What I am Learning about Loneliness

Hey y'all! This post is by a sweet girl and I think we can all relate to what she's feeling/learning right now.

Hi everybody, just a quick warning: I have never done a blog post before so please forgive my messiness!

I saw on this wonderful blog that we could do guests posts and share things about what I am learning about. One thing that God has and still is showing me is that I will never be alone.

I use to think when I was younger this would never happen. But then friends started going and coming and leaving all the time. I thought my life stunk. I felt like those people in the movies where they're in a crowded room but they feel like they are the only one in the room. I have had that one too many times.

I came to the conclusion that I felt lonely.

But then I knew that wasn’t true because I have six brothers, a sister who is married, and different friends who were there for me. So what was I feeling? I felt really confused which made things 100x worse. 

And I love this quote because it explains the type of loneliness I felt:

Then I started to look around. I saw that people said they cared but it didn’t really seem like it. So when I saw that it made things worse because now not only do I feel lonely, I feel like nobody cares.

It’s hard as a fifteen-year-old girl (if you're a guy I’m not saying it’s not hard for you!) who strives to live only for God when your friends aren’t as serious about it.

That’s part of being a Christian living in a sinful world. So then I found out that I felt lonely because nobody cares and I didn’t have any really good/true friends. Then I heard Sermon after sermon at my church about friends and when everybody else leaves you God will NEVER leave you.

After hearing that multiple times I started to not only believe it but know it. .I started to talk to God about my problems after I do my devotionals at night and I started to get closer and then loneliness started to leave. But honestly, it’s never really gone. It’s like a roller coaster.

You have to pray to Him continually throughout the day. You will see a change if you really put your trust in Him. You're not the only one going through it! I’m still struggling with it, and have been for about a year. It's hard sometimes I cry myself to sleep but God promises in the Bible something that helped me through a lot of this. 

Do you ever feel alone even though there are people all around you? 
How many times have you talked to God about it?

It's Gray again, and as someone who has felt very alone for years and even went to therapy for depressive behaviors, I'd like to say a few things. 

1. It does get better. Is the feeling of loneliness ever gone? Well, yes and no. The constant ache of it is and you stop dwelling on it so much. Loneliness is a normal emotion--humans are social and need deep connections. 

I really snapped out of it when I became a Christian, don't get me wrong, being a Christian is very lonely at times, but having a community of people around you who have the same goals is amazing. They are my family. 

2.  Loneliness usually subsides with age. This is just my experience of course, but the older I get the deeper connections and friendships I make. 

3. Sometimes things in your life are toxic. Before I became a Christian I felt so alone I wanted to die, after I became a Christian I took a look at my old life and thought, no wonder. Bad friends, a toxic and unloving church with a false teacher, I attended an inappropriate youth group, etc. I am glad my parents decided to leave our church at that time, but I know not everyone can escape from bad situations, but one day you'll be able to. If you don't feel like there are any real Christians in your life SEEK them. If you want to find teens who are strong Christians SEEK them out. 
I have more thoughts but I won't bore you guys with all of them. Stay strong and leave some encouraging comments down below for Brianna. <3 


  1. I like it, and yes we can all agree that we all feel lonely heck I do now, and true God is never gone, I like how you out it, and yes we all need a true good friend, sounds like it was fun to do this post but hard at the same time, but you did a good job.

    1. Yes it is really hard... It was fun and also very hard to write it... I'm pretty sure I was crying on the inside when I wrote it because its very serious and very hard... Even last night I was balling because I felt lonely and my mama could see it but I didn't know how to explain it. Thank you!

  2. I struggle with loneliness too, God's gotten me through it every time.
    Beautiful post!

  3. This is such a beautiful post - I'm actually almost in tears!
    the messages through here are so powerful, and you have a great blogging voice, Brianna!
    - Emma :)

  4. Loneliness can be so complicating. I go through that once in a while. Keep hoping and living life to the full. ;)


  5. Ah, Brianna, I remember those feelings all too well! And it looks like you're handling them splendidly. Also, I adore what Gray says.

    Age definitely helps. But along with that is learning to care about others even more, and not overthinking about whether another cares or not. The older I get the more I care about my friends, and what everyone else thinks matters less (not that it still doesn't matter or hurt, but yes, as Gray says you learn to stop dwelling on it so much).

    Lovely post, girls.

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    PB: thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  6. I used to always feel lonely. Not just lonely but also just afraid. Scared that I didn't have any friends. I wanted a best friend for a long time I never felt like I had found a true friend. I also was scared because I really just wasn't secure. I really wasn't saved and when I got saved so much joy flooded my heart and the loneliness went away and the loneliness went away. Of coarse as a Christian some times I do feel lonely but not nearly as much I as I used to feel. Sometimes the devil will come and lie to me and tell that I am alone but I am not alone. God is my best friend. I love to share my life with him to tell him what I am learning to ask him to help me and to help my friends who are hurting. It is so real when I talk to God I almost feel like he is sitting right next to me listening to me and giving me causal. This is a good post. I love Hebrews 13:5 and I also really like Proverbs 18:24. God really is my bestie and he sticks closer than a brother.

    1. Oops "... my heart and the loneliness went away and the loneliness went away." It is supposed to say, "...my heart and the loneliness went away and the insecure feelings went away."


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