Snippets from Books I'll Most Likely Never Write, Part 2


         So, I didn't get braces today!

          Apparently, my mom thought I was getting braces (so that's what she told my family and I), when instead I was getting spacers today. I'm getting my top braces next week on Wednesday! Which is a blessing and a curse, because I'm glad that I have one more week of freedom, but I'm mad because I spent all this week and morning bracing (get it? Haha,) myself for braces I didn't get today! I also had to get my teeth molded AGAIN even though I did that last time! Can we just agree that the tasteless, cold, goo is so gross?! Thanks. XD

            Anyways onto the actual post...

Find my part one of this post HERE.

       A few of these snippets grew into full scenes. You might be thinking; longer scenes?! Gray, you can write that book now!! But sadly, the long scenes are all I have in my head right now!

         Anyways, here they are:

          “Alex Anson,” boomed the speaker.
           Alex slowly rose from his seat in the auditorium, he felt the eyes of the other contestants on him, as he walked slowly to the large stage. Once there, he stared down at the judges and the other artists in the room, he reached out, lowering the microphone to his level. His legs were shaking, and he wondered if the terror he felt showed on his face.
          “Alex,” came the smooth voice of one of the judges from her seat, she smiled up at him, a look of sympathy in her dark eyes. “How old are you?”
          “Fifteen,” Alex whispered, the judges leaned forward, and Alex realized they hadn't heard him. “I-I'm fifteen years old.”
           “Shouldn't you be in school?” asked a large man, with a long white beard, he leered up at Alex.
           “I, um-”
           “Never mind, are you going to sing?” interrupted the man.
           “Y-yes.” Alex stood there, looking down at his shoes, they were worn, and his big toe stuck out of the hole on his right one. The silence in the room was maddening, Alex could hear the pound of his heartbeat and the rush of blood through his veins. He cleared his throat, glancing back up. They were waiting, with a shuddering breath, he closed his eyes, and opened his mouth. A warm deep voice filled the room, swirling around the judges and contestants. The auditorium was electrified as the haunting melody whooshed over it like a wave.
            Alex stopped singing, and opened his eyes, the whole room was staring at him in awe, but he wasn't paying any attention, his eyes had fallen on a girl, standing in the far doorway. She was crying, amazement written all over her face-the girl was his older sister.

               “You can't sit with us,” said one of the girls at the table, she was pretty, but her sour expression nearly ruined her looks.
                The girl in the faded blue sweater smiled, “Darling, I don't want to.” she spun around, her grip on her tray tight. She would not let them see her hurt, she would appear unfazed if it was the last thing she did.

                He dashed across the dark lawn to the bushes right below his window. Quietly, with the grace of a cat, he sprang onto the sill of the open window. He slipped inside his room without making a sound, he reached up and closed and locked his window, letting out a sigh of relief.
               The light in his room flicked on, his mother stood, leaning against the doorway, a strange unreadable expression on her face.
               “Where did you go?” her voice was calm and calculative, he could almost feel the wheels in his mother's head turning.
               “You wouldn't believe me,” he whispered, looking down at his mud-caked shoes.
               “Try me.”

          She sighed, burying her face in her hands. “Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy, or if I'm the only sane person in the whole world!”
        Caine took a huge bite of his burger, “Nah, you're just crazy.” he laughed, bits of lettuce flying through the air.
         Samantha looked up at him, glaring. “And you're just disgusting.”
         “True,” nodded Caine.

         “Dear, there's something wrong. I've looked forward to seeing you again all these months, but you're…different.”
          “No, it's more than that,” she whispered, “I've changed, and you've stayed the same.”

            He stopped walking and turned to her, his face bright with excitement. “I've found my soul-mate, Kara.”
            She smiled at him, “Good for you! I still haven't found mine…yet.”
           “Oh,” he nodded, and started walking down the sidewalk again, as he slipped the ring back into his pocket, it was stupid to do things in the spur of the moment anyway.

         “You can't keep doing this.” he stated, staring at his best friend.
          “Catching everyone before they fall.”
           He looked up, his eyes dull and lifeless, “Why? Someone needs to soften their fall.”
          “But who catches you?” asked Mel, softly.
          “The ground.”
           “Someone has to.” Thomas sighed, walking past Mel, “It might as well be me.”

               The city loomed above them, but what seemed so foreboding the other night, now seemed friendly and bustling with life and joy. Piper half-walked, half-ran down the sidewalk, Josh right behind her. She held out the paper in front of her, “The directions on this say that it's only a few blocks away!” she cried, running faster.
       “Wait!” called Josh, as he caught up to her, “Why are we running?” 
       “Because I don't want to be late for registration!” Piper laughed over her shoulder, as she sprinted past people, she ducked, barely missing the arm of a young teen, carrying a stack of papers. 

              She rounded the corner, and then she saw it, the art museum. Piper ran even faster than she had ever run before, her large bag that was strapped across her shoulder, thudded into her side as she ran, but Piper didn't noticed, she was focused on the crowd of people in front of the building, particularity the line in front of it.

               “Name?” asked the man, looking up from his clipboard.

               “Piper Anson,” she answered, adjusting her bag.

                 The man, twirled his pen in his fingers, posing it above the paper, “Age?”


               “Sorry, no minors allowed in,” said the man, he looked up at her with a bored expression.

              Piper felt the air get knocked out of her, “But the pamphlet never said there was an age restriction.”

              He sighed, “I told them they should have put that...” he muttered to himself, then he glanced back at Piper. “Sorry, kiddo, rules are rules.”

             “But, you don't understand, I've traveled all the way from Seattle, just to try to have a display case this thing. This is important, my mom-”

             “I do understand,” interrupted the man, “I understand that you are not eighteen or older, next!”

            Piper grabbed his arm, “Please, listen to me! My mom's life depends on this!”

            “I can't do anything about that, sorry. Next!”

            “How much?” asked a voice behind her, Piper turned to see Josh forcing his way through the crowd.

           “What?” coughed the man, staring at Josh.

           Josh drew out his wallet, and pulled out a check, “I said, how much?”

          The man's eyes widened, he motioned something to Josh, and then he turned to Piper. “Don't tell anyone your age, or that I let you in.”

          Piper nodded, trying not to cry. Josh smiled at her, as he took the pen that the man held out to him, and scrawled an amount and his signature onto the check, Piper's eyes widened when she saw what Josh had wrote.

          “You don't have to-”

          “Ssh,” Josh placed a firm hand on her back, and led her through the crowds and into the building.

          “But that was your college savings!” Piper cried, looking up at him.

          “No,” corrected Josh, softly. “I said I was saving it for something important, and this is important.”

          “Thank you,” breathed Piper, she hugged him, “God knew what he was doing when he let me meet you.”

          Josh laughed, gently pushing her away. “Once again with the Jesus stuff, huh?”

          Piper grinned, “You mean the Jesus truth, right?”

         “Whatever,” said Josh, rolling his eyes. “Just promise me you'll find a buyer.”

          “I promise,” she whispered, stepping away and hurrying into the crowd of other artists hurrying to setup.

That's all I have for now!

          Happy Writing,


  1. Ahh! I wanted more. I was scrolling slowly, thinking: "Please, don't be the last one, please...". lol
    These are really good. The seventh one with Thomas is one of my favorites!
    I love these so much. Are there anymore? No pressure, but if you have more, I'd love to see them. ;)
    Thanks for doing part 2. I was so excited when I saw it.
    God Bless!

    1. Lol, sorry! But I'm glad you liked them!!!

      I might do some more in the future, I'm not sure, but these are fun to throw together! Thank you!!! :)

    2. Haha, you're welcome. Please do! I have SO MANY WIP snippets. It's crazy. I randomly write little quotes or characteristics that come in mind. Or words that sound interesting. xD

    3. I do the exact same thing ALL THE TIME!

    4. It's the cool thing about being a writer. The sadest thing when you have nothing to write on....

  2. I love all of them!:)
    I liked the first one it is quite hauntingly beautiful...

    1. Thank you! That one has to be one of my favorites. :)

  3. You're SO GOOD AT DIALOGUE. AHH, I envy your skills! I loved every single one, you are an incredible writer Gray!

    1. Thank you, Anna! <3

      I love your writing as well!!

    Seriously, though. These snippets are amazing. The last one was my favorite, but all of them have me fangirling. These are so amazing. <3


    1. THANK YOU! I know, I know, I need to, and I WANT TO!!! XD

      Thanks again, that's so sweet! <3

    2. And yes, the molding they use is disgusting. It actually was so bulky it hit my gag reflex and I had a hard time breathing. (I have a small mouth.)

      But, one more week until braces. What colors are you thinking of using first?

    3. Yikes. I didn't have that problem, luckily.

      I'm not sure. I'm thinking probably black and maroon if they have that color. But if not black and silver. I haven't decided fully yet. :)

    4. Cool! I think my orthodontist had maroon. I'm trying to remember. I think most orthodontists have the same color choices. *crosses fingers*


    5. Well, considering where I live I will be surprised if they don't have maroon!

  5. These are terrific! Especially the art museum one and the soul mate one.

    1. And spacers are the worst. They hurt me SO MUCH.

    2. I must be lucky, they're only annoying right now, but I only have three.

  6. Ahhh, these are so good Gray! I wanted to learn more about the art museum one....

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the spacers. Those aren't bad...but I agree, that nasty molding goop is the worst....


    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, they aren't bad. It just feels like there's pieces of meat stuck between my teeth, so it's only annoying, not painful.

      Ugh, that stuff is the worst, lol!

    2. I don't think I ever had to deal with spacers. Sounds uncomfortable.

    3. It was at first, but I'm use to them now for the most part.

  7. D'AWWW. These are all so cool. <333 And that last one is SO SWEET. *hugs all the precious characters*

  8. Oh, these were lovely, Gray! <33

    And braces. Ugggh. Moldings are disgusting!! It didn't help that I have a very small mouth, so it literally made me gag. Every dentist/orthodontist I see comments on how small my mouth is... 😒

    Good luck with the braces. They'll be sore as anything for a few days and then it gets better. 😊

    1. Thank you!

      Yep, those moldings are so gross. I have a big mouth (physically and in speech!), so I didn't have that problem thankfully.

      Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  9. Best of luck with your teeth journey. I get my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday.

    1. Thanks!

      I hope getting your wisdom teeth removed goes smoothly.

  10. There are sooooo many gems here ;0 Really love the short scene with Caine and the three afterward - all so short and sweet and unique, with a nice hit ;) And of course your last one is great. "You mean the Jesus truth." Very good :D

  11. Eeep!!! Please expand more on these and turn them into full-lengths novels when you feel the story slowly coming together!!! :D

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I want to! I really am trying to brainstorm these some more.

  12. Ooh these are so awesome! I couldn't pick a favourite; I thoroughly enjoyed them all. :)


  14. These were beautiful !!! Sooo goooodddd


    1. Thanks, Jolly! Thomas is probably one of my favorites.

  16. THESE ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorites are the one with Caine and Samantha, the one with Kara and soul-mates, and the last one. These are just so great!!! You sould so totally write more to them!!!!

    Yay! You don't hae to get braces yet! :)

    1. THANK YOU, CLARE!!!!!!

      I know, right?! Except I'm getting them this week... :/
      But my friend is getting them the day before me so at least I'm not him! XD


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