I know one day you'll smile with all the happy you need

picture taken at a friend's house, isn't it just,,,,, perfect? 

things i like right now:

-the song coffee by beabadoobee
-my new soft gray t-shirt
-psalm 129:2
-my pair of high waisted jeans (seriously, no one told me that they were so comfy??? too bad i live in SUPER  hot texas though.)
-toast & apples. apples & toast.
-soft brown and beige eyeshadow
-bullet journaling
-fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters in Christ (always).
-the thought of  hyacinths

I was going to post my wrap up, but this week will have a lot of big events for me, so here's this.... ...post? it's something, anyway. yeah, that's how it be.)

What are some things you like right now? 


  1. I like this. Simple, yet so deep. Sometimes listing things that make you smile makes others think of the things that make them smile. <3

  2. I like how simple this was!
    Hmm...right now I'm enjoying: Goodpain by Yoke Lore, plotting and writing my dream story, being there as a backbone for some of my friends who have none, sending really long "convos" between me and my friend around 2 in the morning, and just bathing in the sunshine! I've been having problems with my health and it's kept me inside waaay longer than I'm comfortable with, but being able to take in the sunshine has been just what I needed!

    1. *basking, BASKING xP

    2. Thanks!
      I'll have to look up Goodpain, and ooh I hope your dream story is going wonderfully. <3 <3
      This all sounds lovely, and I'm so happy that you're able to get out more. I hope your health improves, praying for you!

    3. You're welcome!
      Yessss, Goodpain is such a good song. It helps to analyze the lyrics with songs like that. :) Aww, thank you! My dream story is going marvelously. <3
      Awww, thank you so much Gray, I hope it does too. That really means a lot to me! :)

    4. Just listened to it! WOW.
      Anytime, I hope whatever is going on with your health is getting better <3

    5. I know, right?! It's been on replay all week.
      Thanks so much! But my friend told me that this is a bump, not a boundary, so I'm going to keep putting both feet forward and pray that the bumps don't rock me too much. :)

    6. It's really good, thanks for telling me about it!
      I love what your friend told you, that's so true. If you ever need to talk, I'm here!

    7. You're welcome! I heard some of your Spotify and thought you'd like Yoke Lore (some songs are a little iffy, but for the most part it's okay).
      Isn't it? He's always encouraging me. :) Aww, thanks so much, Gray, and the same for you. <3

    8. It is the kind of genre/sound I like!
      <3 <3 Love you, friend!

    9. I'm glad I can share my love with that genre for someone!
      Aww, I love you too, Gray! <3

  3. Soft shirts. I just got a new grey wool soft shirt from a thrift store I think. LOVE IT. Nice post ;)


  4. I love this type of post, Gray! (And YES, bullet journaling is the BEST!!)

  5. Right now I'm enjoying my new Bible app on my phone + listening to the Bible, snuggling with my new little bro, babysitting cute kids, and watching Daniel Boone shows from the 1960s (because I live in a boy dominate family.) lol

    Fun post!!

  6. Yeeeeees all the things!!! I love this!!


  7. WOW such a pretty picture. :D And a beautifully simple, lovely post! <3


  8. Lovely picture! Clouds are so cool to picture! Toast sounds very good right now!


  9. Oh, I would love to read a post on your bullet journal. *hinthint* Great post, Gray. <3

  10. Those things all sound so tranquil!

  11. Grey t-shirts and toast and apples. <333

  12. Ahhh yes soft brown and beige eyeshadows are some of my favorites too. :) I love skinny jeans, but high-waisted jeans are not my favorite. I fidn them kind of irritating. :/

    Beautiful picture!!!

    1. Eye shadow in general is amazing. <3 I like mine, but I can see how some people wouldn't.


  13. That photo is gorgeous and yessss high wasted jeans are the best. :)

  14. Lovely post, Gray!!! (Yes, I'm *shamefully* behind on commenting. Life just kind of got busy!)

    I'm thankful for family, and God, and the foods that I'm able to eat, and my horses, and blue jeans and boots and belts and spurs, and our land that we were blessed with. And you and your gorgeous posts! <3

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! And don't worry, so am I, haha. ;P

      Aww, those are lovely things to be thankful for! <33


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