The Truth Behind the MBTI

Hey all,

I've been taking a psychology class this year, and recently we've been learning about Carl Gustav Jung who was the founder of analytical psychology. Jung is best known for his theories of the Collective Unconscious, the concept of archetypes, and the use of synchronicity in psychotherapy.

He also was the one to come up with the introvert and extrovert concept and his theories about thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuitive are the ones used to come up with the MBTI or the Myers Briggs personality test, which we'll get into. 

But before we get into that, we have to go over Carl Jung, because he's... something...

Carl Jung believed that his most basic task was "the care of souls." 

His childhood was very troubled, born in 1875 in Switzerland, his dad was a pastor and his mother claimed to be visited by ill-meaning spirits at night. When Jung was three his mother had a breakdown and left, because of this Jung later claimed he had a "complex" against women.
He was said to be a solitary child.  Jung also claimed to have two personalities, and unsurprisingly wasn't very popular at school.

At twelve he received a blow to the head and faked a concussion so he wouldn't have to go back to school.

Later he was inspired by a dream to go back to school and study science and medicine, which he did. 

He later had another dream and had a great epiphany that he was battling himself. 

Jung later sent a copy of his studies on word association to Freud, and they met up, it was said that they talked for thirteen hours straight. Jung and Freud were said to have a father and son relationship until they parted ways over a disagreement on Freud's theory of sex and aggression.

Jung entered a state of psychosis at age thirty-eight, which is when he came up with his most used theories.

On a side note: at this time he had married and had five children, and a mistress, which his wife knew about but was too afraid to confront him about because of his state of mania. 

Jung came up with the theory that total personality is the psyche, which is how he came up with ego, personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. 

He also came up with archetypes, which have some of the labels we still use today. 

He believed that in order to be a whole human you had to fit into all of his archetypes, the main ones being:

Anima-The unconsciously feminine side; your intuitive side. 

Animus-The unconsciously masculine side; your agressive side. 

Shadow-Your dark side; which when used is a source of creativity. 

Self-which only emerges from all of the other archetypes working together.

Archetypes are said to be the mold for growth and personality, fill all of these and you are a whole human.

However, if you don't balance these, you aren't whole. 

And finally, Carl Jung came up with the concept of Extroversion and Introversion

Which had four factors: Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, and Intuitive. Sound familiar? That's because it was later used in 1920  by Katharine Cook Briggs, who later co-authored a personality indicator still used today with her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, which is called The Myer Briggs or 16 Personalities.  

While many people take this test and feel like the results are on point, the test had been described as:


So with all this in mind, I took this test four times in these four past weeks, which isn't a very stable experiment, however, the results were interesting..

When I took this test a year ago, I got INFJ

The first week I took it I got ENFP, which is far from an INFJ

The second week I got ISFP

The third week I got ENFP again.

And the fourth week I returned to my former love, INFJ.

Why didn't I get the same result every time?

The simple answer: People aren't just one thing, you cannot fit them in a box, under a label, or under a type. 

Learning about men like Jung, Freud, and many others who had an impact on psychology, I realize that they are all searching for something: identity.

The thing is, they were all searching for an identity outside of God, they were trying to explain humans without a creator, and that isn't possible.

You are who the Lord made you to be, not what Carl Jung, the Myers Brigg's test, or anything else says you are.

Overall, these tests are fun when taken with a grain of salt, and sometimes they can give a little bit more insight on aspects of your personality.

However, don't take it too seriously. Don't put yourself in a box and don't place your identity as a person on a test result that will most likely change if you re-take the test in a week, remember where things like this test come from.

Also, remember that most psychology theories are just that--theories. Very little is proven, so be careful how much trust you place in things like this.

What are your thoughts?
Have you taken the Myer Briggs?


  1. This was so interesting, Gray! Your concluding thoughts were wonderful, and I love what you said about the search for identity. Apparently I'm an INFJ. :D

    1. Thank you--it's certainly an interesting concept.

  2. Wow very interesting! Never knew about a lot of this :). I think I took the quizzes a long time ago but I have never been big about the INFJ things. *shrugs*
    Great post and yes I think your right about their search for identity.


    1. It's super interesting, isn't it?
      And yes, it's so sad when you think about people being that lost and in search of a deeper meaning.

  3. Wow! This was very interesting and enlightening! I've taken the test before.....but I always forget what I get :P


    1. The world of psychology is extremely interesting! ^_^

  4. This: "You are who the Lord made you to be, not what Carl Jung, the Myers Brigg's test, or anything else says you are." is so true!

  5. WOW THIS WAS SO COOL! I have heard about Jung but not all these details/facts - so interesting to know! I totally agree that humans can't and shouldn't be put in a box XDD

    1. I'm so glad you thought so!! :D And totally, we're so much more than labels. <33

  6. This was so interesting, Gray! Psychology is so cool to read about. I had never heard of all that Jung stuff. But I totally agree - personality types should not define us. Great post!

    1. It really is, such a fascinating realm. <3 Thank you!

  7. OHH YESSS! I like this a lot and totally agree! However, I am ENFP and it is point on and has helped me understand myself as well as realize that I am not alone. I am good friends with my boss and the test helped us connect since we are literally nearly the same type. I don't agree with the test completely but I think it has a positive and negative -- however not something to take 100% seriously.
    In the end we ARE who God has made us. Our types do not define us. <3 Point on, Gray!

    1. It can be a helpful guide indeed!
      Thank you. <3

  8. Oh, my I love how you wrote this! I'm totally sharing this post. I'm surprised you haven't made anyone mad yet though, because people love putting themselves in the Myers-Briggs box ;D


  9. Wow, this was so interesting! And I love how you recapped your opinion at the end. I never realized that before, but I totally agree with you. Thank you so mich for sharing!

  10. I love how deep this research is and how you concluded this post turning it back to Jesus. Love this so much. I get different results all the time. And my current results are accurate, but we change as humans and I think our personalities always change as we grow.

  11. Wow, this is so interesting, I had no idea of the background of MBTI! I actually get ENFP every. Single. Time �� but there are definitely some days I feel more introvert than extrovert. I definitely agree that we shouldn't try to fit ourselves into boxes. I like MBTI because I think it really makes you think about who you are. Great post <33

    1. I'm glad you found this interesting! Thank you. <33

  12. We took a quiz thing like this (maybe it WAS this, I forget) in my health class. I forget whyyyy we did it? xD Anyway, I felt like there were a lot of questions I was asked and I wanted to reply "it depends." So in other words, very few questions I could honestly answer "yes I would do this." It gave me some four letters, and I felt like it was accurate but also very inaccurate. I wanted to say at the computer, uh, excuse me, you don't know me! :D I agree a lot that it's a way to search for identity. I found myself thinking...do people, like, define themselves with these four letters? Scary that things like a personality test can be perceived as identity. I love the way you worded the whole post. Nice job!

    1. That's so interesting, it is used in a lot of school systems though.
      It is scary when you think about it! Thank you. ^_^

  13. This is very interesting, Gray! I have taken that test before for fun and it did seem quite like me. But yet (depending on the day, the people I'm around, the mood I'm in, etc.) my results would probably change.

    I <3 what you said about identity and that you can't put yourself in a box! A lot of me is extroverted but yet a part of me is introverted so I don't think that the whole "you're an introvert or extrovert" thing is totally correct.

    1. I think so too, the world of psychology is fascinating.

      Thank you, and I agree. <3

  14. This is interesting! I am fascinated by MBTI and when people understand what it really is (cognitive functions) it's very accurate. Not all free online tests are very accurate, though. 16personalities.com always, without fail types me as an INFP if I'm not trying to be "socially acceptable" or if I'm not in a bad mood. If I am, I'll get an ESTP. But that's not me. I try not to to depend on it to make me feel normal because there are some things that I do or think that don't line up with my type.

    What you said about people seeking identity is so true! I had come to that conclusion recently... that the reason people love finding out what personality type they have, or Hogwarts house they belong in, or what their spirit animal is, is because they want to feel like they belong somewhere.

    I think those quizzes, types, and houses are all fine, but that's not where our ultimate identity should come from. It should come from God, who created us to be exactly as we are. And we're all unique.

    Sorry for the extremely long comment... I love studying psychology and talking about it. :D

    1. Same here! The cognitive thought process is so complex and fascinating.

      I think that's true for a lot of people, while most of us find it simply fun, it's common for people to place wayyy to much value on a label.

      Don't feel sorry! I love studying and talking about psychology as well. ^_^

    2. Yes, it's just pure fun for me. I'm an INFP Hufflepuff, my spirit animal is the lion, and my super-power would be manipulating the earth (dirt). Which is interesting. :o

  15. UGH SO MUCH YES I LOVE THISSSSSS!!!!! Thank you, Gray, this is so important! *hurries to share this all over the Internet because people need to knowwww* my mom always says to take these tests with a grain of salt too, because these tests can only capture a snapshot of who you are as an individual and as a child of God. I’m *supposedly* an ESFJ, but i’ve also gotten ISFP and ESFP, which are all super different. I only use these as a way to get an idea of a person, but not their identity. It’s supposed to help people understand people a little bit better, not to be used as the yardstick by which to contain someone’s entire identity.

    So basically I just really love this and I’m sharing it on my Facebook. <3

    1. Awe, thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
      Your mom sounds very wise. I think tests like this can be good icebreakers for sure, but I agree with you on identity for sure. <3

  16. Ha, I've gotten different results on this test, too. The last time I took it the results were pretty spot-on for me, so that's what I stuck with. xD

    But yeah, you're right; tests or people with ideas don't define us. They can't; we're always changing and growing, so I feel like there's no way a Myer-Briggs diagnosis can stick with you for too long.

    Very interesting information! Thanks for sharing. :D


    1. Lol, hey, that works!

      Thank you for reading. <33

  17. I got Infj it fits pretty well, I think it's fun to do. I agree though, a test can't define who you are. I think people take it a bit too seriously.

  18. A way people can take it too seriously is use it to decide whether you can marry a person or not. Asking questions such as, "Can marriage between an ESTP and an INFP work??" (or something like that), but really, it doesn't matter what label a person has! If two people love each other and get along, they can make it work. Personality types can be helpful for understanding each other though. :)

    1. Yes, same goes for the whole star signs thing.

      That's true, personally I think the love language test is way more helpful for understanding people.

  19. I agree about not labeling a person, which is a problem that often happens,
    however I find personality tests like "which (insert movie or book or TV show name here) character are you?"
    help me understand myself better, however, I am not a huge fan of MBTI quizzes since they don't allow you to see what part of you is like that. But instead label you.

    1. Those are fun and can certainly give insight into some aspects of your personality. And that's true about the MBTI, you would think that they would go a bit deeper on that.


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