late d e c e m b e r | to j a n u a r y 2019

-Moved to a new church
-Became a Christian
-Turned sixteen 💛🌼
-Made so many new friends

-Went to a winter retreat, which included:

  • Car trips with friends full of playing Catchphrase, singing hymns, listening to Spotify, falling asleep on each other, talking about future plans and dreams, discussing girls and boys, making bad jokes.

  • Hanging out with friends, meeting new friends, late nights playing card games and chatting, learning how to play new games, devotionals, studying Romans 12, Singing hymns for hours and hours, hiking, learning new games, standing around a bonfire by the river and singing hymns in the firelight until curfew, finding a family I never knew I had.

-Learning more about the Bible.

-Joined a Fishers of Men class (three months long, three or four hours of class on Sunday afternoons, around one hour of work a day).

-Went to my first job interview and got the job!!

  • It's at a homeschool co-op so a good environment.
  • I'll be working in the nursery with babies two and under.
  • I know two other workers there. 
It's been AMAZING so far!!                                                                                                                                                                       
-I've been dropping a lot of things. With a job, school, and an extra class that I can't skimp on (unless I'm sick or dead, according to the papers I signed), and my social life blowing up with meeting a bunch of new people and going out most weekends. I had to drop some stuff, my old choir, and a few co-op classes, but it's been a good change.

-Trying to run a mile at least twice a week, and went off sugar.

-Saw Glass in theaters, it was good but not as good as Split.

-Met up with the super sweet Mikayla!!

Annddd that's pretty much it!

This is kind of a re-start at wrap-ups because all of my others are still glitched for some reason, lol.

How was your month?



  1. Great post!! Love those pictures!!!

  2. Love the pictures. Excited for you in this new adventure! <3

  3. Sounds like you had a fun month!
    Hope your new plans go well!


  4. Oh wow it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Loved the photos! <3

  5. I love posts like this 😍 All your pics are so beautiful!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS. How amazing is all of this!!! <3

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

  7. Ahhh such lovely pictures! It sounds as if you've had a pretty full month or two. Here's to next month! <3


    1. Thank you, I did! I hope this month is great for you! <3

  8. This is Awesome Gray! Thank you so much for doing this! I love seeing all God has done with you! And I for one would love to welcome you to the Christian loving family of God! (Ik I'm a little late for saying that...)

  9. Sounds like your having an awesome year already. I'm glad :D

  10. aw love this post! your pictures are amazing <3 <3

  11. Oh, I love all of this. And you are so cute with all your friends ;)


  12. Whee-another runner! (Actually, you're running more than I am right now, lol.)

    I love your pictures, though. Feel like I'm looking at a photography site or something. And seriously, is it not winter where you are? cuz it's been cold here for like FOREVER and everything is brown and all the bright colors have long been gone...

    1. Lol!

      Aww, thank you. <3 It's Texas, so although it's kind of cold, not everything is dead here. ^_^

  13. Aww, I love all the photos!! <3

  14. Man, you've been so busy! I hope things are going well? Good luck with everything!

    1. Yep, it was a busy month! Things are going great, thank you. I hope your February is good. <3


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