both could relate because they were all still characters). And then he said something along the lines of: Writers are so heartless, how hard is it to keep a character alive?
And I had laughed and told him that I was a writer. The following conversation went like this:

Him: Oh, well, I bet I could write a book.
Me: Well, really anyone can write a book if they want too, the question is; will it be good?
Him: Yeah, but I could write a really really good book.
Me: But you said you don't read books outside of school… (y'all know my views on what you have to do in order to write better).
Him: But I have an awesome imagination.
Me: …okay…?
Him: And how hard is it to write a book? It's easy. Besides, I have an amazing imagination and mind.
Me: …………
Him: *clueless to my silence* Ugh, they're playing soccer wrong, I want to go out there and teach them how to kick!

       This brought up our topic for this post!

Books. Particularly, the writing of one. Is it as easy as most non-writers think? If you're a writer, you're probably laughing and shaking your head “no”. But if you're a non-writer, maybe you share my friend's mindset.
       After all, how hard can writing be? All one has to do is come up with a plot, characters, settings, scenes, and then write it all down. Right? Right? WRONG.
       Guess what aspiring writers and non-writers, writing is hard.
Yes, there are joys and fun parts, and yes, it can be super fun.
But no matter how creative you think you are, you'll undoubtedly end up staring at a blank page one day, drained of all imagination.
       One day you're going to think of an epic story idea, and then you'll write thousands of words without stopping.
       Annnnnddddddd the next day you'll realize how stupid the idea was or how bad your writing was, and you'll end up deleting the whole thing.
After a while you'll find yourself typing the word “the”, re-thinking, deleting it, and typing “the” again.

       Discouraged yet? We haven't even begun to talk about what happens when you finally find the perfect story…

       Sooner or later, you're finally going to find a story, that you are able to keep your impulsive critical side from deleting, and then the real fun begins.
You will spend hours and hours working on this story. You'll get overly excited over the tiniest thing your characters do, for instance, you might find yourself opening the door to your room and announcing to your family that your character just sneezed.
You'll most likely fall into depression when you realize you have to hurt your character, and then eventually you'll most likely go crazy and enjoy such things as character killing sprees.
And then once you finally finish, and your story is b-e-beautiful then editing comes and crushes your dreams.
       Long story short: your paper will be bleeding red ink in a matter of hours.
But there are rewards to writing.
      You get to create, inspire, and explore new worlds. You get the thrill of starting a story. And the happy high of finishing one.
But just like anything, writing is hard. So before you dive into writing, I'd advise you to re-think. Why are you writing? If it's because you want to be famous or rich, stop. Do something else, writing isn't going to get you there. It is extremely rare to turn out like J.K. Rowling.
Another thing to keep in mind is, IF YOU'RE NOT A READER, THEN YOU'RE MOST LIKELY NOT A WRITER! I've said that before and I'll say it again. You can't be a good singer if you never listen to any music, and you can't be a good writer if you don't read books.
I guess my point is this; if you want to write, by all means, write! But please, don't just assume that's it's going to be all roses. And don't go around saying that writing is easy to writers! I know most of y'all don't mean anything by it, and you're not trying to be rude, but it's rude. If you're a passionate gamer, I'm not going to walk up to you and tell you video games are easy (they're actually super hard and frustrating). And if you're a football player, I'm not going to walk up to you and say that football is easy and I could be really really good, because I'm a fast runner!
      So if you're a non-writer and you're reading this, just remember to respect other people's passions and don't shrug it off as elementary. And if you're a writer reading this, just remember that non-writers usually aren't trying to be mean, so don't blow up on them or write them into your next story as the victim just yet.

Have you ever had a conversation similar to mine? How did you react? Oh, and also, do you like the new font?

Happy Writing,


  1. As a writer, I can so relate to this. Most of the professionals, just like in any case, make it soooo easy.

    In reality, they spend countless hours training, researching and preparing whatever it is that they are professionally good at. And yes, they have their good days and bad days.

    And absolutely, a writer needs to be a reader. You can't paint a flower without seeing it, so how can you know if your character arc is right without seeing a similar one?
    Unless you are a very good observer/sensor, writing without reading is really really difficult.


  2. I feel like you just described the internal process of a writer when one says their craft is easy.I don't usually tell people I'm a writer at the moment because that leads to questions I don't know how to answer. My family knows. I told one close friend, but we aren't close anymore. So, I stick to sharing my stories with my family and other writers. Except I don't share my stories because I would freak out if I did. I got to work on that, lol.

    Anyway, before this gets too long and rambly, I like this post because though I haven't been through such situation yet, it is a matter of time and I feel like all writers relate to other writers in this way.

    But if such a person were to tell me writing is easy, I think I would make a bet with them. I would win. *laughs evilly*
    Ahem, anyway, this got too long and rambly. Sorry, lol. :)
    Also, I like the font. :)

    1. I'm not one of those writers who go around telling everyone, in fact, I am more quiet about it. But since I've self-published my book, my friends are constantly going around and telling people! XD
      And making a bet is a good idea, actually! LOL.

    2. You've self published? If you don't mind me asking, can you tell me some of the process? I've been wanting to seek traditional publishing, but part of me wants to look into self publishing. Was it hard to do?

    3. I used Lulu.com. It was free, expect for the order of my copies. And it was a little confusing, but luckily they have video tutorials that help a lot.

    4. Thanks! Also, did you hire an editor or anyone like that? I've heard some people who self publish say hiring an editor is still a good thing. I'm still trying to figure all that stuff out.

    5. No, I didn't. My mom and a librarian helped me edit.

    6. Well, I'll have to keep that in mind. Did you have to have an agent? I've heard people say you still need an agent to self publish. Sorry, I know these are probably stupid questions.

    7. I heard that too. But after research and asking some college kids I knew that were self-published, I found that the rumor of needing an agent was false.

    8. So no. I don't, I kind of wish I did, but that's too much money and stress for a high schooler in my mind! And your questions aren't stupid, in fact, they make a lot of sense.

    9. Okay, thank you. Yes, agents would be stressful. Like, they don't get paid until your published, but I don't know how that works with self publishing.
      I'm glad you don't mind my questions. I'm just trying to weigh my options. I want to be successful not for fame or money, but to get my writing out there. To get word out there.
      Thanks for your answers. :) I really appreciate it.

  3. still working on my writing. I hope that once I finish the second book in the Raven King Trilogy I will have enough inspiration to get back to writing my novel. For now I have been focusing on poetry since I don't have much time between running and school and trying to find a job.

  4. Poetry can help you keep your writing skills up .

    1. Poetry can help, a lot I think! And the Raven King is a super cool title!!

  5. Yes.
    So accurate. (That kid sounds like that kind of person, too... we all know someone like that XD)
    Writing is not easy, but it's worth it. That's the big clincher for me, anyway. It's SO WORTH IT.

    1. It is sooo worth it!
      I think the poor guy was trying to show off or impress me, but sadly he did the exact opposite! I don't think he realized though!! XD

  6. So true! (Everything, I mean.) What story are you currently working on?

    1. Right now I'm really trying to focus on my writing workshop which is starting this Thursday... *dies*
      And you changed your user name! I like it, is that your middle name or part of your pen name? It must of been annoying getting confused with the blogger Paige!

    2. Yeah, glad you noticed and knew who I was. :) I left a comment on the other blog saying the exact same thing. And it's my pen middle name... BUT it is part of my real name.
      It is annoying so I changed on purpose.

    3. I can imagine! (I'm going to pretend I never confused you with the other Paige)! :P
      My actual first name is Grace, which is super common where I live, so people would always hand me random stuff because it had the first name "Grace" written on it, and I guess they never read the last name... That was super annoying! XD
      I remember walking around the Awana building when I was ten carrying a bunch of bibles with the first name Grace written on them!

  7. I once had half a conversation like that one. Except I cracked up halfway through and the guy walked away confused because i was laughing my head off. XD

  8. I much agree with everything you wrote. In addition, I would add that just because you're good at writing one particular kind of story doesn't mean you'll be good at writing another. I know tons of novel-writing theory, and I have a good bit of experience writing short fiction (at less than 3,100 words), but my novel-writing skills are sub-par at the present. Even still, it depends upon the story (genre, type of plotting, type of voice). I just started a new novel, and it's absolutely dreadful so far because I can't rely on all of the same techniques because of how I'm setting it up (and probably partially because I've hardly been writing at all in the past month).

    1. That is also true. And I'm sure your new novel isn't that bad, I mean, most first drafts are just the writer puking a plot onto the computer screen! And I have kind of been taking more of a writing break, too. I just got done with school and life is busy, so it's nice to have some time to breathe.

  9. So true! I haven't had anyone walk up to me and say 'writing is easy' to my face, but I have got the sense that they think it is during conversations. It's incredibly frustrating! I kind of want to tell them 'go try and write a book, then come back to me and we'll talk.' XD
    As I like to say: "everyone can sing, but the question is can they sing well." The same applies to writing! :) Okay, my rant's over now, I promise. :D

    1. Yep. That is extremely frustrating!
      Unfortunately, most people seem to think that anyone can write a book, (just look at all the trash on Amazon). And although I think that everyone should explore writing because of the creative benefits, I don't go around saying anyone can be a football player, because that's simply not true!
      *looks back at comment* hm. Mine turned out to be sort of a rant as well... ;P

  10. This is so true! Writing is a lot harder than it seems :-)

  11. I agree, Writing is harder then it looks...But at the same time it can be fun to write stories even if you get writer's block part way through!:)


  12. Yep. The beauty of a good author is that they make others think writing is easy... but, then you get the ignorant comments! There are some people whom I'd like to sit down in front of a laptop with the cursor blinking at them from a blank screen and tell THEM to write a 60k-word novel with a brilliant plot and characters from scratch!


    1. Maybe we should try to make a law? Anyone who says something is easy should be forced to do it themselves! XD

  13. aside from my blog, i don't write as much as i used to, but i still have ENORMOUS respect for all of you writers! what you do is not easy! :)


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