The Six Makeup Products I Use

I got a bunch of requests for more makeup posts, and while I'm no expert, I'm going to try!

Sadly, I think I'm allergic to fragrance, so I've had to cut back on a lot of makeup, which is how I found that less is more.

My makeup is also cruelty-free and for the most part vegan.

So I'm afraid I'm not the best person to go to for advice anymore, but I'll give it a go. :P

I don't use a lot of makeup products anymore, but here are the ones I do use: 
  • Tarte maneater (wacky name, I know) mascara. It's a bit expensive ($23 dollars) but it works really well and you can make it last for MONTHS, mine usually lasts for three or four months.
  • The Warm Nude eyeshadow palette by Physicians Formula.
  • Almay true lasting color foundation 
  • Almay loose finishing powder
  • Almay brow styler
  • Tarteist eyeliner (also pricey but lasts long)

And if you're wondering what I'm using for blush, I am as well. My old one had fragrance, so I'm currently just using a little bit of pink eyeshadow.

As for lipstick, I use whatever I can get my hands on, but I usually don't wear it and wear bee silk chapstick instead on a daily basis.

This is what my makeup usually looks like.

However, I do still like to experiment and have fun (even though I'm currently not for the sake of the recovery of my skin). Makeup is supposed to be fun and while green eyeshadow isn't the most flattering, it's fun, so don't be afraid to experiment! Just do it at the appropriate times. 

I will wear orange, red, yellow, and other bright eye looks to my co-op and when going out with friends that I wouldn't wear on Sundays because I just want to have fun and don't want to appear flashy by any means. :P 

As for tips, you should follow my makeup board on Pinterest (as well as my other boards), I post inspo and guides that I find helpful. Here are a few: 

I hope this helped somehow! 

Do you wear makeup? 
What do you struggle with when it comes to makeup? 


  1. Ahh, your posts are getting to be so aesthetically pleasing these days, Grey. Like wowwww

    I use makeup on occasions where I feel like I want to look nice or might have my photo taken. Unfortunately I work in an industrial environment, so it's not very conducive to wearing beauty products on a regular basis.

    What kind of cleansing products do you use? (ohhh there's a blog post idea...drop the skincare routine, girl!
    I Just Happened

    1. Hey, thanks! That's so nice of you to say!! :D

      That's sad, but it also makes sense.

      I'm still experimenting, but I do use Almond Oil as a makeup remover, unfortunately the natural fragrance free face wash I really liked and have used for years is no longer being sold so once I run out I'm back to searching. :/

  2. Really cool post! I don't wear a lot of makeup because of the itch factor (or I sweat it off, gross I know). My biggest struggle is that I have to put a fair bit on because of that darn acne I still have on my face. I've laid off using eye shadow recently because once my complexion is "corrected" with makeup, my eyes pop on their own.

    1. Thank you! I remember you posting about that a while back, it's hard finding the right products that work for you. I'd suggest buying the Almay foundation for your acne, I've been covering my hives with it and it conceals really well and with little makeup.

  3. Yes! Been wanting a post like this. Definitely want to try some Tarte makeup.

    1. Now you've got it! And you should!! I've loved everything I've tried from them, which isn't a lot because they are pricey, but I'd say it's worth it especially since they're vegan and cruelty free.

  4. I don't wear makeup, but your pictures are fun ;)

    MB: keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB: thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  5. I wear some makeup, mostly only on Sundays. I like blue, green, and silver eyeshadows best. :-D I really like how you do your makeup though. <33

    1. Ooh, those colors sound fun! I've been wanting to try blue again but I haven't found any event to wear it to yet XD
      Thank you!

  6. Love this! I'm not allergic to fragrance, but I know my rimmel makeup caused a severe breakout that I'm FINALLY recovering from thanks to an aveeno cleanser that's helping me a lot (but it has fragrance in it. :( )

    I was thinking of looking into Almay, but I'm going to be getting samples from the makeup brand I used to use, Younique, because it works for sensitive skin, which I have.

    I do want to go get some almay lipsticks though because they look amazing and bright. :D

    Lovely post, this has been very helpful!

    Brooke @ Chasing Dragonflies

  7. Your makeup is always so pretty!!

  8. I only wear a little bit of makeup. Usually just some powder and mascara. I am thinking about using eyeliner too. I am just a little scared I am going to end up looking like a clown. lol :p
    I liked this post! :D


    1. Eyeliner is fun but it can be hard. I'd suggest staring out with a pencil eyeliner before switching to gel or liquid eyeliner since they're harder to apply and can get in your eye.

      Thank you!

  9. omg the maneater mascara is SO good, i got mine for free with a palette (that was on sale for like $35, when the palette itself as a whole is usually like $200) and it works. so well. (i love tarte mascara anyway, rn i'm using their "lights. camera, lashes" one and it's super effective)

    1. YES!!! That's so cool!! What palette did you get?
      I've used their lights camera lashes mascara and loved it as well!

  10. I mostly wear Mary Kay which is good stuff. I have been trying a few other brands.
    Sometimes if brushes are not clean you can have breakouts, I think washing makeup off at the end of the day helps too. ;)


    1. I've tried mary kay in the past, but I really only wore their cc cream. :)
      Yes, for sure! I clean my brushes usually every other week and I don't know how people manage to not wash off their makeup, it would drive me crazy because I'm so big on skin care!


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