Responding to Your ASSUMPTIONS About Me

So, this morning I asked y'all to tell me some assumptions y'all had about me, I ended up getting a lot of comments so I'm going to just post this tonight, lol. Sorry if you didn't get a chance to participate in this, maybe next time.😉😊

This turned out to be way longer than I thought, but let's get into it!

 you really like doing makeup

Oh, how'd you guess? 

But you are very correct! 

My makeup shelf.

In fact, I'm planning on going into cosmetology after high school. 

You're the oldest child in your family

Yes, I am. I have seven younger siblings. 

You're a very cautious person

This is very true! Although sometimes I look back at stuff I did and realize that it was a tad bit reckless even though I try to stay safe when it comes to everything (I also usually carry pepper spray with me just in case I ever need it). I try to observe my surroundings and the people around me when I'm in public, call me paranoid if you want.  

You're asexual or bi

I'm.... neither. I'm actually straight, but I've gotten the whole "are you ace?" question a lot because I'm not very boy-crazy and I'm not interested in girls in the slightest (I only stare at girls because I like their makeup :P). 

Your sense of humour is really sarcastic
ME? Sarcastic?? Never. You have greatly misjudged me and I feel attacked. 😡  

You frequently speak in references, lyrics and quotes  

The truth is.... I have the memory of Dory.

Image result for Dory gif

And whenever I do quote anything no one gets my references, so.  :/ 

You're quite small??

I'm five feet, so yes!

Old pics, but it's not like I've grown since then :P
 in fact, due to losing a few pounds this year I feel like I've gotten a bit smaller.

You're more of an indoor person than an outdoor one
I do love outdoors, but I'm probably more of an indoor person. However, I do love nature, hiking, and taking pictures of nature so I feel like I'm pretty mixed. But then the Texas heat does keep me more inside than outside. 

You love hot drinks / You like coffee, it's your favorite drink

Yes to both of these!

You're a very emotional person / you're a pretty mellow person in real life

I'm very emotional for sure! I'm a huge crybaby, it's just how I process my feelings, so I tend to freak people out sometimes because for some reason a lot of people aren't use to tears?? Which I find so weird because I've just gotten use to crying about most things, and it's not a big deal anymore. 😭

I'm fine, just give me ten minutes to cry and I'll be all smiles again, lol. 

I feel like you might be an INFP

You were close! I'm actually and INFJ. 

I'm kind of leaning toward yellow being your favorite color. It's sunny and cheery, like you! / Going with dark, but pretty colors, like red, purples / You like light colours (white, grey, light blue, etc) / I think that your favorite color is yellow / your favorite colors are yellow and green, and black

I do loveeee yellow, but I like green more, it reminds me of plants and I love plants. ^_^


But to be honest I usually wear darker colors because I spill coffee on myself wayyy too much, but I also love light colors. 

I feel like you'd like yoga, but always claim that you're not good at it 

I've never tried yoga, but I do feel like I would be terrible at it. So this guess is like half right, half wrong?

You prefer novels that are deep

YES, if it's not deep then what's the point really? I like books with deeper meanings or themes, they always stick with me longer than others.

You're a night person 

This use to be true, but now I'm falling asleep earlier because I'm super tired. 

not my photo, I found this on pinterest but couldn't find a link to the source.

You generally work better without a plan, and are really good at winging it

This is true because if I make plans I overthink and end up freaking out and fail miserably. When I was taking speech I couldn't practice my speeches because I would end up stuttering throughout my actual speech, so instead, I wrote outlines and winged the rest.  

Introvert (need to be alone to recharge) but can also have a very good time with friends and enjoy going out, just has to be the right setting / You think you are a loner, but with the right group of friends, you are totally into it / You're an introvert, but once you get to know people you're really extroverted and crazy

I am more introverted than extroverted, and unfortunately for my friends, the crazy part is very true. People who don't know me well call me shy, people who do know me (or at least somewhat know me) call me bubbly. 

Either no time to read or else so much time you read a bunch in one sitting

This is also wayyyy too true! 

Way too many pictures in your camera feed

Also TRUTH. I have a bad habit of never deleting anything, I am a picture hoarder. 

Your favorite color is flowers

100% YES! 

You like ice cream / You love ice cream  / You really like ice cream

Anndddd everyone is very correct on this one. >.< 

You don't always remember how absolutely gorgeous you are / You're adorable, but you don't know it / You might be a pretty girl, but you also have a brain and you enjoy using it / You are a lovely girl

Awww, this is so sweet! It's true I don't usually feel pretty, but I have low self-esteem when it comes to most things about myself, I'm trying to work on it.  

And as for having a brain, I feel like right now my brain is on overload, but once and a while I'll say something vaguely intelligent andddd then I go back to being an airhead. 

You're a LOTR fan (and a Hobbit fan too?)


You dyed your hair red

Yes, I did dye my hair red last year, its faded a lot. 

You got a letter from Hogwarts but you didn't tell anyone

I mean... I totally did. :P 

you like taking selfies

Yes, mostly because it's another way of capturing my makeup looks, it's cool to see how much I've improved over the months. 

me at 14 playing with fake blood for the first time. 

I am very proud of my eyeliner in this picture, I won't lie. 

though you don't blog about this you are a theorist, and theorize about books, movies, and TV shows

This is actually true and something I enjoy a lot. 

You listen to Taylor Swift

I use to, but I haven't in a while. 

One of the superpowers you wish you could have is flying

YES! That was the only superpower I wanted as a kid!! And I still want it lol. 

I don’t know much about you, but you seem to be a really genuine person, in addition to a good-hearted person who tries to make people smile

Awww, this is so sweet. I try, and I hope to be that person one day. <33

You would eat nothing by ice cream and peppermint if it wasn't for the fact you'd feel sick. And you don't like feeling sick /at all/. 

I also wouldn't only eat it because I'd probably die of obesity or diabetes lol. 

3 years old and high on Nitrous oxide after my third eye surgery.

And I really (who does?) don't like being sick, I was pretty sickly as a child and I feel like my time feeling bad has been served. Lol.

I'm going to call that a wrap!

All in all, this was very interesting, I always wonder what people assume about me. 

What are some things you think people would assume about you? 


  1. These are great, Gray!! It was such a fun post to read. I loved learning more about you.


  2. Wow this was so fun to look at Gray! Thank you so much for doing this! I love getting to know you more and more!

    1. Aw! I'm glad you liked it, you should do this on your newsletter. :P

  3. Ahaha, so fun and so good to get to know you better! �� I think I did....okay??? ��

  4. This is so much awesome! I may steal this idea from you!

  5. HaHA, I was 50% correct! (Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing . . . XD)

    Anyways, this was so fun!

    1. I'm not either! >.<

      I'm glad you thought so. ^_^

  6. I love these so much!! Especially the one about your favorite color being flowers. That speaks to my soul.

  7. This post was super fun. :D
    Your hair is so beautiful!

  8. Oooh, I'm sorry I missed this! This post was really fun to read, though 😊

    1. I'm sorry that you missed it too. :/ Thank you! <3

  9. I was right about you being a theorist!? AWESOME! Also I would love to see a blog post about some of your theories. :) And I am not entirely sure if you were telling the truth about the Hogwarts letter *stares at you intensely*
    P.S. I think I am a mind reader because I guessed you liked flying as well. ;)

    1. Yes, you were! I might, what kind would you be interested in? I'd have to collect my thoughts a bit more. :)

      Haha. ;D You totally are!

    2. I love to see a LOTR or Hobbit fan theory, really. :D
      (Also this is unrelated, but you may like yoga. ;) )

  10. Fun post!
    Me too "cry for ten minutes than I'm good". I do that sometimes but I don't really like to, just can't be helped. ;)


    1. Thanks! I think it's just a way of processing emotions, lol.

  11. I've seen this a lot on YouTube as well, but you happen to be the first blogger I've seen do it. It was fun to read through your reactions to all these assumptions! :D

    1. I think I've seen two other bloggers do this, maybe.. but it was just in passing, lol.

      Thank you! <3

  12. I loved reading this! And I know I've said this before, but all your younger siblings are absolutely adorable. <3 And I totally relate to being super small, haha! I love it, though. Wouldn't be taller for the world.

    Eleanor | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Aw, thank you, they are. <3
      Being short is pretty amazing at times. ^_^

  13. I was super surprised at the ace/bi one because to me you don't really seem either? I dunno. And it's interesting to know that lots of people around you know about asexuality. I don't know anyone other than my self who knows much about it in real life.

    I envy your ability to work without a plan. I still don't know if I need one or not :/ I kind of mess it up both ways at times. Then again, I could try harder...

    1. I've been told I can give off that vibe before, but I think it's because I'm more of a reserved person?? Even though I'm in the Bible belt, the LGBTQ+ community is fairly prevalent where I live so most people are pretty informed, it's pretty interesting.

      Awe, I know how you feel! I only do somewhat better winging things, tbh. :P We'll get through it though, don't worry. <3

  14. This was awesome, Gray! <3
    That family picture though...ADORABLE. <333

  15. This was so cool to read. Love all the pictures you chose too!


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