Book Review: Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig

[Summary (from goodreads):]

Once lost to history, the Book of the Wars has resurfaced, and its pages hold ancient secrets and dangers. Former Navy SEAL Leif Metcalfe has been tasked with capturing the ancient text, but a Bulgarian operative snatches it, determined to secure her freedom. When a series of strange storms erupt, they must form an alliance to thwart impending disaster.

Three very important words that help describe this book: Captain America vibes. 

WHOO! This was fast-paced and I found myself rooting for both Leif and Iskra. Both of them are so likable and have very good chemistry with each other, I actually enjoyed reading about their interactions which is way more than I can say for a lot of main characters in other books in this genre. 

I adored the backstories and the snark was phenomenal. 

My only complaint was, of course, the romance. Although I liked both of the characters and generally their bond, it got a bit sappy at times. I don't know y'all, but reading the word "sizzling" in describing a character's attraction to someone even if it's PG, will distract me from the overall story because I will have to take a second to laugh. 

Other than that, I enjoyed this book! It's always nice to read a clean action book. 

3.5 stars 


  1. This sounds interesting. Maybe I will look into it. xD

  2. Sounds cool!


  3. This book sounds good! I haven't read much in this type of genre before, but I would like to!

    Hanne || losingthebusyness.wordpress.com

  4. This books sounds so interesting. I am not exactly sure what genre it is though. (Super hero maybe?)


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