Sweet September

Hi guys, yesterday a friend and I were talking at work and we were saying how it felt like summer was just a distant dream. It's crazy how suddenly it's fall, I don't feel ready for it, the months are flying by so fast.

But nevertheless, here we are, at the end of September.

Mom and one of my sisters making pancakes


I got to see some old friends. 

yooo, this dude and I have been friends for around four years now and I'm 9.99% sure we're actually comedians together... which could be why our co-op teachers usually never put us in the same group a second time.... oops.  

Some sweet girls from my congregation that I am so thankful to call sisters. They're so funny and their love for the Lord always encourages me! 

I've known this girl since I was around eight, my first memory of her was going to a baby shower at her house and her grabbing my hand and saying that we were going to have a tea party with "REAL china teacups!" 



I sadly am the worst at getting pictures with people (mostly because I dislike being in pictures) so to anyone reading this that I hung out with and didn't follow the "pics or it didn't happen" rule, I love you so much!!

I've also been making new friends as well, which has been awesome.

My job started again.
It's been fun, the kids have been everywhere though.

I dyed my hair again! 

Next time I plan to dye it brown and finally let my natural color grow out, but it is almost fall so I wanted my fall hair.

My Dad became a Christian!! 

YES!! YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. On September 25th, 2019 my dad was baptized into Christ.
It was such a shock when it happened, I hadn't expected him to be ready but it turns out he has been knowing that he wasn't saved for a while.

I can't describe what a relief it was and still is! My mom, I, and so many others have been praying for him for so long, and I'm so happy that our prayers were answered.


-My family at the dinner table: *talking about Mr. Bean for some reason.*

Three y.o. brother:  *lifts up fork with bean on it and turns to my mom* Here's Mr. Bean right here. 

-Playing musical chairs with the kids you watch doesn't work if they don't understand the concept of "out".

Also, I had to roll in an old box TV into our classroom and it's been a while since I've used one of these bad boys, talk about a blast from the past.

-Friend 1: Why do you wear those clothes? (in reference to friend 3's clothing style which is that of a librarian).

Friend 2: Because wearing clothes is the RIGHT thing to do.

-Me to my siblings: I'm sure y'all sometimes wish you could just give me away.

Sister: Nooo!! We just want you to move out so we can have your room.

-A friend of mine started texting me every day and I got a little suspicious so I casually made a joke about liking someone and he was like: DO U STILL LIKE HIM?? YES OR NO.
 so I said yes and he stopped texting me and started avoiding me I was like 🤔😶 
Tbh, it's kind of upsetting because I feel like he didn't even view as a friend if he just stops talking to me over this. But life goes on. 

-Friend: My family never celebrated Christmas.  

Other friend: ....well, that explains a lot. 

Friend: Finally one day my dad decided we were allowed to having stockings... in the morning we'd find oranges in them, mysteriously the oranges from our fridge would disappear at the same time. We also got socks. 

My friends and I:

 -My little brother coming to the gate to greet me when I get home & then riding up with me. *heart eyes* I feel like a proud dad. 

-I was walking from my campus to my car which is parked on a side street and this guy steps out of his car, jumps onto his skateboard, and promptly falls off. 

....okay then.



S: *Bursts through the door and plops himself down* What are y'all talking about??? I want to talk too!!! It's funnnnnnnn

"Um, can someone please move the spider's web and the spider?" -my three-year-old brother while trying to get a shoe. 

"I am honest with myself; I know I am only a five. I acknowledge that. I also acknowledge the fact that when I get up and brush my hair in the morning and shave that I go from a three to a five."-A friend of mine one Sunday afternoon 

I also wrote a guest post for Lia, if you want to check it out

How was your month? 


  1. These photos are all so gorgeous <3 And yay on your dad becoming a Christian! <3 <3

    OMW some of your things that you and your family said made me laugh so hard. X'D The pictures are amazing, as always. And I love your hair color!!! Very fall like. ;-D And CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES. MY FAV. <33
    I hope you have an amazing October friend!!! <33

    1. IT IS <33

      Haha, thank you! Have an amazing October as well!!

    2. <333

      (Oh, btw-I tagged you! https://musicmysterymiddlearthandmitochondria.blogspot.com/2019/09/the-sunshine-blogger-award-tag.html)

    3. Wow, that comment turned out weird. :-Z Sorry. XP

    4. It's fine! I'll go check it out, thank you!!

  3. ok legit tho, my brothers tell me every day that i need to move out so they can have my room XD XD

    that thing about your friend being a five lolololol same. Thanks for coming to guest post!!! i really loved it!!! <3

    1. I guess siblings are all the same, yikes, lol.

      Thanks for letting me guest post!

  4. Old tv's are the best. ;D
    Sounds like a truely wonderful month for you.
    Oh yeah little kids have a hard time understanding musical chairs.
    September has been, what would you say, life, it life both good, and hard.
    Have a sweet October Gray!


    1. They're so heavy though!
      It was, I really enjoyed it.
      I hope your October is better, God bless!

  5. Lol, your siblings! 😂👌 My mom kicked my brother out of his bedroom before he even left so she could have a sewing room, but I managed to make her promise not to do any serious renovation to my bedroom when I leave. We’ll see if she sticks to it...😅
    I’m glad you were able to have a lovely September! Here’s to October! *raises juice for a toast*

    1. They are messes. 😅
      I hope she doesn't change your room! My parents are planning to make mine the office once we all move out.
      To October!

  6. Your brother Shayne sounds like my brother tbh. xD I love this post, girl! love you so much!!!

  7. GRAY!! So AWESOME about your dad!! <333
    And your little brother is ADORABLE... that smile!! *all the heart eyes*

    1. AHH, IT IS, THANK YOU!!!
      Yes, he is and he knows it too, lol.

  8. I'm so happy for you guys and your Dad, it sounds like it is something that makes everyone so happy!
    And yes, children very rarely know what out means, especially with board games. Monopoly pieces bruise, people!
    And ooh I love your hair colour! I'm excited to see it if you decide to go brown <3
    - Emma

    1. Thank you! It is, it's the most important thing to us. <3
      It's an issue and way too hard to explain, especially to children who are sore losers.
      Thanks! Hopefully I'll go back to my natural color soon.

  9. Gray, those conversation snippets are GOLD. XD XD Your hair looks so pretty! And as always, your pictures are just beautiful.

    So glad to hear that your September was a good one, and hope you have a lovely October as well! <3 <3 <3

    1. Haha, thank you!!
      Have a wonderful October as well. <33

  10. I always love seeing your month summed up! YAY for your dad becoming a Christian -- that is huge and makes my heart happy. There are some people in my life that I've been praying for really hard and I know the struggle. <3

    1. Aw, thanks, it makes me relieved to read that, lol! It is so huge, I was in shock the whole night. <33
      I feel you on that, it's hard, but those that seek will find. <3

  11. Fun post and love all the pictures ;D And those pancakes look so yummy. Your siblings are hilarious."I want to talk too!" I could actually see myself saying that ;p that's so sad that guy stopped talking to you over that though ;/

    MB: keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB: thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

    1. Thank you, Keturah!
      Yeah, it is sad, but that's life I guess.

  12. Amazing photos!! <33 Pacakes look delicious! That's fantastic your dad became a Christian!! :D
    Have a lovely October!
    Ann xx

  13. Those Pancakes look awesome! Love all the comments from your friends and family!


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