My Modesty Journey (Warning: long, but so is sixteen years)

I feel kind of weird now talking about Bible topics as much on here since my little brother started a whole Bible blog, but this topic is more of a personal one for me so here I am to talk about that controversial topic....


Even the word used to make me feel immediately defensive when I was younger.


That word with that vague meaning that snobby, stuffy people dressed as pilgrims used to make themselves feel superior to everyone else. <-----My old definition.

At the ripe old age of thirteen, I was up in arms about it. My family and I use to dress more conservatively, but I remember the day when I realized that my knee-length khaki shorts weren't "hip".
my friend and I, this was also right before I became allergic to latex (but that's another story).

The memory I have vividly is going to the fair and seeing all the other girls wearing makeup and short shorts and feeling so plain and out of place.

I started pushing for shorter shorts, shorter dresses, lower cut shirts after that, my parents didn't like but they realized that they wouldn't always be able to control me and feared me going all out when I was eighteen if they tried to repress me.

  You're old enough to make some decisions for yourself. My mom told me, and I'm still grateful for that. My parents have always been good parents and allowing me to make some small mistakes for myself (dying my hair bright red, talking about my future tattoos that aren't in my future anymore btw, and getting that pair of five-inch shorts I so wanted at the time).

My mom never approved and it was obvious, but the people at our church at the time wore short shorts and low cut shirts, so we had a lot of confusion on the matter.

However, the people in our homeschool circles weren't always so nice to me. I felt shunned, I often went home crying and angry after a girl would make a snippy comment about me "having no respect for myself".
Which is why I wanted to take a moment to say, y'all. This isn't the way to approach the issue. Hurting people isn't helping them. I never want to hear the cop-out that "the truth hurts" on this because while yes, it does, it hurt to throw away all of my former clothes and stare at an almost empty closet, you shouldn't be the one inflicting pain. That's the Bible's job, that's God's job. Telling someone who is ignorant of why what they're doing is wrong that they look like a "hooker" or are "advertizing themselves" or that "no one buys the cow when they get the milk for free" usually doesn't make people want to listen to you or change, it makes them hurt and angry. So please save the phrase "denim underwear" (although, yes it's true and hilarious) for the circles where people understand modesty and not for the people who are still ignorant because, speaking from experience, all shaming does is push people away.

I would still never go to any of those girls that shamed me, even though they were right because of the way they treated me when I was wrong.

Okay, ted talk over, let's get back to the actual topic.

What made me change (literally)?

Is the question most people ask. The day I became a Christian, a lady came over to study with me, at this point I knew the truth.

I knew I hadn't been living right, I knew I wasn't saved, and I knew I needed to be baptized. I wanted to be baptized for a week by then, but I was scared because I knew it was a huge commitment and I didn't want to go into it ignorant of anything.

So this sweet pregnant preacher's wife with all of her kids came over, and opened up the bible and had me read verses. At first, I was confused about why this lady was having me read whole chapters but it all started to click. I would make a comment and she would look at me and I would realize that somehow what I had been taught was wrong as she quietly directed me to another verse, another chapter. Near the end she had me read Galatians 5:19-21, which talks about the works of the flesh.

"When you become a Christian you can't live in these anymore," she told me. I looked down at the first word which was adultery, and for a second I thought I was off the hook, and then we studied the meaning of the rest of the words in Greek and Hebrew.

Learning all of this after sixteen years of thinking you were fine is a shock, to say the least.

Learning about modesty was even more shocking.

Modesty isn't often explained well or fully. I could link many articles that I feel do more harm than good by speaking of modesty in a vague way.

I have been learning what "modesty" means recently, I use to say that modesty was more of a conviction matter. If those shorts don't bother you, wear them, etc. But I have been learning that's not what the Bible says at all.

I've heard people complain that modesty isn't a black and white subject, but it is.
Modesty can be added to based on culture, but it can't be logically decreased from what the Bible says.

What does the Bible say? 

First let's define modesty, a popular and often used verse is 1 Timothy 2:9:

"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array"

Shamefacedness: a face that can blush, immodesty or being immodest should shock you. 
Sobriety: Control, clear judgment.
Broided hair: often times women would braid gold into their hair to show off their wealth, other times they wore gold to advertise that they were selling their bodies.

All in all, this verse seems pretty vague on the standard of modesty, right?

That's because modesty had already been defined in the old testament, the people hearing this didn't need a definition for modesty, they already had one.

Gen 3:7 tells us about Adam and Eve realized that they were naked, thus they made "aprons" for themselves.

Chagowr means a loin covering, basically, they covered their private parts.

In verses 9-10, Adam and Eve knew that they were still naked and hid from the Lord.
In verse 21, the Lord made them coats and clothed them.

Kethoneth, a tunic, a coat that covered from the shoulders to the knees.

In Isa 47:2, it talks about bringing shame by "making bare the leg, uncover the thigh". This should bring shame on anyone because it is immodest, and thus nakedness.

In John 21:7, it talks about Peter fishing naked but putting on his coat when he spotted Jesus on the shore to swim to him.
The word for naked that was used is "gymnos" which means "undergarments or clothing that didn't cover your shoulders and went to your knees".

I'm not saying that this dismantles the whole "swimming in fewer clothes is okay because it's swimming" argument... well, actually, I am. Because it does.

There are more verses that talk about clothing and they are:

Prov 7:10, Lev 16:4, 2 Sam 10:4, Exo 20:26, 1 Thess 4:4, Prov 11:22

I would greatly encourage anyone to study these verses.

Standing among a pile of my former clothes, I knew that it was only the beginning, that life for me would never be the same.

"Ayyeee, Gray, with her mom shorts." a friend joked this fourth of July (ironically the friend wearing the khaki pants beside me in the picture above).

"Your shorts got longer!"

And other comments from friends, make me smile.

I also got called a Mormon apparently a few days ago, my friend sent me a screenshot where I came up in the conversation and this guy wrote, "She's like a Mormon or something now." 

She told him that she sent a screenshot to me and he replied with this:

Even though I find things like that funny, I do realize that my clothing will never be trendy and that I'll always stick out. At times I miss going to public pools and things like that. However, now unlike when I was thirteen at the fair, I'm okay with that because I know why.

Romans 12 talks about not conforming to the world, and here I am. Just a girl trying to obey the Bible, it's hard at times, but it's 100% worth it.

me and my baggy pair of jean shorts that I usually only wear at home because they're too big, 
but they are the length of the shorts I wear out as well.

 I typically wear longer t-shirts or blouses. Mostly from Old Navy.
I'm not saying I'm the perfect standard of modesty, a lot of people are more conservative than me. Like I said before: you can add to your modesty, but you can't take away what the bible said.

 the Colombian shorts I'm wearing in this picture are the COMFIEST 

And that's why I changed my clothing.
 And that's my modesty journey.

 What are your views on modesty?
Have you studied the topic? (Tell me what you've learned!)

Also, The Life of An Elf did a really good post about modesty from a psychological standpoint, which is another important aspect, so go read it here


  1. I wear bermuda shorts and I roll them up a little to be a good length. I don't like the short short, but I also don't like the long shorts on me. I'm not of the belief that modesty is completely up the person because that could lead to a lot of not okay things.

    But I do think in some cases, it is a personal thing in that people have to decide what modesty is to them. Crop tops and short shorts isn't modest no matter what.

    Lovely post. :D I'm happy that you have found your place with modesty and they you are living the way God wants you to live. <3

    1. Thanks, Ivie! I agree with the gist of that sentiment. :)

  2. <333 Thank you for this post, Gray. <333

  3. Beautiful and inspiring post. Ily 😊😊😊

  4. I've always dressed modestly, and I believe that a lot of the girls who wear inappropriate clothes, feel bad about themselves and feel that if they can get attention from guys, then it gives them a false feeling of worth. But that's a big problem in this generation—we're all given images of what we should look like and how our bodies should be shaped, and how tightly our clothes should fit. The more we're fed with this distorted "way to worth" or to "beauty", the more we believe it, even subconsciously. I have confidence in my body and I really like my hips, buuut that being said, I don't want to be a stumbling block to other guys and cause them to lust. I don't want to encourage the false image that all the magazines and clothing\modeling industries push for, and I also want to treat my body like the temple it is. Thanks for the post Gray, love ya! :) And just some advice: don't let go of what you know is right because others don't see the truth in it, you really do make a difference. And you're beautiful no matter what shorts you wear! <3

    1. I think that often plays into it for sure! I've never had confidence in my body but I for some reason thought that dressing like everyone else would help, it didn't.

      Thanks for the advice. <3 Love you too!! <333

    2. That's really a shame that you've never had confidence in your body because you are truly beautiful! And beauty isn't just looks, but how you carry yourself and your self-respect. Your body is a temple unto God, and how could you not find confidence in that...you're a masterpiece no matter what. And I've gone through what you have about hoping that dressing like everyone else would help you gain confidence in your body. But it just goes to show that no matter what you wear, it's really knowing your identity that will give you confidence. Love you and I'm so glad to be a part of your journey! <33

    3. Aw, thanks, LHE. What a great reminder. <3 <3
      I love you too, thanks for being a part of it!

  5. Believe it or not, I felt a lot of the same things when I was fifteen - I had a thing for wanting short shorts and tanks and did wear them for a brief time. I know my father didn't approve of it at all. Fortunately, that stage didn't last very long.

    Before I started wearing skirts all the time, I loved to wear longer shorts and capris. I doubt I'll ever go back to them now that I've embraced skirts, but I'd rather see longer shorts and capris than some of the stuff that girls wear now...

    I love that you put in the Hebrew and Greek words - I never knew those before!

    Wonderful post, Gray!

    1. I'm sad that you had that stage, but I'm also glad to know I wasn't the only one.

      I'm thinking of buying some skirts, my friend was talking about how much comfier they are and how it's easy to thrift for really long ones. And in a lot of ways they can be more modest and cool in the Texas heat, lol.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. I love how you say we can add to our modesty, but never take away from what the Bible says on it.
    I LOVE this post. And I love people that tackle issues like this with open eyes. I love how you changed ... and I love how you used words like dismantling and changing in artistic ways ;)

    Also, have you ever looked at Mormon fashion websites???? They have the most beautiful clothing. Tell your friend that ;)

    But overall, I think friends just like to tease us and give us a hard time.

    Oh, and yes. We need to be soooo careful when talking about modesty to those that don't understand. We can't call them names or hate them. And we have to understand where they are at. I know this dear girl who grew up in Japan and she considered herself very modest and Christian. But when she moved to the states her church family was aghast because she wore bikins. Where she lived that /was/ modest. Funny thing, I am this girl that wears floor length skirts and she came upset to me saying everyone was ostracizing her for wearing bikinis and she didn't understand why. And I explained to her why they thought that, but how I knew she didn't mean any harm. It was weird to me, because she was the first person I ever saw who didn't look immodest in a bikini. I think it was all in how she carried herself/ acted. Which is half of modesty .. our actions ;) Because a women can be in full Muslim dress and be in modest.

    Modesty starts in the heart, but is proved by what we put on. Because what we wear is a statement of who we are.

    But yeah ... Before I get on a tangent, great post and so agree!
    (oh, and we tell people about the shoulder to knee thing, too, though we definitely add to it for personal reasons).


    1. Thanks, Keturah!

      And I haven't, but a friend of mine loves their clothing!
      That's true about friends, I know mine mean well.

      Oh, you told me about that friend of yours and my heart breaks for her, how terrible! Those cases need to be approached with gentleness and understanding, so much strife could be avoided if we just sat them down with the bible and kept our opinions out of the equation.

      And that's true! Modesty is also a state of mind, I don't think acting like you're better than your ignorant friends is very modest at all.

      I'm curious about the personal reasons.
      Thanks for reading!

  7. I'm "Mormon" (a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, if you will) and to be honest I went through almost the exact same phase. I got taught in church all about modesty all the time, but I did get to a point where I didn't care, pushed for shorter dresses, etc. My parents didn't let me choose my clothes myself (if they had I think I would have gone wild) but they did their best to help me understand and I did my own research too, by reading the scriptures like you did, and studying articles to know the right answer. And honestly, my definition of modesty used to be what you said yours was. Now, based on my current knowledge and understanding of modesty from the Lord's POV, I ask myself "Would I be comfortable standing in front of Christ in this outfit? Do I represent Him?" That has really helped me feel confident in what I wear concerning my faith, and also it helps me to be less critical of others' understanding and demonstration of modesty. :)

    I really enjoyed this post and reading your thoughts on the subject, because I know it's super touchy for many people but I think you were very respectful. <3

    1. Those are fantastic questions to ask, Nicole!

      Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. <3

  8. Hi Gray! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your journey about modesty. I actually didn't know the part about the Old Testament definition, so that was really cool to learn! I personally follow similar standards of modesty: I stick with mid-calf length pants (though for dresses, it's usually closer to knee length/just above) and shirts that go to around mid-arm, although I don't entirely agree with your perspective (which is okay!!!).

    However, I think it is important to mention that you can be the most modestly dressed and STILL manage to be immodest; and likewise, you can wear revealing outfits and still manage to be modest--it's all in the way you act! It all depends on what your mindset is behind it: dressing "modestly" just because you think that's the "right thing to do" and not having the right mindset for it and still pursuing boys and acting in a manner that displeases God is worse than if you were dressing in shorter shorts/tank tops/a bikini etc, while still acting humbly and modestly!! It really all comes down to the mindset and the motive you have behind the way you dress.

    Another thing I wanted to bring up for you to consider is the fact that while I understand your thoughts are mostly for Christians, I have had one experience with my non-Christian friend that gave me a new perspective. I had a friend group with a bunch of friends who dressed really modestly (floor length skirts and all), but also with this one girl who was not a Christian. I was trying to ask what she thought of Christianity/trying to witness to her/etc, and essentially, what came down to it was the fact that she wasn't interested in becoming a Christian because she "didn't want to dress like that"! Which for someone who's not a Christian, I understand. This is more for when you said "do not conform to the world" because to some extent, we /shouldn't/ stick out too much? I really don't want to be in a position where I lose the chance to witness to someone simply because they don't think I can relate to them. In John, Jesus says to be "in the world but not of the world," and I think that's really important! We, as Christians, don't want to be so far removed from what everyday people are going through that, when we try to witness to them, they think we just don't get it or do not understand their struggles. Of course, we have to make sure we don't become like them, but I also think we shouldn't stick out too far. Hopefully that makes sense.

    Sorry this was so long, I felt like my thoughts didn't match up exactly with yours so I wanted to share.
    Hanne || losingthebusyness.wordpress.com

    (P. S. Now I'm thinking of writing a blogpost about my thoughts on modesty! Is it okay if I link to your blogpost?)

    1. I completely agree with you on the mindset of modesty! <3

      And on the "do not conform", Christians are not of the world, we're in it, but not living in sin. I am never going to drink, not even if it means I could relate to an alcoholic. As a Christian one doesn't want to hurt their witness, we are suppose to stand out. I hope people notice I'm different. My mom was the one who noticed that the lady who studied with her was different and that's why she invited her over. At first this lady seemed like she was from a different world but that wasn't a bad thing at all.
      So, I don't think it's right to lower your standards or try to blend in to make people who are sinning feel more comfortable.
      One thing I learned while taking an evangelism class is that when people realize that they've been living in sin during your study (and they will) and when they become really distraught (and hopefully they will since that is a sign of Godly sorrow) you shouldn't comfort them, condone, or lighten their sins. Don't say things like, "It's okay, everyone has done that." While that might be true, it doesn't make it right.

      That may seem harsh, but that's my personal opinion on that matter.

      Thank you for sharing, it really made me think! <3

      And of course you are welcome to link me, I look forward to reading it!

  9. Wow! It's very cool to hear of other girls who read those "other verses" about modesty. Similar to you, I try to wear shorts that go to my knees (I usually make a slight exception for exercising) and wear dresses that when I sit down still cover my thighs.

    That's really interesting about the whole "gymnos" thing...I had never heard of that!

    Oh and just as a side note, before when I said in a really old blog post "denim underwear" I didn't mean it to be offensive...I was more meaning to be funny. Just thought I would say that. ;)

    1. I think so as well! And you don't have to make an exception on modesty for running if you don't want to, I have a friend who is a runner and she's been very helpful and referred several sites to us. It's hard, but it's possible! ^_^

      I hadn't either, my mind has been constantly blowing up with definitions like that since December.

      Oh, don't worry! While looking back, I think I remember that post, I wasn't thinking of you at all. I was thinking of a girl who got told that to her face about her shorts last year, she was really upset and so were her friends. I think there's a time and a place for harsh truth, and that's based on who you were writing to. It is funny for sure in the right groups. :)

  10. Awesome post, Gray! I agree with all of this - I go to a more public school, and some of the things I see the girls in my grade wearing have me going “What now???” XD

    1. Ahh, I know how you feel! There isn't a dress code at my co-op and every year the shorts get shorter and the crop tops become looser and skimpier, it's terrible.

  11. Great post, Gray!! Modesty is something that is very touchy in this day in age. I have quite a few friends who now wear bikinis, short shorts, and clothing like that, that you could never catch me dead in. They don't see anything wrong with it though, which is very disheartening.

    In my family, we have rules for everything. Shorts must go pass your finger tips, dresses can't be a certain inches above your knees, you can't wear spaghetti strapped tank tops, etc. I honestly love these rules and would never change them. I honestly don't know how I could ever wear anything that goes outside of these rules, tbh. I would feel too exposed, lol.

    When I got a new bathing suit off of Amazon, my mom looked at me and said that my bathing suit covers more than most girls wear outside on a daily basis. My bathing is just a normal tankini with board shorts, nothing special. It's just so sad to see so many girls wearing clothing that shows so much these days. It's sad to see that so many do it to get guys' attention. :(

    1. Thanks, Abigail! It is very disheartening. :/

      Sounds like our standards as well!

      And yes, it is sad.

    2. Those are our standards, too! :)

  12. Great post!! Modesty is definitely important. I loved looking up all those verses you linked and being reminded of what God says about it, because I hadn't thought about it in a while. I've had times when I've thought about wearing something just sliiightly under my modesty standard, agonized over it because I wasn't comfortable with the idea, and then very stressfully ditched the outfit and wondered why I had to be such an overthinking, stressful person. Looking back, I'm glad I was uncomfortable. And I know I didn't have to and shouldn't have been stressed ("be anxious for nothing"), but if that's what it took to keep me from dressing immodestly, so be it. :P

    Speaking of swimming, these days I have to wonder why the regular one-piece "legless" bathing suit is so widely accepted. I used to only wear that kind, but there came a point in my early teens when I felt extremely uncomfortable and couldn't wear them in public at all, so I switched to two-pieces with shorts for bottoms. In my eyes those one-pieces (generally considered modest - and they ARE much better than bikinis) are literally panty underwear melded with a tank top. I ain't comfortable walking around in underwear, thanks. :P

    Okayyy I'm rambling now! Awesome post; it was a great reminder for me. <3

    1. Never back down from your standard, dear Lila! I for one, respect people so much for sticking to their morals. <3

      I don't know why so many standards are being let go recently, I've noticed it as the teens in my co-op get older. :/

      Thanks! <3

  13. I've always been made to dress modest. So glad you have come to this in scriptures. This is a awesome post!!!


  14. Great post! I've had a bit of a modesty journey myself.

  15. Great post Gray! God bless you. :)

  16. My modesty journey has varied throughout the years. I grew up in a conservative Christian home where I knew what my parents expected me to wear and what was NOT okay by any means and what I was free to wear.
    There are so many aspects to modesty and it is such a diverse topic that I've refrained from writing about it. Thanks so much for having the bravery to!

    For me modesty is about the heart and whether or not you are in a right place with the Lord. It's about who you're trying to impress and whether or not you are confident solely in your Creator or trying to obtain confidence from others by wearing trendy clothes.
    Because in the end that will ultimately decide what you wear and how you wear it. <3 <3
    I admire your choice Gray -- I wish I would have had your confidence at sixteen!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kara! <3

      It is also about the heart for sure, not obeying the bible is a heart issue for sure.


  17. Great post, Gray! Modesty is an important thing to my family, and before I wear anything I always ask my mom if she thinks it is acceptable.

    But my modesty journey has been extremely interesting... I went through a phase (when I was 11 until I was 13) and I was so set on wearing skirts all day, every day, (because I wanted to be accepted by the girls at our new church) that I was rather legalistic about it, to the point where my mom would wear jeans and she'd feel like I was judging her (which I feel horrible for now).

    When I was 13 we got a horse, and of course I had to wear jeans when I'd ride, but if I knew we were having a family from our church over for dinner that evening, I would hurry and change into a skirt because I didn't want them to look down on me.

    But when I was about 13-14 I started thinking about my standards and the reasons I had them. Why was wearing skirts so important to me? Was it truly a conviction from God, or was it merely because I worried so much about what the people at our church thought of me? I realized it was only an effort to "fit in", like how girls at schools/everywhere wear inappropriate clothing to "fit in".

    Now, I am perfectly comfortable wearing jeans. I haven't worn shorts in years, but whenever I do they always come down to just above the knee. I love skinny jeans, but of course they can't be too tight or they're just too revealing. My Wranglers are the jeans I wear the most, and I love them so much. Tough, high-quality, and perfect for all the demands of working around the farm and riding horses.

    Skirts and dresses are still my preference for wearing to church, but I don't dress frumpy like I used to. There are limits as to how low of a neck-line I will wear (I don't want anything showing), but dressing modestly AND trendy/stylish is totally possible, I have found. In my opinion, pants are just fine. :)

    Oh, and swimming is NEVER an excuse to wear just a bra and underwear. XD

    1. That's so great, Kendra!

      Aw, I'm sorry you felt that way. :/

      Thank you for telling me your story, I think a lot of girls go through that!

      And true. XD

  18. I think every girl at one point in there life want to dress like the world.

    I usually wear dresses that are made by Hanna Anderson or Land's End because they have (at this current moment) mostly modest dresses. I like dresses. But for jeans we don't wear skinny, usually boyfriend cut or strait leg. And our shorts are about two inches above the knees. (Unless exercising or swim wear.

    As for bathing suits, I can hardly believe what people are wearing nowadays! *shakes head*

    Anyway, great post!☺

    1. I think so too!

      Ooh, I haven't heard of Hanna Anderson, I use to shop at Land's End. I'm an Old Navy girl now. :P

      Thanks, Lilly!

  19. It's nice to hear that other girls are modest, too! lol

    I've never really been one to like fashion, ESPECIALLY in the last few years. I don't know how girls feel comfortable in tube tops and booty shorts. It's basically underwear!!

    Even girls at my church and homeschool co-op dress inappropriately! At my church camp this year, they had a rule where girls either had to wear a one piece in the pool, or a T-shirt over a bikini. A lot of girls were really sneaky about getting around that rule. Lots of them were wearing one pieces that exposed a LOT of boob, and others' suits had cutouts on the sides and/or back. They were basically bikinis held together with a little cloth. And the adults didn't do ANYTHING about it!!! It was appalling. lol

    My swimsuit is almost embarrassingly modest. XD The straps are really thick, and there's a little skirt on the bottom that covers the top half of my thigh. It's like a swimsuit from the fourties, lol. But I would never feel comfortable in a bikini. I like to keep my underwear UNDER my clothes. XD

    1. It is nice, lol.

      It's honestly a mystery.

      YES! Same here! We don't have a dress code at my o-op atm and we really need one because it's getting ridiculous now.
      Thankfully, my summer camp had a very enforced dress code (shorts had to be past the knees and no tanktops) it was super nice. The people who broke the rules were pulled aside by their councilors and given a lesson. I really admired how kindly these people taught the girls who didn't know.

      Is embarrassingly modest a thing? Lol XD

  20. this is a pretty triggering topic for me. it usually gets me all up in arms, but Im trying to read more of things I disagree with and have an open mind. although I disagree with your conclusions, I strongly admire your convictions and I encourage you to keep those convictions strong! my heart breaks for little you who was shamed for how she dressed because that should never happen to anyone. I know what it feels like to have judgement passed on you for how you look. (but I also have a tongue ring and wear a lot of crop tops at a conservative evangelical church. lol.) either way, Im sorry for the way people treated you.

    I know its difficult to be only person in a room dressing different. I grew up wearing boys basketball shorts because I could never find girls shorts that were long enough for my modest preference. it can be isolating. but hang strong. Im really proud of you for being who you are unapologetically

    1. Hey Faith, thank you for being so honest in your comment. I sincerely hope this post didn't trigger you. <3 You are deserving of kindness and respect no matter what you wear even if I disagree on your views, thank you for respecting mine. Thank you for your kind words, I hope you have a good day. Hang in there as well.


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