When Books Become Movies

                Why, hello!

           No, this blog isn’t abandoned. Why would you think that? Its not like I haven’t blogged in eleven days… oh, wait…  (I've actually lost followers... COME BACK HERE, THAT'S RUDE. DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!) XD

                I HAD THE FLU, OKAY???
                (it’s the worst, y’all, stay healthy).
               Anyways, I was SUPER happy to finally be healthy on Sunday, because

                1. I was missing human interaction

                2. we had friends that we hadn’t seen in FOREVER coming over
                My friends came over later that Sunday (shoutout to Arwen for being an aspiring writer! Who knows? Maybe she'll join our community one day.) and it turns out they are Wingfeather fans too! That was pretty cool, and the short twenty minute cartoon of the first book comes up since my family and I have seen it, and we were kind of like, “It’s…good… yeah, it’s…okayish… but yeah, kind of ‘meh’.” 

            EDIT: I just wanted to clarify that I still LOVE the Wingfeather saga and support them , including their movies, if you're an uneducated peanut and haven't read them yet, what are you waiting for? GO!

             Back to the post...
      I feel like movie adaptations of books are usually a hit or miss. Like, you either have a Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, etc. success, or you’re like the cartoon version of The Boxcar Children and you’re kind of “meh”, or you’re like that Percy Jackson movie and just a total flop…

       (For everyone’s information, I actually haven’t seen the Percy Jackson movie, but a bunch of my friends who like Percy Jackson told me how much they hated it, so, I’m going to go with that).

       The first time I was really disappointed by a movie adaptation of a book was when I was around nine and I saw the 2007 Nancy Drew movie at my local library for an event.

Yeah, this movie ^^^ If the cover doesn't scream "Disappointment!" I don't know what does.... (yes, maybe I'm still a little bitter).
             Nancy Drew was my bookdragon LIFE AND LOVE when I was younger. I read all of the books, and I mean ALL of them. I read the older classic ones, the newer ones, the ones where she worked with the Hardy Boys, the tiny ones for younger kids, ALL OF THEM.


                So I remember watching this movie with a bunch of other kids and teens and just being annoyed. I don’t remember all of the things that they got wrong, but I remember thinking about how they got Nancy’s character all wrong and Ned didn’t even look or act like Ned.

                Like, how dare you, movie producers?? All I want is an accurate portrayal of my favorite books in movie forms that do them justice and make them as epic as possible.

        I also want the actors to look exactly like the characters do in my head. How hard is that? Why do y’all let me down????


I think that the author and top producer of a movie should make sure that they have a fan of said book nearby when casting actors, because then at least the characters will look somewhat accurate, like, come on.
Also, don’t even get me started when they change up little details in movies. I get it…sometimes. The movie would be forever long if they put in every detail and didn’t cut or change anything, but sometimes it’s so random and wrong.

They changed a million tiny details in the Harry Potter movies and now my family and I are eternally confused on who did what in which year. Also, we didn’t get enough Dobby in the movies… am I the only one annoyed by the fact that Neville saved Harry that one time instead Dobby like in the books?

And then there’s that annoy thing some movie producers do…. where they NEVER FINISH THE DARN SERIES. COME ON, HOLLYWOOD! Am I going to be taking my grandchildren to see The Last Battle (Narnia) in theaters?? Is that how it’s going to be???

I don’t get it. Hollywood is making these awful remakes and ruining Chips and The Dukes of Hazzard when they have some fresh content right over here that would make them a profit in box-office!

Maybe it’s just me and my goldfish brain, but I feel like that would be a win.


Although sometimes I feel like movies that use to be books work out well, like Harry Potter was pretty good, I have very few complaints (they were epic). Lord of the Rings works well, because the non-nerds need a way to slowly slide into the world and not get completely overwhelmed by middle earth and everything, and when you realize how old the Lord of the Rings movies are they are suddenly weirdly high quality, it amazes me every time I watch them.  
So, this was just a rambly rant, but yeah! 
What movies have you watched that were from books?
What did you think of Percy Jackson if you watched it?
Where you disappointed by the 2007 Nancy Drew movie like nine-year-old Gray??
Happy Writing,


  1. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON IS THE BEST ADAPTION OF A BOOK EVER!!! The book messes with everything!!(I know the book came first. I just choose not to accept it. XD)

    But, I get what you're saying. Usually the book is better, but there can be exceptions to the rule.

    Glad you're feeling better!! <3

    1. I didn't know there was a book to that! But I don't watch them because I don't have Netflix so.. XD
      I hope to one day!

      Yes! But books are usually better.

      Thank you, believe me, I am too!!! :P

  2. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one...The Wingfeather Short Film was beautifully amazing. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. So...I can't wait for them to get a real studio to make the thing a real show because I feel like the quality can only go higher from here. XD

    But most of the time, agreed. I hate the trailers for the new Wrinkle in Time, which probably makes me sound like a jerk but is simply because they're messing with the book SO MUCH. ARGH.

    1. I wish they hadn't changed the setting so much, and I think we need a live action movie. XD
      But hopefully the quality will go up! And even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the cartoon, I hope to still support them in future works on it.

      Ugh, I haven't seen the trailer yet, I'm scared. XD

    2. I KNOOOOOOOW! It's so good as it is, and now they're doing like gender swaps and making it into what looks like a sci-fi thriller and I'm just sobbing NOOOOOOOOOOOO at the producers. Because now people are going to think that /that's/ what the book is like. And while my family keeps telling me that I don't have to watch it, a whole generation is and they're going to think it's accurate. Makes me super angry. D:<

      Sorry for the rant...XD But it's just super nice to find someone who AGREES WITH ME ON THIS!

    3. That makes me sad. I probably wasn't going to watch it anyway, but aww, why? The books are so amazing and cool, they didn't need to twist it. :/

      Rants are fine! It makes me mad that they do stuff like this too!! D:

  3. *tackle hugs* Yay! You're back!! We missed you! Glad you're feeling better from the flu, I am also getting better from it too. I was finally able to sing in our church choir again, so that made me happier :D

    THIS POST THO! I WANT TO HUG THIS POST! Book to movie adaptations are so up in the air for me because I don't know if they're going to ruin my favorite book or do it justice. Most of time, they ruin it... (looking at you Percy Jackson movies)

    YES THE NARNIA MOVIES. We will probably end up taking our grandchildren to see the Last Battle XD XD XD

    Tbh, I actually haven't read any Nancy Drew books *ducks head and hides* i know the Nancy Drew movie isn't accurate, but I sort of like it.


    1. *hugs* Glad to be back again! XD
      Yay! And same!! *high fives for choir singers*

      Aw, THANK YOU! <3 Same here, so you're one of the avid Percy Jackson movie haters, lol. XD

      Yep, most likely!

      Looking back Nancy Drew wasn't that good, so you're not missing much, but when you're a kid and it's your first real mystery book it's easy to get hooked and love it.
      I would've probably liked the movie too, but I'm a picky bookdragon. XD

    2. Hate for the movies is a tame word... I despise the movies. They got so many things wrong and the characters personalities were all messed up and aldjalks I can't even right now


    3. Wow, so I guess my friends weren't kidding about that... it sounds awful. Xd

  4. Well, I haven't seen any of the other movies you talked about but the Nancy Drew movie... UGG!!! That movie was such an epic failure. I'm a classic 56 girl myself, so I banged my head a lot through that movie. They made Nancy SO 'perfect' at everything she did it was sickening, and Ned so annoying that he wasn't even Ned anymore.
    *End rant*
    I agree wholeheartedly.

    1. I know, right!? Ned annoyed me the most, he was so jealous and whiney!

      Thanks, I'm glad!! :D

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better! The flu is awful!
    YES. I. HATE. IT. When they mess up the movie!!! Like, "Why did you ruin this book?" Or when the movie is almost perfect and then they do something to mess it up (totally not talking about that kiss between Caspian and Susan. IT WAS UNNECESSARY)


    1. I hate Suspian with all my heart. Definitely agreed. XD


  6. Ahhhh I’m so sorry you had the flu! That sounds super annoying! Loved this post. :)

  7. So glad you are feeling better from the flu!!! (I also apologize for the flood of emails for #RW...we got three book requests AT THE SAME TIME...)

    THIS POST.... agree 100%!!!

    What really gets me is when the director retells the story on some fashion. I mean, I can understand combining storylines in the Anne movies, but I don't understand it when they make King Peter a stupid pig-headed jerk.

    I've been following the progress of The Silver Chair - it's still in pre-production although filming is SUPPOSED to start this winter.

    Man I'm glad I never watched that Nancy Drew movie...I love the books, especially Ned, so to see him ruined would get a Hulk reaction.

    Awesome post, Gray!!!


    1. Thank you! I saw that, sorry for not really participating. XD

      Yes, they didn't need to mess with Peter!
      Really? That's cool, I can't wait! :D

      UGH, IT RUINED NED. He was jealous of a TEN YEAR OLD who had a crush on Nancy!!

      Thank you!

  8. Glad you are feeling better Gray! I honestly have never read any of the Nancy Drew books *runs and hides*, but my sister who is a huge fan said that that movie was terrible! She hated it, she just pretended that it wasn't even Nancy Drew because of how terrible it was! XD

    I will have to agree with you 100% on Chronicles of Narnia, we will be taking our grandkids to go see it, we should all just go together as a group of old ladies with our grandkids! XD

    I don't even have words for how much I HATED that Percy Jackson movies. They couldn't have gone any more astray from the books! *Glares at the movie productures*

    Other movies that didn't go along with the books is the Divergent series. I've only seen the first one, but I heard from friends that the other ones are completely diffrent then the books. *Cries in a corner for all the movies that Hollywood has ruined*

    I could go on and on about movies that are diffrent then the actual book, but I don't want to keep you!! <3


    1. Thank you!
      That seems to be the case with a lot of people, it's okay! XD

      Yes, we will and we should!!

      Ugh, so they were really that bad? Sad. :/

      They ruin a lot of movies, gosh. XD

  9. Oh my goodness, Gray, you are so right!!!! This is why I started to blog, because of books vs. movies! (The books are always better).

    I am an incredible fan of the Nancy Drew books! I haven't read them all because our library doesn't have them *sniffle*, but they are awesome! They were the start to my love of mystery novels! I saw Nancy Drew for the first time as an 8-year-old me. Even though it is so wrong, and Ned is just annoying, my sisters and I still watch it, and quote it all. the. time. Mostly Corky.

    Ugh, the Harry Potter movies left so many things out!! We definitely need more Dobby. The first and second movies were okay, and I have watched #3 more than I can even tell you, but onward it is all just so wrong!! Okay, I haven't seen #7 parts 1 and 2, because I am still reading the book, so I can't say for those, but still.

    SAME. We can go see The Last Battle together with our grandchildren. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE THEM??? All the actors are so much older! It doesn't make sense!!!!

    And then, you have the LotR movies, which are pretty awesome.

    Anyway, you are totally right and awesome. I am so glad you are feeling better. <3

    1. Thank you! I can tell that's why you started a blog!! XD

      That's so sad, I found half of mine in yard sells, so I guess I got lucky.
      Ned was annoying in that!

      THEY DID. But surprisingly they weren't that bad compared to most movies like that, they did a fair job of keeping things sort of in order.


      Thank you!

  10. Ugh. Percy Jackson. The Hobbit. Inkheart. Eragon. Series of Unfortunate Events. So many stories destroyed through the movie adaptations. But I will say that each one was fantastic as a movie, just not accurate to the book. In most of them, the casting was amazing! I just wish they kept to the books more.

    I'm glad you're feeling better! The flu is not fun.

    1. Yes, it's so sad!
      But they did do well in movie form, considering. And same.

      Thank you! ^_^

  11. I haven't seen the Percy Jackson movie, but from just seeing the trailer I could point out things that they got wrong and decided to change, Clarice (the daughter of Ares) was supposed to be ugly (in the book) instead they decided to make her pretty...which is inaccurate.

    And Treasure Planet (Science Fiction version of Treasure Island) which got everything wrong,
    including Jim Hawkins's personality, and then there is the Disney version of Hercules which
    also got everything wrong though I researched and apparently the director (or screenwriter I can't remember which) researched Greek Mythology and yet he still got everything in Greek Mythology wrong?

    However there are times when a movie adaptation of a book has not disappointed me such as The Hobbit movies, I liked that they added a girl character (Tauriel) into the story.

    Also sometimes I like when people rewrite the ending of a sad story and give it a happy ending
    (even if it is different from the book)

    But I do agree with you, it can be frustrating when people make dramatic changes in the movie when it never happened in the original story.

    I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better!:)

    1. Oh, wow, that is a lot changed!

      Yes, I watched that. It was a good movie on it's own, but not when you compare it to the book. Disney always messes with everything though.

      The Hobbit was good, I didn't think it needed to be stretched into three movies, but they were good.

      Yes, and thank you! :D

    2. The Hobbit is my favorite J.R.R.Tolkien book, but I don't really like the movies because I have only seen the third movie, and that was before I read the books. It was wwwaaayyy too scary than it needed to be. I agree with you, Gray, it could have been one movie.

    3. I personally liked the LoTRs better, but I enjoyed The Hobbit too. It was kind of made into a bigger more dramatic film for more money though. :/

  12. Can't weigh in on this much because I just plain prefer books! Glad you are feeling better. The flu is not fun!

    1. Books are usually better!

      Thank you! It isn't. :)

  13. I like books and movies. I like movies turned into books and books turned into movies. I like both for their own reasons, and I like both for their own interpretations. XD But that's just me; I'm weird. :-D I totally see your reasons though. :-D I'm so sorry you got the flu! :-(

    1. I like both too, although sometimes I'm let down. XD

      Thanks, it wasn't good.

  14. I usually like the book better - like with Harry Potter and Narnia.. However, some movies are really good and sometimes even better than the books, like in Confessions of a Shopaholic! I don't know.. I'm torn!
    Good to know you're feeling better too!


    1. Yes, those books were better 100%!
      But I get what you're saying on some movies being better. :)


  15. I used to get really upset when books were turned into movies because they'd change everything and the characters weren't right and WHY ISN'T THAT DETAIL THERE WHY DIRECTORS WHY.

    I've been working to get over that because I can't spend my life angry. (Which sounds sad and pathetic, I know.) The books aren't the movies, and the movies aren't the books. (As horrible as it is.)

    1. Yes, that is true. But I wish they didn't mess with them like they do. :P

  16. How dare you call the LOTR movies old - I was born in the 90s for your info and I don't appreciate being called old. ;)

    In all seriousness though, I completely agree with you about books vs. movies. Other then Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, it's rare I find a movie I like better than the book.
    And Nancy Drew - I never saw the movie but I love the books and the trailer...such a disappointment.
    Loved this post!

    1. I'm not calling them old persay, but the quality is impressive when you realize they didn't have as much computer generated technology as they do today. ;D

      Yes, the whole Nancy Drew movie was awful. Blegh.

  17. *sneaks up behind you* TAG! YOU'RE IT!


  18. I love Nancy Drew books but the movie was awful ;/ I've heard there are old Nancy Drew tv shows on YouTube, though. I've seen both Percy Jackson movies, but haven't watched the movies. I thought they were bleh. Normally I believe most books should stay books as people in hollywood mess them up ;p I did like the movie, Giver though. They did a decent job with that one.

    1. It was! :'(
      The Giver was good! They added some needed elements.

  19. I'd never even heard of that Nancy Drew movie, but 1) I'm not surprised, because I trust your judgment that it was terrible, and 2) I'm glad. Because Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew was like my favorite series when I was little and it would have been extremely disappointing to watch a terrible movie version of my favorite book heroine. xD

    Though, of course, I wasn't picky about movies much at all at that age, so... For example, I liked the Barbie movies. :P

    The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. Be glad you didn't! Xd

      The Clue Crew was such a cute series!! :D

      My little sister loves Barbie movies, but I never even knew about them when I was younger. XD

  20. Maybe you should see the older makes of Nancy Drew rather than this one? I haven't seen it but from the novelization I was pretty sure they went their own way with it XD

    Honestly ... I've come to terms with books and movies being different from each other. In some cases the books top the movies and sometimes the movies top the books ... and I'm past complaining too much even though, yep, I'm still going to analyze it in detail.

    I HOPE THE SILVER CHAIR IS MADE SOON THOUGH ... and I know some people thought that the Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a flop but NO HELLO I LOVED IT EVERY SINGLE SECOND ... xD

    1. I didn't even know there were other movies before this comment section! XD

      It's hard not to analyze in detail.


  21. YES to the bit about The Last Battle. What, do we have to make it ourselves?? Can't they tell we wants it, precious, we wants it NOWWW.

    And I've never seen the Nancy Drew movie. But as a small Nancy Drew reader, I read the novelization of the movie. And although I was a small reader and didn't always have good taste, I thought it was terrible. Very... petty.
    - Jem Jones

    1. YES, WE NEEDS IT.

      Petty is a great word to describe that movie!

  22. Great post, Gray! I did a post about books and movies on my blog a little while ago too. Ugh, I really want them to hurry up on the Silver Chair! I've been wanting to see it FOREVER. The Hunger Games movies are my favorite movies turned-books. They stayed pretty true to the books, which made me SO HAPPY.

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. Thank you!
      The Hunger Games were pretty good! :D

  23. Isn't the flu horrible? Today I just started to get over it, and I'm so happy. It's agonizing (I don't know about anyone else, but it was to me).
    It's so annoying when there's a movie that's supposed to be coming out soon, but then the producers announce that you'll have to wait another year. xD It's especially worse if you've been really wanting to see it.
    I don't really understand the whole Nancy Drew thing. I guess it's because I was never really into the books at all, really. Oh. and the Hunger Games, was so so good. Peeta. ("Real or not real?")

    1. Yes, it is. People have actually died from it where I live. :/

      Yay! I'm so happy you're getting better!! ^-^ It's the worst.

      YES, IT IS. XD

      I loved Nancy Drew when I was nine, so it's a nostalgic thing for me.

      Yes, Peeta was great in that, they wrote it well for a movie!

  24. This is so true! I do love Harry Potter movies but I think book version is way better than the movies. Same goes to Twilight. No matter how much I love to see Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen but I still hate the movies because it ruined my imagination! They skipped lots of important scene (well, it's important for me)!

    1. Thank you! I like books better because of all the details, and movies do tend to ruin how you personally saw things play out.

      Thanks for commenting!


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