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      Warning: I'm super awkward, and my phone isn't the best quality when it comes to filming. X_x

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  1. Tokyo sounds amazing! I've been to London and New York, and they're both amazing! I don't love NYC, but ya know. XD London is gorgeous.

    I love 1 Tim. 4:12! And I memorize songs super easily too.

    Yeah, Narnia would be a better vacation destination...it's just got that sense of wonder, while in Middle-Earth I feel like there'd be a problem with the high mortality rate.

    Ha, your quote is great! I usually cry instead of laughing, but I need to work on that. Like I seriously need to.

    The notebooks! I did that too!!!!! I had a million notebooks that I took around with me EVERYWHERE.

    *still needs to get over fear of people* Oh dear. I hate being around people and I am SOOOOOOO bad at talking to them. Boo.

    Ahh, people do that to me ALL. THE. TIME about my name being Faith! The elbowing and kids turning around to smirk in my direction...I definitely understand that! O_O

    That's so sad that you can't do milk! My little sister is lactose intolerant. That stinks.


    The awkwardness of introductions. Ugh. I hate being an introvert...

    I agree with you about publishing the books. I would NEVER publish the first draft of any of my books. *shudder* My parents always want to know why I don't let them read my stuff, and the truth is that it's because I hate my first drafts and I think it would terrify them. XD

    Cookies and brownies mixed together? That sounds AMAZING!!!!!! I've had something similar, but they're SO GOOD.

    Different kinds of friendships are great! Kudos to you for balancing that! I currently have a grand total of four, MAAAAYBE five friends, and so...yeah. Only so picky I can be.

    Tell me how you got so many followers!!!!! I need more followers!

    This was a very fun Q&A! I loved it and I hope you do more someday! And yes, please enter me for the giveaway! That copy of Heartless is BEAUTIFUL.



    1. Yikes, so sorry about the monster comment O_O

    2. IT DOES! And you've been to NY and London!?! #jealous XD


      There probably is in Middle Earth. XD



      You were right about the monster comment, but it's fine! I laughed so hard at it!! XD

  2. This was so cute! Nice answers!

    ~ Abby

  3. Loved your vlog! It was cool hearing your voice, I always love hearing bloggers' voices for the first time because I'm like, "oh, so THAT'S what they sound like!" (That's not creepy, is it??)
    Also it's weird but you really remind me of Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls? Idk XD

    I used to hate it when I was younger and my mum would go, "go and talk to that girl over there! She looks about your age!" too, but actually I'm kind of grateful because if she hadn't kept bugging me about it one time I wouldn't have met one of my closest friends XD And I totally understand what you mean by not having a "best friend", I have "close friends" and "friends" but I don't like the idea of having a best friend, it somehow implies that one friend is better than the others?

    Grace is such a pretty name! It's actually the name of one of my close friends :) Tho it sounds so annoying that everyone keeps nudging you and stuff in church XD

    Don't worry, I say like and ok way too much too XD


    1. Thanks! I understand, I'm the same way!! XD

      I don't watch the Gilmore Girls... *goes to look that up*

      I still hate it, but I get where you're coming from, it's cool that you made a close friend that way!

      Thanks. XD

      YES, FOR LIFE.

  4. I will watch your vlog soon and please enter me in the giveaway!!! <3

    1. Hey! I just saw your vlog and you are so sweet! I agree about Narnia and I adore converse. They are the only shoe I wear and I have a couple pair (leather for winter and canvas for summer), so people can pretty much guess what shoes I will be in.

  5. I love it when bloggers vlog, you're actually great in front of the camera!

  6. I'm not entering the giveaway, but I just had to comment. I laughed when you said, "You can't do that, Ivie, it's rude." A few others asked the same question, so I just kept laughing.

    I think cookies and brownies mixed together are called brookies. XD I've had them. They're delicious. XD

    Your vlog was awesome! Definitely much better than what I would do. I would be such an awkward potato. I've thought about vlogging, though. I figure if I do decide to show my face, I might make videos sometimes, too. Right now, I'm just praying about it and seeing what happens.

    Haha, Grace puns. I would probably be one of those people. Sorry not sorry. XD

    *cough* #DOGSFORLIFE *cough*



    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! XD

      Maybe... yes, they are delicious. XD

      You should!! :D

      Oh, gosh, why? XD


  7. Please enter me in the giveaway! :D (The video was great, by the way!)

  8. You're honestly one of the most adorable people <3

    And I kinda guessed how your voice would sound like. (I'm usually bad at that...)

  9. Aaah! Haven't had a chance (yet) to watch your vlog (currently preparing for the SUPERBOWL and snuck away) but I would loooove to enter your giveaway :P I WILL WATCH IT THOUGH


    1. Ahh, yes. The Superbowl. XD
      I'm just going to my youth group's party, but totally understand the rush! ^_^

  10. Oh my word, you're so cute and funny!! I loved every minute of this vlog!!! :D

    And oooh, yes, enter me in that giveaway!

  11. Your vlog is so funny and cute!

    And I'd love to be entered in the giveaway! I've heard a lot about this book ;)

    1. Thank you! :D

      You're entered, it's a really good book. ^_^

  12. I don't think I'll enter the giveaway this time, but I enjoyed watching this! <3 It's funny how our minds always find their way to that one question. xD

  13. You have an adorable blog! Great vlog, your voice is so interesting especially because I'm not your nationality :)
    I followed you, so hope you can follow back ♥

    Is there any originality?

  14. You did a really great job on the vlog! Cats forever is RIGHT!!!!!

    Also, I would love to be entered for the giveaway. I'm following you!

  15. AHHHH THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! It was great to hear your voice!!

    Only problem was I checked this before I starting writing....and yeah....starting writing half an hour later...but it was worth it!!

    The favorite book question....yes, it cannot be answered!!! (I mean, it can...but I feel like my favorite book changes every few days because of what I'm reading/into at the moment/feel like.

    Great vlog!!!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

      Oops, sorry to detain you! ;D

      Yes, true! XD

      Thanks. <3

  16. I loved listening to the vlog, Gray!!!

    I can't stand being forced to interact with people either :).

    I thought Dukes was your favorite!!! LOL


  17. I loved your vlog! Super interesting. :)
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway! I have not read that book yet. :)

  18. Gray yes!!! #writerproblems "I don't quite understand him yet."
    Yes Yes yes!

    "You don't look like you're homeschooled." Uh, yeah? What am I supposed to look like? Have a tattoo on my forehead that says "IM HOMESCHOOLED!"
    OMG, Gray, public schoolers? I'm so sorry to say that I do have a stereotype of public schoolers. *cringe* But all my amazing friends are public schooled, so I guess it's not all that bad.
    Sorry about that all you Public schoolers. I'm sure you rock.

    I've got a sensitivity to dairy too. :( But I don't like the taste of milk either. Cheese though, I really like cheese.

    Girly, you're so self conscious. It's ok to say ok and Like. It's like in books when you read "she said, he said, they said" but your brain automatically just cuts it out and doesn't even notice that you just used the word "said" 10 times in the same page. You're really the only one who notices it because you're writing it.

    Wow your 12 year old mind was a bit odd, don't you think? XD

    Yes! Best friends do get possessive! I meant like people who are really close to you. Yeah, I get what you mean.
    lol, weird! YESSS! OMG I'M LAUGHING!

    Aww, that's sad "Half of you are my friends, and they other half are lucky." That's so sad!

    Gray that was soo cute! Thank you for doing it! I really enjoyed watching it, it wasn't too long at all! Good job. You should do that sort of thing more often. :D

    1. Sounds like your stereotype of public schoolers is positive though! ^-^

      Yes, that's true. XD

      My twelve year old mind was an interesting place...

      YES, THEY DO.
      And weirdness is a good thing! :P

      It was a joke, most of my humor is jokingly tearing myself down. XD

      Thank you for watching! I might!!

  19. Entering the giveaway! Ahh seriously such a cute vid!

  20. Weird, I thought I put a comment in:/ *sighs* computer problems, I am sure you know about those XD Anyway it was LOVELY seeing your face! You are beautiful by the way, I am cringing about putting myself on video but hopefully I will do just as good as you:D
    If you dont ind I would loved to be entered in the Heartless thing, the cover looks amaaaaaaaaaazing! You are near 50 replies girly! You are officially famous! lol Have a great day!
    Ry @ https://greenacresfarmgirlliving4god.blogspot.com/

    1. I'm sorry! :/

      Thank you!!! <3
      You'll do fine, it's super easy after the first five seconds. ^_^

      You're entered! Have a great day as well.

  21. Enter me! I'm subbed by email :)


  22. I would love to be in the drawing! I'm subscribed by blogger. :-D

  23. Gray, I loved your vlog it was amazing!! I really want to meet you in real life because I know that we would have so much fun together!! My sister Grace feels the same way you do. Normalness is boring!! Finally someone says it!! And I love your akwardness because I am the exact same way you are!! Just so you know I would love to enter the giveaway (I am subscribed by email, hopefully blogger in a few weeks!)

    Amen on Petta Mellark though!! YES!! Same on TSwift, I hate her songs, yet I sing along to them all the time!!

    Sorry for my lengthy comment....I just really like to talk.


    1. Thank you so much! <3
      I really wish I could meet everyone in real life-maybe one day, because that would be AMAZING!

      Aw, Graces get it. XD

      Normal is so boring, it should be banned.

      Thanks! XD
      And you're entered!!

      Poor Peeta... *sighs* He needs a backbone.
      Taylor's songs are so catchy, why?!? XD

      I love long comments so it's fine! I also love talking if you couldn't tell from my ramblings. :P


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