Why Writers Need Writer Friends (how I found my writing community).

         When I was eleven I remember looking up YouTube videos that had tips for writers, and I remember watching one of them, where the lady in it went on and on about having a writing community and how crucial it was to a writer's growth. At the time I recall feeling distraught, because I didn't have a writer community like the lady said I needed.

          At the time I only knew one other person who was as passionate about writing as I was, and that was my friend, Elena, who I never really saw at the time.

         And so began my search for fellow lovers of words. At the time I went to this tiny co-op (we only had like four families counting mine), and there was only one other kid that wrote anything outside of school at all, but it so happened that he was the only kid I didn't get along with! (Also I remember reading some of his stories, and he kinda just re-wrote Redwall at the time, and I didn't like that series, so...) Luckily, my mom moved us to another co-op that we had been going to part time, and now we went to it full time, so I began to look for writers there.

        I guess you could say I didn't really fit in at my co-op.
       Other girls wanted to talk about guys and dresses, I wanted to talk about plot-lines and plot-twists, or spiders, give or take.

          I did, however, find some girls who wrote short stories when they, and I quote, “didn't have anything better to do” (one of the most irritating phrases for a writer to hear from the lips of non-writers), and I did edit them for those girls, but they were hardly labeled my “writer friends”.

I remember one conversation with a girl…

Me: I have this awesome story idea!

Her: Oh, that's cool.

Me: Do you want to hear it-

Her: Sure, but first can we just talk about how cute (the most popular guy in my co-op at the time, who I always thought was gross), is?! *sigh*

Me: I, um, need to go to the bathroom…

           Yep. That was all I had at the time. One writer girl, surrounded by boy-crazy girls. Of course now, we actually have more people who enjoy writing (outside of school), at my co-op and it's been awesome, but at the time, nope.

          That really hurt my writing skills, but at the time there was nothing I could do. I had readers at my co-op, they would read my stories, but they never really critiqued my writing or asked important questions, other than, “when are you going to write another book?”.

           But this year I found a writing community! And you guessed it: here.
           Blogging has been AMAZING. I've met so many middle schoolers, teens, and adults on here that are passionate about writing, like me. I went from feeling like I was the odd one out, to realizing I wasn't alone… at all. I've had so many inspiring conversations with fellow writers and book dragons. I've had opportunities to alpha and beta read others works, which has improved not only their writing, but mine! I've also become less shy about sharing my works, which is always a plus.

        I guess, this post has turned into a “how blogging helped me” post, but that's okay, you can never have too many of those.

How has blogging helped you?
What is your story on finding a writing community??

Happy Writing,


  1. That's exactly the way it went for me!!! No one at all shares my love of writing except for my little sister which I am teaching. It was so tough until I started blogging, the community here is amazing!

    And lol about the boy crazy girls, RELATABLE. I am so different from girls my age and it gets really depressing *cue expressionless sponge bob face* to even interact with people I know. Hopefully I'll find some people that are a bit more like me this year since I'm going to a co-op.

    1. EXACTLY! XD

      I wish you luck on finding writers at your new co-op!!!

  2. I don't blog yet, but other bloggers have really helped me along.
    I actually found GTW first. I had read this series by Angela Ruth Strong and I emailed her saying how much I loved her books. Then I got an email back from her. She told me about the GTW blog and how it gave help to young writers. That's how it all started. Then, I came across you guys and just randomly picked blogs and started reading them. I'm glad I did because you guys are so encouraging!

    You poor thing. I've met some people who like to write, but at my co-op, I've only found one. I love writing so much and it amazed me on how many young writers I've found. We're all passionate and I love that. It's just so hard to find other writers outside of the blogging community. I mean, it's definitely not for everyone and it's seriously hard, but I can't imagine not writing. ;)

    1. That's awesome! I didn't put read blogs in this post, but that also helps. GTWs is awesome! I met Gillian Bronte Adams, and she recommended it to me.

      Lol, yep. It's so awesome finding other passionate people! And same here, my life would be so dull without writing!!!

    2. It does help. When I need encouragement I go to different blogs. I've stalked your blog in the writing section many times, and I like your advice. The authentic children post is really helpful. :)
      I've never heard of her. Is she an author as well? I think it's so cool that these blogs are here to help us become authors. GTW is a lifesaver! All you bloggers are the best. :)

      I had always loved reading, but I started writing 3 years ago. It's been kind of stressful, but I LOVE it. You're so right. I always had so many ideas, and I realized that putting them to paper and others reading my work would be.. awesome. It is. :D

    3. You have? I'm beyond flattered!!! :D

      Yes, Gillian is an author, and a really good one at that. It is really cool! And thank you. <3

      I'm glad you love writing! It has to be the most awesome feeling in the world. :)

    4. Yep. I'm glad. :)
      I go to your Topics section and read other posts you've written. I've looked at most of them, but not all of them. I've explored Forest Zooks and the other one you published, and read what I could of Forest Zooks on Amazon. I need to buy them soon. lol
      You're welcome.<3
      It is, isn't it? Seeing your thoughts being put on paper and being able to be so creative. I thank God for letting me do this. ;)

    5. Old posts?! Yikes. :P

      YES! I love the happiness I feel when I see my words on paper, especially when I type the very last word to a story, it's honestly the best. :D

    6. Don't worry, they aren't bad at all. ;)

      I love when I finish a short story. Plus, it's even better when someone wants their whole side of the family to read it. They get so excited once you finish another one. I love that feeling that people really want to read my work! <3 It is the best.

  3. I couldn't even meet this many homeschoolers in real life. Now I've found a lot and they write. I'm just happy to have met the people I've met because I enjoy talking to everyone. Its been a blast and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I feel like that's how my experience would have been in a co-op. I'm not someone who likes to talk about clothes or guys. I like talking about Texas things and home remodeling and writing. Those are things I enjoy. I totally understand and sympathize with the not fitting in. I never felt like I fit it with other girls. There was just too much drama. I'm so happy to have met many amazing girls (and guys) through my blog that aren't all about drama.
    <3 <3


    1. I actually have, but that's only because we have a REALLY large homeschool community where I live, but unfortunately not a lot of teenage homeschool writers.

      I'm happy that I've met people on here, too. It really has been a blast!

      YES. Same here with the "girl talk" I don't mind it every once in a while, but it gets old FAST!

    2. Yeah, exactly. A girl I used to be friends with (long story) used to be so boy crazy when we were about ten and eleven. I didn't get it. I mean, sure we all thought some actors were cute, but I never was one to be boy crazy. I don't mind talking about it, but it gets old fast.

      That's awesome. A large community filled with homeschoolers! I knew one other family with six kids, but their daughter, whom I was friends with, was a bully. I used to be friends with her, too. Another long story, lol.


    3. Your old friend sounds like a lot of my friends, I can agree that a guy is cute, since I am blessed with sight, but I honestly don't care that much usually!

      It is pretty awesome, except everyone can be a bit small minded at times because there's not much of a differing opinion... I've found that out the hard way when I was twelve, but on the bright side, it gave me thicker skin.

      I've been friends with bullies in the past, that's such a tough situation. :/

    4. Yeah, it really is tough because at the time, they were my only friends. Honestly, they taught me to stick up for myself. One actually physically hurt me twice and would lie about me a lot to her family, which they obviously believed her and accused me of things or make excuses for her.

      The other just thought she was better than everyone. Probably still does, lol. She still lives near me.

      And recently, my former best friend was different. She lied a lot, but what really happened was for some reason her mom just didn't like me after four years. *shrugs* People stop liking me when I show that I have common sense. I'm just so glad to have found you and all the others I've met that use common sense.

    5. Yikes. Talk about a toxic friendship. That's really hard, I'm sorry. :( <3

      I can relate to being dropped by a friend because of who you are, once people find out that I'm not just fun and games I often get left too, that's when one finds out who their true friends are.

      I'm glad you found us too! :)

  4. I love the blogging community. It is such an encouragement and it's so great to find people who are really serious about what they do. I have similar problems with my co'op (girls who are boy-crazy drive ME crazy...) and it's so nice to have found friends who care about what I have to say and have so many things in common with me.

    1. Yep. Same here!

      And I also agree about the boy-crazy girls, even though most of my friends are boy-crazy ironically... XD

      It is really nice, isn't it? It's beyond helpful.

  5. Yay for the blogging community! It really is amazing. <3 I was in a similar situation living overseas, but I was super lucky to have friends that were willing to listen to me rant about writing if I so chose. XD I'm so glad you've found your writing community here! <3

    1. I know, right?! I'm happy that I did too!!

  6. I really isolated my writing until college - only a few choice friends saw any of my high school pieces. I kind of got a writing community in one of my college classes, but it was temporary. Blogging and Camp NaNo this year have thrust me into a writing community that I probably needed in high school.

    I'm glad you found yours in us :) Its really refreshing to actually talk to like-minded people, isn't it?


    1. I'm sorry it took you so long to find other writers!

      Yes, I'm glad too, it's really nice.

  7. I live in a remote area and I go to school online (Connections Academy) and I have some of the same issues. I've never had many friends, but several of my 'almost friends' want to talk about gossip and who said what and how 'something' this person is and I go 'Uh huh' Mhm' 'Interesting', mostly hoping we could move onto something more interesting. I also live in a very rural area, so it is hard to find kids my age, anyway...

    1. Oh, I've heard of Connections Academy! It sounds cool.

      Yeah, I'm kind of the same way, I've actually made a lot of friends this year, but not very good friends. I guess you could say I just know a lot of people. But yeah, I can relate to the feeling of wanting to move on in conversations. :)

    2. It is cool :)

      Yeah, I know a LOT of people, but not many that I would consider good friends.

    3. I'm glad you like your school. :)

      Well, it is wise to be careful about who you trust, and I always think of knowing a lot of people as an up. I'm never a stranger when I walk through a door, although I'm often just an acquaintance!

  8. That's amazing! Sometimes it really can feel like we're isolated in our interests but the blogging community and just the internet in general really shows us that we're not!

  9. I remember my family hosting other home-schoolers for something like writing sessions. The kids would cluster around the large 'homework table' and scribble down stories, with pictures to go with them. I also remember the 'chapter 8 book club', when each family read a book together, stopped before chapter 8, and then wrote their own chapter with what they thought should have happened next.
    But as time went on I think I was the only one who kept writing. For the most part I've been silent about it, too.
    Lately, however, I've found a 'creative community'- a network of people who may not be writers, but are certainly excellent readers. They've been a great encouragement, and have noticed things I wouldn't have thought about.
    But yes, if I want a community of writers, specifically, I go to the blogging community.

    It's great to have a writer like you blogging, Gray. I've enjoyed your posts!

    1. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! XD
      And yeah, that's kinda what usually happens, many are called, but few choose to follow!

      That's awesome! Readers can be just as supportive as writers!!!

      Aww, thank you, Blue! That means a lot to me, and that's so encouraging!! <3

  10. Writing community is THE BEST. I've been blessed with a writer sister, best friend and cousin which is amazing. <3 But also YES. Blogging and forums and internet in general have given me a huuuge group of epic likeminded people. Seriously, like, I'm /so/ blessed.

    1. YES, IT REALLY IS! We're all blessed!!!

  11. When I first started writing, my first thought wasn’t really “I need to find a writing community” because I honestly didn’t have a clue what I was doing. The I started my blog/instagram, and WOW. I never would’ve guessed there were other young writers out there, and I didn’t really realize how much I needed that until I had it! I don’t know any writers off the internet, so meeting this community is the coolest thing ever! It really is such a blessing!

    By the way, hi! I’m Riley! (I found you through Katie Grace’s Blog!) Great post :)

    1. Hello, Riley! And welcome!!

      It's amazing how the internet can connect people, isn't it? And this community totally is the best!!!

      Thanks for reading. ^-^


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