remember when I was born and I couldn't sleep so you would spend nights on the rocking chair in our living room rocking me to sleep? 
I don't, but I've been told about it by Mom.

Mom would call you when I was driving her insane because I was shutting down during math. She always said how unfair it was that you never told her what you said to me to calm me down.

You were so calm and patient with me. 
But you also knew when to give tough love. 
Memories of soft reprimands, "Get your head in the game", "You can't give up, you know it?", and "Cheer up, pretty please with sprinkles and cherries on top." 

Also memories of the time I told you I was going to run away and you decided to help me,
throwing my clothes into a backpack while telling me the best places to find shelter, while I cried and told you that I had changed my mind until you stopped and hugged me, telling me to never say things if I didn't fully know what they meant. 

Memories of you standing up for me when people came and told you that something was wrong with me, because their daughter had read the stories that ten-year-old me was writing and had nightmares.
"Well, tell your daughter to stop reading my daughter's stories," 
you told the disgruntled dad at lunch.

You were awesome. 
Even when I wasn't so awesome. 

You always showed me how a real man should act.
You've always been a provider and protector.
You spend all day working at your office and then come home to work on our house and our family.

You built my room and half of our house.
You repair cars. 
You deal with difficult people every day.
All for us.
Please tell me that you're not a superhero, because I believe you are.

You come in barely able to walk after a weekend of work.
Cuts and bruises cover your gruff hands.
Dirt and dust on your back. 
Sweat gleaming on your forehead.
Weariness and determination in your eyes.
You taught me what it means to work hard and never give up. 

And not only that, but you taught me what it means to gain respect.
You're quiet, hardworking, and kind and people respect you for that.
My friends look up to you.
My friend's fathers look up to you.

One time I was telling you about my friend's father and how smart he was, 
and you became insecure.
Something I've never seen in you before.
You told me you were sorry that you weren't
crazy smart
crazy rich
and that you couldn't give me everything.

I don't want a "crazy smart", "crazy rich father who can give me everything" 
because I have something better:

A dad who loves me, my mom, and my siblings.
A dad who would go to the ends of the earth to provide for us.
A dad who listens to me even when he can't understand why I'm being so emotional.
A dad who shows me how a man should act.
A dad who is there for me.

And that is the dad you are.
Thank you for that.
I love you.

Also, I realize I failed to write a post about my mom on mother's day.
She's amazing as well, one of my closest friends.
My parents are both the best.


  1. I hope your father has a happy father's day, Gray. :) He sounds like an AMAZING father.

  2. This was beautiful <3 Your dad sounds amazing.

  3. Gray, this is so well-written and inspiring! I'm sure your dad will really love this.

    I recently discovered your blog and it is AMAZING! I adore your content and personality. <3

    (p.s. I don't want to nag you but I recently started a new blog and would love if you could check it out: ashronnel.blogspot.com)

    1. Aw, thanks, Ash!

      Welcome to my blog and nice to meet you, friend. *hands you cake and a cup of coffee* Enjoy your stay on my smol space on the internet. 💛

      Of course I will check out your blog!

    2. *accepts the cake and coffee...takes a bite and a sip*

      Aww, thank you! 😊

  4. Great post! Your dad sounds so sweet!


  5. I love this. <3 Tell your dad happy father's day!

    Also, you and your mom look alike. Like, exactly. xD

    1. Will do!

      And I knowwww, people think we're sisters a lot, it's kind of annoying because she gets so hyped about it. :P

  6. Umm this is so beautiful. Like I got a lump in my throat reading it. XOXO

  7. Ah, so nice! I said I was going to run away too when I was like seven, and my dad supported me in it, too ;p But I never cried ... it became a long running joke ... and then I finally tried to do it, and changed my mind once I realized I didn't know what I was doing. And that's so funny what he said about your stories!


    1. You sound tougher than me, haha. >.<
      And yes, one of his awesome moments!

  8. Wow this is so sweet! Your dad seems great! I've had that convo with my dad about my friends dad but I wouldn't trade my dad or mom for ANYTHING!!

  9. I...am tearing up. This was sooo sweet, Gray!!!

    I'm so glad you love your parents so much. I feel like a lot of kids these days take their parents for granted. But maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, those points are all so true!!! Parents are the best! <3

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.com

    1. I feel that way too, which is really sad. :/

      <3 <3 <3

  10. Ah, GIRL! You have such an amazing power with words! This is so beautiful! <3


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